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Excel Level 1 Secrets

Course Overview

Learn all the basics to create and manage spreadsheets yourself and we cover the 5 basic formulas everyone should know! Secrets of formatting and navigating super-fast and how to create charts which are stunning representations of your figures. You will create a chart with one click and learn how to manage large workbooks.

Course Content

  • Moving nimbly around the spreadsheet with lots of navigation shortcuts thrown in!
  • How to enter text, numbers, formula and pictures and how to work with them.
  • As your spreadsheet develops, you need to make changes and if you don’t know these few simple steps it can all go horribly wrong! We cover the basics of how to insert or delete rows and columns and copy formula without getting a nasty error message.
  • Learn the simple ways to create formulas and the 5 basic formulas everyone should know!
  • Getting to grips with that tricky formatting of text and numbers so your spreadsheets are easy to read and look amazing in just seconds.
  • Starting with chart basics we’ll take you through how to format your charts so they are stunning representations of your figures.

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Who is this for?

This TWO HALF DAY course is specifically designed for office staff/managers with little or no previous knowledge of Excel, or no prior formal training. You should be able to use a keyboard and mouse and know how to save documents.

This course will cover the basics of using Spreadsheets and also covers many vital shortcuts and tips that save up to 30 minutes a day for regular Excel users.

How much does it cost?

Our TWO HALF DAY course costs just £300 + VAT per person

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lots of useful information.
The course gave me a better understanding of Excel functions and allowed me to speed up on operations.
I enjoyed the training. I think that Karen delivered the session very well and to the best of her ability – given that teaching via online can be very difficult. She made sure that all of the participants were fully engaged and took equal turns of control.
I thought the training day was great, everything that was taught was done in a very professional way and was spaced out well with plenty of time to get a good understanding of everything that was being shown. Getting involved with the learning helped massively with understanding and remembering everything we was being taught. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.
I had a great day, learnt loads and looking forward to using what I have learnt.