Excel Level 1 Secrets

Course Overview

Learn all the basics to create and manage spreadsheets yourself and we cover the 5 basic formulas everyone should know! Secrets of formatting and navigating super-fast and how to create charts which are stunning representations of your figures. You will create a chart with one click and learn how to manage large workbooks.

Course Content

Your day with us will be crammed with delightful shortcuts and quicker ways to work!

Who is this for?

This One Day course is specifically designed for office staff/managers with little or no previous knowledge of Excel, or no prior formal training. You should be able to use a keyboard and mouse and know how to save documents.

This course will cover the basics of using Spreadsheets and also covers many vital shortcuts and tips that save up to 30 minutes a day for regular Excel users.

How much does it cost?

Our One Day public course costs just £300 + VAT per person