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Transforming everyday Microsoft users into proficient Microsoft users

Everyone knows Microsoft and most people use Microsoft every day. But how many people really know how to use Microsoft to enhance their every day?

Great training pays for itself, day after day after day…

Training is often seen as a legal requirement, an industry standard or just a tick in a box. The difference between that type of training and performance enhancing, role-specific, inspirational training, that is relevant to your business and the individual, is enormous.

For example, our most basic Microsoft course, delivered to someone earning the minimum wage will deliver a potential £600, per person, per year in productivity. Apply this formula to your higher paid teams, multiply it by the efficiencies included in our more advanced courses, and just imagine what a difference that would make?

The right training for the right people is always an investment
With teaching levels to fit every job specification and competency level, our Microsoft courses can be tailored to actively support your business and commercial goals. There are literally thousands of tips, tricks, techniques, formulas, layouts, shortcuts, and hidden gems within each of Microsoft’s platforms, and no one will ever need them all. But, we guarantee that the right two, three or a dozen will make all the difference to your team and your targets.

Get in touch if you would like to turn Microsoft training into an ongoing investment that will benefit your business, more and more, every single day.

The training we provide is designed to boost competency, confidence and productivity and the courses are provided at different skill levels to suit each learner’s ability. On average, our delegates report saving 30 Minutes per day (3 weeks per annum) by utilising the time saving features contained within the Microsoft office software your company uses, Therefore, you up skill everyone using these products within your organisation leading to less frustration and increased productivity. Once the delegate has attended a course that we deliver, your organisation can expect him or her to apply what they have learnt straight away so that you can recognize a significant return on your investment. We at Imagine Training provide MCT qualified trainer led classroom sessions either at your own premises, (if you have your own suitable facilities), or at Imagine Training’s state of the art Visualisation Suite based at the University of Wolverhampton Telford Campus.

Looking for a new Training Provider?

We know how frustrating it is for people to find effective reliable trainers for Microsoft Office.

We have created this guide to highlight the things you need to check when choosing someone to help you and your team get the most out of the software you’ve already bought. It’s a known fact most people only use about 10% of the packages on their desktop.

What could you do if you knew more? Click here to download our easy checklist when choosing your IT training provider.

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Do we get any course materials?
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Can you do in-house training?
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Do you have an information pack?
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