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Excel Power BI Desktop Visualisations

Course Overview

This training course is a practical guide to using the Desktop Power BI app to manipulate large data sets using DAX formulas, measures and calculated columns in Power Query.

What is Power BI?

Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a free downloadable application that allows you to combine and manipulate data to show meaningful insights through new charts and visualisations in a Dashboard suitable for Management Reports. When the Dashboard has been prepared, a user can simply click to see different headline information without seeing all the data behind the scenes. This can be used to base decisions on facts not opinion.

Our course follows our Excel Business Intelligence training where you will have learnt how to clean, combine, manipulate and refresh data from many sources suitable for use on your Dashboard. Once data is in the correct format we will create Relationships to join tables from different sources and use this data to create interactive visualisations which may be published to the web and shared with colleagues. This course focuses on creating DAX formulas and Measures used in the Chart Visualizations.

In simple language, we’ll help you find your data, get it ready and use it in Chart/visual format with easy to use buttons to switch views and this means you can present your data to management in an easy to understand format.

Data can be for any industry or sector – examples can be for Sales eg market segments, or Engineering eg impact of repairs and use of engineers, or Human Resoures eg Leavers, Inductions, Sickness, Holidays – there are thousands of applications of this tool.

Course Content

  • Prepare Reports for import
  • Import files
  • Importing text files
  • Creating DAX formulas
  • Calculated columns
  • Fields for slicers
  • Creating Measures
  • Visualizations
  • Formatting Visualizations
  • Using Slicers to view data

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Who is this for?

Please note there are pre-requisite courses/knowledge that you will need to have to take this course. We advise you to attend Excel Business Intelligence first. Please ask us for details, we are happy to discuss this with you.

How much does it cost?

This course costs £550 + VAT per person. Contact us for Group training rates.

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Encourage others to learn about this skill set.
The course will improve my Excel skills especially with formulas, data tables and V Lookups
I learnt how pivot charts will be useful in my job role. Gave me more confidence in Excel.
Perhaps at a slightly lower level than I would have benefited (I only suggested myself attending as a refresher if we had a space to fill), but I did pick up some useful hints & shortcuts to make it worthwhile. There is always something you can learn.
The experience was great with fun and interesting examples. Would definitely suggest it to other colleagues in the field.