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With the world events moving forward at a fast pace, many of our customers are asking their staff to work from home. Staying in touch and working as a team is essential for business continuity.

If you are moving your training online, we have two options to help you.

On Demand Learning is a collection self paced learning with over 450 short, relevant videos. Choose from a library of topics and watch as many times as you want, 24/7. Help your colleagues support your business in the months ahead by being well trained and motivated to keep your business moving forward. It is the perfect addition to anyone’s learning budget.

Live Online Training is how we deliver to people in different geographical locations. Our trainers use the internet to deliver our training courses, direct to your desktop. Electronic training manuals help you retain what you learn and you can interact with us in the session and ask questions, watching the screen on your desk instead of the projector screen in your training room. We have 10 years experience of successful Online Training delivery to help you learn essential skills for business.

If your staff are looking at home working by choice or necessity, it’s important to have the skills to do your work remotely. Talk to us about using Office 365 or Teams to work remotely, we can help you set up and keep the team in touch.

If you’re looking for professional courses for all career stages to rocket propel your business, you’ve come to the right place!

Contact us for Onsite Training tailored to your business needs to upskill your entire team, or attend a Public course to grow your skills with industry leading professional development courses for all career stages.
If you or your team are geographically distant from our venues, we can deliver Live Online Training in half day courses to get you up to speed fast!”

We know how frustrating it is for people to find effective reliable trainers for Microsoft Office.

We have created this guide to highlight the things you need to check when choosing someone to help you and your team get the most out of the software you’ve already bought. It’s a known fact most people only use about 10% of the packages on their desktop. We can save your staff 30 minutes a day EACH on average!

What could you do if you knew more?


We have created this document to highlight things you need to be aware of when choosing a leadership style to help you and your team get the best out of their skill sets.

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