Word Level 2 Professional

Course Overview

If you’ve mastered the basics, but need to improve your productivity and do things faster by using Styles and Outlines, sign up for this course and use your newly mastered skills on all your documents!

This course is all about making your documents look great, fast. You’ll learn how to share documents and work collaboratively, using the team’s ideas and choosing which to keep. At the end of this course you’ll know how to create a mail merged document, which can be addressed individually to thousands of recipients.

This One Day course will help take the drudgery out of your work and you’ll learn how to fly through your tasks in half the time!

Course Content

Your day with us will be crammed with delightful shortcuts and quicker ways to work!

Who is this for?

You should know your way around the keyboard and have covered the basics.

Hands-on exercises and demonstrations help you gain in-class practice creating engagement programs. Take-home your very own Microsoft Certified Manual to help extend your learning beyond the class as you apply what you have learned back in your job. Public courses include lunch and all refreshments. You’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion of the course.

How much does it cost?

This course costs £300 plus VAT. For large group bookings please get in touch using the Group Bookings button.