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Our Trustimonials

We pride ourselves on great customer service and are so pleased that so many of our fantastic customers have taken the time to leave us a review after the class or on Google, LinkedIn or Facebook.

We strive to provide the best training in the UK. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers had to say!

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 1,055 rating)

Jamie Rogers

I am going to take what I have learnt and experiment with a few ideas. Maybe a longer course so you can go into more detail.

Mo Sadiq

This course has enabled me to save time while running repeat tasks and using shortcuts and formulas to make the job easier.

Robert Read

The course has helped me to understand Macros and Formulas.

Elliot Nasbey

The course improved my efficiency working with Excel documents.

James Taylor

The course will help me streamline processes and provide better data analysis. I think the course is excellent and provides a great level of knowledge.

Gary Newbold

I plan to create my own macros to speed up my projects. Vlookup & Macros had the most impact as I use them on a daily basis.

Jeanette Wake

The training delivered was specific for our shortfall in skills required for job.

Stephanie Robinson

I had a great day, learnt loads and looking forward to using what I have learnt.

Jade Lang

This training course in my opinion, would be beneficial for people starting out in Customer Services. The course has given me tips on how to further my training, although bespoke this to the company’s needs.

Kieran Hancock

My opinion on the session was mostly positive. I took more away from the workshop than I had to begin with. It got me thinking about some of the calls I take and how best I can integrate into my conversations with the customers so I come off as the best I can for BJS and for myself.
The method that was showed to us on the day, especially with the Positive, Minus, Positive technique, is something I am going to use.

Kirsty Bastable

I have learnt about shortcuts using the keyboard which is a much faster way of working and how to create different tables using information I’ve gathered.

Sandra Lidiard

I was very surprised how much I learnt and took away from this training, I would recommend this course to any person that uses Excel, even if you think you know it all, there is always more to learn.

Ashley Chadwick

I thought the training day was great, everything that was taught was done in a very professional way and was spaced out well with plenty of time to get a good understanding of everything that was being shown. Getting involved with the learning helped massively with understanding and remembering everything we was being taught.
I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.

Vanya Gencheva

I did enjoy the training session. I hope that all I have learnt will be used as soon as out IT sort the access issues.
The only minor drawback of the training was that I feel we need it more time practically to use the system and given tasks in the training. That would give us more confidence in what we have learnt.
Allan is very experienced and knowledgeable about the system and gave us very good examples of the usage of the SharePoint.

Peter Cairns

Excellent course.

Mike Cook

Great course

Richard Russell

The course had an impact as my knowledge of Excel was limited but I can now use it with more confidence.

Karen Cooper

Gave me a better knowledge of Excel and how to use the tips & tricks and shortcuts.

Martyn Cooper

I will use the knowledge gained to improve production of information.

Dougan Tubey

I learnt more of Excel and how to develop my role.

Sean Smith

Better understanding of Excel, Pivot Tables etc.

Saj Hussain

I will be more in depth when doing my PC work and using the shortcuts.

Pete Suchar

The course gave me a better understanding of Excel functions and allowed me to speed up on operations.

Richard Holt

I learnt how pivot charts will be useful in my job role. Gave me more confidence in Excel.

Theresa Morris

Extremely relevant course

Holly Moore

Karen was very clear and thorough explaining shortcuts etc. and gave us enough time to practice & implement what we were taught. The course was an appropriate length and suitable for everyone’s capabilities. I would recommend the course to colleagues

Fiona Cooper

The course was very interesting. I wrongly assumed I knew what I needed to know about Word but walked away with much more knowledge than I anticipated.

Eleanor Piddock

I would advise other colleagues to take the course everyone I spoke to learned something new from it. The trainer was very good and went at everyone’s pace. The manual will doubtless be useful.

Lisa Grimmett

Good upbeat trainer. Very knowledgeable. At times a bit fast for me to follow but soon explained.

Jocelyn Evans

I thought the course was excellent and covered a good range of basic Word skills.

Ann Ridgewell

I found the course to be excellent and provided a sound foundation to basic Word skills.

Michele Pritchard

I enjoyed the training today, I have learnt a few more things I did not know which is always a help. I would recommend other to attend. Yes there were things I already knew but quite a few I did not. Once put into practice they will help me in me everyday.

Robin Thain

I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of using Excel, after they’ve done the preceding courses.

Sebastian Zajaczkowski

Highly recommend.

Danylo Tsyhaniy

The experience was great with fun and interesting examples. Would definitely suggest it to other colleagues in the field.

Reece Evans

Very good course and very informative. I would recommend it fully to others, worthwhile to put all staff through this training.

Charlotte Leong

Truly excellent! Completely would recommend anyone to take up these courses, so helpful and I can’t wait to put this all into practise. This was fantastic as it was so informative and our instructor explained everything so well! Definitely will thank the organiser and encourage them to put everyone on these courses.

James Geagan

Highly recommend the course, it’s a good way to improve all colleague confidence and skill levels with using excel, which is a under used tool in everyday working life.

Steve Edney

Well worth the time consolidating a basis to build on.

John Murphy

Very worthwhile day. Whatever level you are at, there will be something new to learn.

Maryam Abolhassani

It was fantastic, I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

Martin Rayanov

I haven’t been in a course like this in a while. Really enjoyed and I learn alot of new things. I will recommend the course to other people for sure!

Zarina Butt

I have learnt a lot today that I never knew before. I will feel more confident in my own excel skills and will look to learn more in the future.

Ian Razey

Excellent. Less delegates allowing slightly more time and less interference

Iain Renauld

I should have done this course years ago it would have saved me weeks of time over the years. This sort of thing should be a standard qualification at school in this day and age.

Tracey Sceal

I think the training to day was good and very informative, I would tell other people what a excellent course it was and the trainer was excellent.

Simon Dowey

Very relevant to my job and would recommend the course to my colleagues.

Jordan Bernard

Excellent trainer and very good course.

Laura Smith

Karen was excellent. She explained everything fully and if you didn’t understand, she would stop the class and make sure you understood it before we moved on. The shortcuts that she taught will save so much time in my daily role. I would recommend the course to others, as it was very helpful.

Stephanie Harding

Yes, would of liked to look at pivot tables, but that maybe too advanced for the level 1 course.

Adam Bury

Learnt new ways to use Excel.

Steven Wakeley

I really enjoyed the training it was interactive enough and the trainer was happy to repeat things when needed. I would be happy to do level 2 as I feel I would learn more from it.

Graham Lawrence

Yes all very applicable to work, needs practise but should make things easier saving time better able to prepare reports.

Wayne Kirby

Enjoyed the course covered an awful lot. A good beginner or refresher course.

Darrel Gilbert

The course was useful and informative and can be easily recommended to other colleagues.

Neil Mcleod

The trainer displayed excellent knowledge and application. Their ability to explain the information was superb with great examples and shortcuts. There was excellent course materials and references and the learning activity was 100% relevant to my job. I’d rate the session 10/10 and would recommend the course to my colleagues.

Kevin Jones

The training was done very well and the course I thought was very well put together. I would definitely encourage people to come on this course as it packs a lot into one day.

Jade Davies

It was really useful, filled with key information that will help me with day-to-day tasks, mainly with time saving being able to use short keys
I would definitely recommend my colleagues attending the course as there are always functions that you do not use daily which could become useful.
This course would be a good starting point for beginners.

Gareth Pugh

In my opinion this course was extremely helpful, it showed many ways of operating Excel in more efficient ways and a whole new range of tools to use to improve working standards. I believe this will make any work I do using excel look more professional. I would definitely recommend to other colleagues, especially those working in an office environment.

Sally Roussel

Really enjoyed the course.
I would tell people it’s a really good course with lots of good tips.
To encourage people to ask questions so they don’t feel embarrassed by their peers who may more experienced .

Huw Roberts

Very well organised and presented course, instructor was very detailed and made it easy to follow, it is a great course to do if you are already capable on excel.

Daniel Crozier

The course was excellent it gives all basic foundations needed to start building Dashboards.

Vicky Dykes

Excellent, clear instruction with lots of useful tips from a super user
I would recommend the course to anyone as even though there were varying levels of expertise in the room, we all learned from it.

Simon Willars

A good valuable recap that mixed old knowledge with new, but also expanding on what I already knew. Achieved in a methodical and mapped out format. To understand the level they are at and what they can improve on.

Scott Emmett

1. Relevant to day job and very useful to save time and increase the quality of my presentations. 2. Do the course. It will save time preparing presentations and make the presentations more interesting. The short cuts are excellent. 3. Brilliant course thankyou at the right pace and relevant.

Mark Humphreys

Definitely worth attending the course, bring back things you may have forgot in the past which were useful in preparing for a presentation.

Magdalena Piekielek

I learnt today about keyboard shortcuts and how to use OneNote

Eleanor Conway

I think the training was really helpful. The shortcuts will help a lot within all aspects of my work. I enjoyed the course and would recommend to anyone else wanting to participate.

Alexandra Taylor

I was really surprised with this course. It was an early start this morning to get there in time and it will be a late arrival home due to travel but what a fantastic day. It exceeded my expectations. Karen was extremely thorough and explained everything in a way that each of us could relate to, and if any of us required a bit of extra help she was extremely accommodating. Would definitely recommend this course for anybody having to use PowerPoint. Looking forward to Level 2!!

Connor Reid

Leant a lot of small things which will help improve my day to day efficiency. Even If you think you already know all the criteria covered on this level of course, take part! There will be lots of alternative methods to the ones you currently use.

Jess Bubb

Get training day, informative and a good basis to work from or as a refresher in excel. Lots of little hints and tips that will save you time. Nice environment to learn in.

Helena Robertson

Really helped fill in the missing blanks and refresh what I did and didn’t know. The shortcuts are really good. Would have liked a bit more on the basic formulas as this is the part I find the most daunting and maybe less time on graphics at the end.

Lorraine Page

I enjoyed the course but need to practice what I have learnt. I would recommend this course to others. Thank you.

Lynsey Whitfield

I would actively encourage people to attend the course. I thought I might have been more advanced than the Excel Secrets course but I found lots of really useful information that could be used on a daily basis.

Iulia Albu

I learnt how to use One Note and the short cuts.

Atanas Ivanov

Very enjoyable course.

Agnieszka Szumilas

The course was really interested. I enjoyed it
Thank you

Kevin Goodall

Worth while and apt for the job role.

Dimitar Kirachen

Was very good looking forward for next level, thank you soo much.

Bianca Tigmeanu

That its easier to use the formulas then the normal way

Chris Bate

Really enjoyable course, I have taken away some key points in which I will use in my day to day job. I would Highley recommend this course to others.

Dan Murphy

The training was excellent. I was not expecting to learn anything new today but I was surprised at just how many powerpoint shortcuts actually exist, when I had previously been taking the long route. I would suggest this course to relevant colleagues across the company, regardless of their level of competency. I believe the advanced courses may also be of use should the company decide to pursue them.

Tomas Willis

The experience was very good. My job role at this moment in time does not involve excel but it has definitely brightened my basic knowledge and gone on into more depth so it will be useful at some point. The organiser was very good and covered everything.

Dean Rafferty

Course was good, it was just at a level lower than what I require.

Dean Cox

Course was very well delivered and would recommend it to friends and colleagues.

Valdas Satas

Really enjoyed the course. I see where I need to Improve and where was my weak places. This session has helped me a lot.

Anca Dumitru

Really good training I enjoyed and the teacher was amazing.

Dimitrina Shapkarova

I have learnt to ensure my power point presentations are simple, clear with not too much wording and learnt to use shortcuts when I create a PowerPoint presentation.

Rosen Andreev

I have really enjoyed the course and also learned new skills which I have never used before. The main thing I’m going to bring home with me is to push myself using short cut buttons more often.

Bogdan Wilcznski

Good course-Its a lot of information.

Rafal Lesiak

Good training session. Everything well explained.

Chris Peare

Defiantly worth doing, would recommend this course and trainer to others.

Luke Aston

My opinion is that it is very useful for people who work around excel daily, and is even useful for people who touch the program once a month. I would definitely recommend this to anyone working within the same business as me. I’d tell people who are about to do the course to make sure to be alert at all times and to make a lot of notes.

Lucie Warman

Good, hard to say if anything is missing as I need to go and use it. I like the cheat/short cut sheet, I think it would be good to have a print out of areas highlighted at the end of the course in case I missed anything in my notes.

Jonathan Smith

Very good course.

Dave Whewell

Clear, precise information very engaging. I plan to use data structure and tables in my reports. Thank you.

John Hadfield

Course showed me Tables and Pivot Charts and how to get better reporting out of existing data. Interested in the next level.

Chris Britton

It’s been very good, the fact it was a small group allowed for us to work in our ability with the support of Karen. I’ve come across things in excel that will help to make my reporting more efficient based on the skills I’ve learnt today. The supporting documentation will help to work a quick reference, to help against skills fade.

Bethan Evans

I thought that the training I received today was brilliantly translated and is extremely relevant to my workplace today. I found that having both the theory, being shown and practical element helped ensure that I learnt and fully understood the information provided. I would greatly encourage anyone thinking of attending one of these courses to attend.

Ola Ishola

The excel secret is a basic beginner course, I do however feel it should not only be perceiver as the ‘’secrets’’ alone as it forms the basis of further development into next stages e.g. Ninja’s & Gurus, hence there are 2 suggestions here:
Probably issue study materials in advance of the course for students to get around prior to the real-life course.
Other alternative to above is having over 2 days and not 1-day. Overall, I am happy attending the course today and feel extremely more confident that I will be doing tasks right and in a timelier manner. I certainly will be getting on to the next stage.

Connor Joseph Brown

Trainer was excellent, very thorough and engaging. Happy to repeat or recap any parts of the training delegates thought necessary and willing to go into more detail. Flexible in approach to the training guidelines enabling delegates to ask for insight into areas that they felt needed more attention.

Emily Silk

It would be very beneficial for most Excel users, as most people are not comfortable using standard formulas which should be a basic part of a user’s knowledge of Excel.

Ian Barlow

Regardless of the level you are on you will learn something new and useful.
Lots of handy hints to speed up your use of excel.

Hazel Carter

Really good – excellent pace etc.

Connor Ward

The course was made very clear with useful shortcuts to improve efficiency.

Matthew Dillon

This was a good course and very insightful.

Rafal Drzewicki

Great hands on experience working through the exercises especially the shortcuts. I will now try to produce spreadsheets for myself instead of asking others to do them for me.

Andrew Watts

The shortcuts will save time and I think that the take away manual will be a very useful tool to refer to in the future.

Marta Adamovska

I really enjoyed doing the graphs.

Rachel Wilson

Learned some short cuts and quicker or more efficient methods today.

Julita Raczylo

I have learnt all everything I need for my work.

Sandra Sharma

If you think you know it all you most likely still would benefit from this session, it helps with excel as well as other Microsoft software’s. Anyone can benefit from refreshing memory and learn new tricks that you never knew. Excellent.

Jonathan Smith

Very good course indeed.

Zoe Slattery

Yes, really enjoyed the session,it was a busy session,did loose the plot at one point, but I feel more confident now that I can produce more effective spreadsheets. The trainer was very patient with me and explained everything so that I could understand many of the areas I was struggling with. I loved the mini tests as this reassured me that I had actually understood the session.I found the graphs to be easy and I know these will be benificial to me.

Ashley Danells

I really enjoyed the training given today and feel I’ll be leaving today having learned a lot. Karen is very knowledgeable and keeps everyone engaged in the session with a good positive teaching vibe. I also really appreciate the hospitality provided. I would tell others this and I give high praise to Karen and Imagine Training.

Thank you for this experience!

Katrina Broome

It was well-organised. Karen is clearly passionate about the subject and about helping people to work more efficiently, and this shines through. I was a little nervous before the course, but I would tell others that there is no need to be as it starts steady and there is a friendly atmosphere where you can ask for help. Thank you!

Justine King

Very enjoyable and I have learnt a lot. Essential if using Excel at work or home.

Simone Lloyd

Excellent training session.

Nick Dyer

I really enjoyed my day on this course I have learnt a lot on excel and will recommend this to anyone who wants to learn my skills on excel and save more time in their work load.

Jason Coles

The course and training was excellent.
Karen was top class.

Adrian Grant

Really enjoyed it and time passed quickly. The subject and information was very useful. The trainer was great and I would recommend the course to others.

Zsolt Sandor

My opinion is it was very helpful and I very happy with this course.

Jake Farr

It is an eye opener. I feel that if anyone uses Excel on a day to day basis it is beneficial and you will learn things that are useful on your day to day tasks. I would recommend that if you have never taken this training before to do so.

Pavel Butrej

Learnt basic knowledge. Will recommend this course to others. This is very informative.

Nigel Edwards

I would most definitely recommend to other people.

Amanda Anderson

Really enjoyed the session, a lot to take in and will need to go away and practice on my own spreadsheet. Will take a lot away from today.

Ffion Williams

Today I have learnt about Macro recording, adapting ribbons to suit everyday actions and what is analysis.

Helen Busi

The course was good with relevant data to our business.

Ben Dorricott

Very enjoyable & worthwhile training, both on refreshing current knowledge & beginning to learn new skills.
Be worthwhile others thinking of doing the course to consider in detail what they need specifically from the course so that they can ensure this

Jack Mason

I would definitely recommend the course if people want to hone in on and improve their excel skills. I have learnt a lot in relatively short space of time that I can now apply to my day to day job that should help improve my own processes.

Andrew Deakin

Good experience, good variation on topics. Potentially for colleagues it would be good to touch on pivot basics (this may be covered on another level). Would recommend this course to all colleagues utilising excel, has the potential to make everybody more

Dan Hughes

I will recommend that all of my team attend this course as I would like them to advance and use time saving techniques and formulas such as formatting, Macro buttons and lookup values.

Paul Cowles

The course was very relevant to what I do on a daily basis and presented excellently by Karen.

Joanna Wilcznska

I’m very happy with today’s course, I have learned a lot and I’m very happy to recommend.

Liz Scowcroft

Very good and highly recommendable. Lots of things covered and explained really well. Explored in detail each topic taught.

Steve Samra

Good Course.

Kulvinder Ram

Would recommend other people to do the course.

Paul Baker

Good course.

Michael Spilsbury

Excellent course.

Stacy Barden

This will give you more confidents with working on Excel. Also make things much easier and faster for you.

Elizabeth Allcock

Lots of time is spent on each section can be good but can also be a tad slow. I did learn lots of things I didn’t know and was able to make lots of good notes that will be of help.

Sharon Heeley

It’s a must, really worth while doing as it will only make life easier!

Isabel Panter

I would recommend it to people of all levels even if it’s the basic course! Everybody of all abilities have said they have learned something.

Jade Griffiths

I really enjoyed the course and all though I already knew some of the content I learnt some helpful tips and tricks and shortcuts which will in future allow me to work more efficiently.I tink I would benefit from the next level.

Kevin Rowe

The training was delivered in a clear and methodical manner. The course is relevant even if you have used excel for a long period

Neil Cruickshank

Any time we can gain new skills to be more efficient has to help, so enjoyed the day.

Lisa Wilson

Yes, definitely would recommend.

Emma Stanworth

Really enjoyed the course, learnt a lot of new skills.
Karen is very clear in explaining everything if you are not sure.

Nick Bradshaw

Good level of knowledge from the trainer. Useful information given and delivered well.

Julia Gibbard

I thought the course was well taught and easy to follow. Karen was patient and helpful if you got lost or stuck on anything.
She showed us extra helpful tips to cut time and answered any questions we had and I would encourage others to take the course.

Amy Steel

This course should be offered to more employees where appropriate to the day to day job they participate in. Refresher courses would be advantageous even if full training isn’t required or wanted by employees.
Training was greatly received and appreciate

Jack Seaman

I would definitely recommend the course to others, I have picked up skills and techniques that I will be able to put into immediate use tomorrow and in the years ahead.

Peter Gibbons

Excellent days training. I thought I knew quite a lot about Excel but in reality, I know very little!!

Sharon Beardsmore

Very good training course, all the short cuts are a must for everyone to know. I learnt how much time it will save and the amount Excel can do for you..

Roger Chetwood

I feel I could have done a 1.5 course rather than jumping straight to the level 2, I now have a far better understanding of various functions but could still do with knowing some of the basics. I would highly recommend others to do the course,

Helen Balfour

I will be recommending this course to others. It was a very relaxed and comfortable environment and Karen addressed all of my questions. I feel it was the right level of knowledge for my current ability and I look forward to implementing some of the skills that I have learned and applying them to my role. Thanks Karen!

Debbie Wright

Lots of hints and tips to help me at work and at home.

Andrew Morris-Roberts

Thank you very much, enjoyable day.

Ashley Rogers

Very useful to my job have learnt so many things that I know how to do more efficiently and hopefully going to try and do the next level.

Many thanks
Very enjoyable.

Stuart Andrews

All very good and if people have limited knowledge this kind of course just helps confirm what info they may have and improve their skills and knowledge.

Carl Walker

Very good. Unless you have had the training don’t assume there are things you can’t learn from the basics course.

Shaun Simpson

Very good.

Bev Panter

I think people even with good excel skills would enjoy the course – very good at keeping peoples attention.

Hannah Moule

I think that this course is very useful for beginners or excel users who have basic knowledge of Excel. I feel that I have learn a lot and that I am now more confident with using the software.

Darren Hodgson-bayliss

I have fully enjoyed the training today, there is a lot of information to take in however I know that I will continue to use and find new shortcuts and build on my knowledge.

Jasmine Jones

Great training and developing knowledge with the ever changing excel. A lot of new features to improve my daily process and ease data analysis.

Steph Cruickshank

Good learning, lots of golden nuggets to take away and put into practice.
Good pace of learning.

Steph Tarpey

It is an informative course will a lot of information, mainly short cuts which saves a lot of time.

Sam Sergeant

It was a very, very useful course, would recommend to everyone in a professional work environment that uses excel.

Duncan Christer

Lots of information to take in, listen and watch the trainer to obtain clear instructions of what to do. Overall a very good informative course, will put a lot of the shortcuts into practise during my working day. Probably should have done the next level.

Dawn Wall

The training received today was excellent have learned several short cuts which will improve efficiency – would recommend this course.

Julie Fox

Very informative, extending my basic day to day knowledge of excel – I should now be able to work more efficiently.

Julie Carney

Good for knowing about all the relevant function keys and shortcuts.

Lisa Tomkinson

Yes good, useful tips and explained very well.

Neil Panter

Course pitched at the right level, left wanting to learn more. Not as lacking in knowledge as I first thought.

Lynn Nickless

Very clear information given. Gladly recommend.

Dawn Bartlett

I was surprised at how much I knew already, but now I know the short cuts.
I think its an excellent course to go on even if you think you know things already.
Thank you for making the course interesting and easy to follow.

Dean Barratt

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work? Using and applying charts. Conditional formatting. Absolute references and other tips.

Glenda Jones

Enjoyed day a little overwhelming at times but the trainer did a great job talking me through.

Dominic Shaw

Really enlightening course. I learned different short cuts and more efficient ways of using Excel. I would certainly recommend this course to people who have a similar level of Excel knowledge to me. I would possibly recommend that for future sessions.

Jill Allan


Margaret Weston

The trainer tried to get across the main points of MS Project in a clear and precise way. However, MS Project is not like other MS products, so a huge learning curve is required. Only do this course if you intend to make use of MS Project straight away.

Dan Harrington

I learnt to use the MS Project software correctly, to plan projects to make it efficient
and an easy way to plan a project.

Phil Chatten

Learned all the basics in a short period of time, good if you have no knowledge of MS Project.

Andrew Lock

I would highly recommend the course, great teacher, great at explaining and open to questions and discussions.

Ryan Dempsey

Very good and entertaining training Thank You!

Joe Dixon

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?
Watch Window

Johannes Else

Really interesting, so much useful information learned.

Robyn Myers

Excellent course, lots of easy short cuts to apply to different scenarios. Perfect for organising and presenting data in a professional & clear format. I would highly recommend.

Julian Humpidge

Great coverage of topics some of which were quite deep and I could have done with more time. The 3 most useful things I learnt were – Many shortcuts highlighted; Flash Fill; Data Validation;

Melissa Davies

I found this training session really useful, especially the little tips I didn’t necessarily know which over a period of time will be saving me more time. I would tell users the course was very informative and useful. I would tell the trainer it was very informative and will have saved me time in my role so I can spend more time analysing results. I have learnt Macro’s which will hopefully make reporting downloads easier and less time consuming
Using data tables should make some of the reoccurring formulas used easier; Data management, Hopefully make reporting more user friendly so the user knows exactly what is required by using drop down boxes etc

Georgina Blackmore

I would definitely tell others to go ahead and do the course, it is worth every minute and has helped me so much with my confidence in excel. I will now be able to save time and create better presented spreadsheets that I can use effectively.

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?
How to save time when creating spreadsheets
What all the different/ relevant ribbons mean
How to print more efficiently and in the correct way – previewing before I print

Denise Price

I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn more excel I think it will help me doing my job.

Nick Davies

I learnt a lot everything was explained and shown to me in a way that I understood and I appreciated the help along the way, if I didn’t understand anything. I also enjoyed the course.

I have learnt how to use charts in excel and how to record and multiply date in to charts. Easier ways to find my way around excel. I have learnt a lot of useful information about excel and how to use it and I hope to learn more.

Rui Pascoa

VERY GOOD! It was extremely relevant to my job.

Kiril Asenov

Very good and helpful

Marta Kleinberga

Excel training gave me a chance to see how easy is to work with excel and how much time I can save while using formulas and shortcuts for things on a daily basis.

Antoni Ivanov

Lovely course. Will suggest to anyone. I would like to get a part of any similar training of all MS OFFICE products like Word, PowerPoint etc.

Kinga Urbanska

Excellent, really enjoyed it.

Arleta Lipinska-Sekunda

Excellent training session really enjoyed it.

Sean Hutchinson

Very good session – it was extremely relevant to my job. Most useful was learning Windows 10, OneNote functions and interaction between files.

Georgia Ferriday

It has been absolutely brilliant, very insightful and a great positive attitude from the trainer, also a lot of patience! She was very efficient and made the course fun! The 3 main things I learnt today were:-
– Creating and using pivot tables. I will use these in my work when trying to analyse and interpret large sets of data.
– Protection/security measures, I will use these on spreadsheets that I would like to not be modified and ensure strong passwords are set.
– Shortcut for Creating a chart of the data, I will use this for my own performance analysis at work.

Edwin Hotchkiss

Really enjoyed the course. Got some ideas for new sheets at work.

Jamie Evans

I found it very enjoyable and easy to understand so its well worth coming along to learn.

Andy Locklin

Very good lots of training what will really help me.

Zoe Glendinning

Very good. Right amount of information provided

Thomas Mottram

Fantastic, well worth taking the time out to work on improving skills and business process, can see the impact of work on a daily basis. Would recommend this course to all wanting to develop the necessary skills for excel users. Keep inviting me to courses, would love to learn more!

Christina Cowell

Very good course, recommended.

Sharon Ingley

This has been very informative and enjoyable. I would encourage others to take this course.
Karen made the training day very understandable and fun.

Donna Gilligan

Would recommend course. Good starter level. Trainer kept things in perspective.

Lucy Grattage

Great facilities and excellent Trainer, Karen is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and patient. She took the time to ensure that all (of different levels) were happy with the pace and content. Every other delegate I spoke with shared this positive feedback.

Gavin Davies

The training was a taster to the advanced features of Excel including Power Query, Desktop BI. It has encouraged me to invest further hours delving deeper into these functions to see how it can make my Job easier and improve the flow of information provided.

Tim Scarrott

I would tell them that it is worth the time to attend the courses

Kuldeep Khutan

Useful course for those with mid level knowledge. Really useful course for improving proficiency and efficiency. Allows you to simplify tables through naming conventions.
Probably needs to be run over a day and half to allow more time to cover the entire material, given that attendees all learn at differing speeds

Robert Ashmore

Worth the time out of the working day to complete the course, good time spent for the bigger picture and ease of working.

Arthur Callaghan

Very useful course and would look forward to next step in the training.

Vivienne Harris

Excellent training, would recommend this to team members.

Alexandra Hatfield-Marsland

Lots of information given
Appropriate amount of time given to each topic area
Karen was very supportive when errors or problems occurred throughout the class

Cheryl Thompson

I found the course very enjoyable and the trainer was patient and very knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend this course.

Gurpal Desanj

Very good and useful.

Lee Corbett

Thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to learn more.

Jacinta Magill

it’s a good informative course and well presented. I thought we would go deeper into some of the subjects. I also thought we would be left alone to do more complex exercises to test whether or not we had grasped something. The end of the course subjects seemed to be a bit random and irrelevant.

Christine Hewitt

The trainer and course material were very good. I learnt a lot of thing I didn’t know, even though I have used Excel for years; which is really good.

The trainer was very passionate with a lot of knowledge on the subject.

I would recommend the course to others.

Amy Jugessur

Really enjoyed it, learnt a lot of new functions, realised I don’t know as much about excel as I thought I did!

Robert Stevens

Very useful course. Consider adding data validation to this level of course we spoke a lot about protecting spreadsheets and this is also a way of making sure the calculated data is correct.

Paul Rouse

Nearly all the material was relevant to my work and will be used in some way to improve our existing spreadsheets.

Shaun Ramazannezhad

If you use a computer and data, do the course.
Very helpful course.

Natalie Plummer

Very clearly presented
Good computers and learning materials
Easy to follow and useful to have the big screen to see what trainer is doing
Learnt a lot of useful tips, shortcuts and formatting ideas
Well structured with breaks
Would definitely recommend

Jessica Tomley

It was very good, I felt is was explained well and not rushed.

Harry Clifton

The training was very relevant to the tasks I perform every day and the guidance was given very clearly. I would highly recommend colleagues and other industries to take this training course.

Georgie Watkins

More interesting than I thought it would be. Some parts very beneficial. Shortcuts particularly useful. I would recommend this course to others. I would spend slightly longer on tasks and categorising.

Robert Jones

it’s a very informative training course. Not only is it informative it is tailored to the individual and company. I would recommend it to others that use outlook but want to improve the efficiency of its use.

Ellie Yates

This training course has been extremely useful in working with excel and I would definitely recommend to anyone who works with excel no matter how skilled they are on it.

A massive thank you to Karen as well who was lovely and very helpful throughout.

Fliss Symington

The course was great introduction into Excel, coming in as a complete novice Karen was great with her help and support. Fantastic, thank you.

Jan Humpage

Great well paced and clearly delivered lesson.

Major Ram

The training was good and explained in a clear manner.

Marc McIntyre

Thought the course was great and very educational, so much to learn but trainer is patient and encourages everyone to progress at the same pace.

Bukola Aigbogun

I will recommend that delegates ensure they are clear on what they want to achieve so they can ask specific questions and apply the knowledge directly.

Lisa Hague

It was very thorough and extremely detailed to learn quicker and more efficient ways of working. I really enjoyed it.

James Hargreaves

A really enjoyable course, would really like to do the next level to further advance my knowledge. Would recommend the course to others, and love the fact that laptops are provided with all the relevant data and info so that we have good materials and resources and also the fact we cannot be distracted with work emails. Course materials to take away are great and will be very useful

Sam Wakefield

The training was well organised, and I feel I have learnt a lot more about excel which will help me work form efficiently.

Alex Andrews

Absolutely, great trainer, fantastic attitude, very motivated and passionate.

Hannah Smith

Really informative, will definitely be able to use in everyday work environment as majority of my work involves spreadsheets and data analysis. Most useful Scenarios, Will be able to use for different versions of the Budget by changing Sales and COGS data

Katie Curtis

Excellent, very thorough and happy to answer questions through the course. A nice steady pace going through it all enabling everyone to stay on track with the learning. Those who were a little more confident or where using parts of the information on today’s course were told extra bits of information to help them personally within their job role.

Thankyou for such an informativesession and going the extra mile to help and make sure we understood exactly what was being asked for.

Daniel Abbott

Today I’ve learnt all the quicker way of swopping and changing data, using and making charts and saving data and formatting them into charts .

I will put this into my work by using it to report any data saving and changing it into charts to see it more clearly.

I would tell anyone that does this course to listen very carefully. It is very helpful and could help any big business develop larger and more efficiently.

Daiva Jennings

I really enjoyed the class, it is not too complicated to follow but very useful and with practice can achieve the best results. Thank you very much for teaching us all, this was great fun. The best bits for me were shortcuts, pivot tables in more detail and advanced conditional formatting.

Scot Bovington

Get on and do it – something for every one. The 3 main things I learnt today was basic knowledge to help me with charts, day to day tasks, future work I am involved with.

Marcus Dyer

I thought it was a great experience and would recommend it to anyone who would need to use it.

Krissy Kelland

This course is excellent for learning the basics. It would be ideal for everyone in the business from Supervisor level upwards to be able to do this course as I have learnt so many basic shortcuts which I never knew existed, but which has cost me hours manipulating and manually working on data before attending today.
I consider this course should be a pre requisite for anyone who has any involvement with excel.

The example of budgeting was excellent as we could relate to how this was put together and made it a very logical was of learning how to manipulate figures.

Sarah Burt

Fantastic well worth the time spent away from the desk to complete this will undoubtably save me more time on my day to day role allowing us to focus on other areas that require our attention.

On average I can spend a half day in preparation of a fortnightly conference call analysing data sent from customers I can easily halve this time going forward, and can present it in a format that can be more easily digested.

I’m really looking forward to undertaking the next level tomorrow and will look to achieve guru status!

Andrejs Butuzovs

It was extremely relevant and I feel motivated to learn more.

Sam Clatworthy

Excellent, I would recommend to anyone that needs a refresher or beginning. It has opened my eyes as to how easy excel is to use if you know some of the basics. Charts, tables and selecting data will save me a huge amount of time per day.

Aneta Skrzypczak

Course was very helpful to my job. I learned a lot of very interesting things such as Charts, modifying , graphic and screenshots.

Martin Powis

Very good and would recommend to others

Richard Beadle

Everything I thought I knew did not scratch the surface of what the full picture is and time saving from larger and larger data along with greater analytic tools will bring great value to my work

Liam Quinn

Very good use of a days training away from the office, will pay back the time spend within the week!

Sam Miller

I would recommend my colleagues to attend the course to gain new skills & feel more confident in using excel. I need to get back to the office & start using it now!

Peter Johnson

Extremely informative and excellent information to refer back to.

Tracy Thomas

Excellent really enjoyed the training course will encourage other people to use the course

Magdalena Raczowska

I learnt about shortcuts, how to lock/unlock a timesheet and new Window functionalities

Jane Quinlan

I would recommend this to my colleges.

Louise Paul

I found the course very interesting, makes me want to learn more.
Time flew by and I didn’t want the day to end.
There was lots of information but it was not presented in a way that I couldn’t understand.
Would definitely recommend this company.

Marcus Stuffin

Enjoyed the course and would recommend to others and it was well delivered.

Shane Duffy

Great course – Do it! Thank you for your patience.

Kate Tennant

There were a lot of things I already knew about but the shortcuts will be a big help. I did learn some new things that will help with the spreadsheet work I do but probably could have done with learning things that are in the next level.

Emma Hart

If the basic level was appropriate for the individual I would recommend attending. I found the course very informative and helped to improve my confidence on excel, I just need to use the information and remember the shortcuts etc.

Maria Munden

I learnt how to more equations on spreadsheets and the use of Bodmas.

Harley Rich

Very good would recommend to anyone.

William Brothwood

The course was excellent, the trainer was very pleasant and she has a lot of knowledge.

Emma Banks

Its relevant and user friendly easy to follow and the trainer makes sure everyone has understood before moving on

Andrea Reynard

Training was interesting and very informative.

Stephanie Carter

Very informative and useful. Very enjoyable course

Tina Riley

good course, maybe more time could be given on actual practical but clear explanation given, could have done with a bit more time to take notes to what was relevant to myself as felt rushed at times. Trainer was very good but did feel pushed for time.

Daniel Connell

The training was relevant and to the point, not over excessive and boring. I would tell people thinking of doing the course to do it to gain a greater insight into excel. The organiser would be told that the course difficulty level is relevant, some points my experience was greater than the material being taught but that is expected at some point.

Stephen Davies

It was very helpful to me in my work.
I would recommend it to anyone using Excel.
It was very well presented.

Callum Wilkes

Yes, the course was excellent, well detailed and has made me feel more confident about using excel.

Ryan Talbot

Very good course and useful to know the shortcuts as they will save me time in my day to day role using excel.
Definitely encourage others to participate in this course.
Trainer was very clear and precise when explaining each of the features we were discussing. Going through examples was also useful.

Danielle Hadley

The course was brilliant, I felt like I have learnt a lot such as the very useful shortcuts as this will save time when using excel in the future. I would recommend this course to anyone as it covers the basics of excel and will ensure that everyone is able to use the program.

Dave Underwood

Excellent, completely relevant to day to day working.

Naomi Gittens

It was great, easy to understand for a pretty complicated program. It was explained in a simple and interesting way which was very enjoyable and you could see the trainerÕs passion for it which made it more fun.
This is going to really help me in my role hugely.

Simon Hunter

Very useful course and would recommend to others.

Adrian Hudson

Training will improve efficiency and speed of work.

Andrea Such

The day was fantastic. I’ve had so may WOW moments that will streamline my work it’s been amazing!

I would encourage all to attend just to see how the tips and tricks can assist in every day working. This will be so valuable and save me so much time, THANK YOU!

Amanda Bunn


Erika Blidar

Really enjoyed, will definitely be using what I learned and will be helpful in my role.

Simon Fitchett

Course was very good and provided many useful hints and tips to help me work smarter.

Kim Hammond

Thank you for an interesting and informative course, I would highly recommend anyone using excel on a daily basis to attend this course, Karen was thorough and helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Maybe more opportunity to go over the activities to help digest the instructions (my age!)

Donna Cope

The course was brilliant and I really enjoyed the session. Karen would build on topics that we might find useful that are relevant to our jobs. I learnt a lot and would definitely recommend.

Alyson Humphrey

It has been really useful to challenge the way I currently do work and discover quicker and more efficient ways to work.
I would recommend to anyone who uses excel on a daily basis, as need to use the shortcuts daily to embed the knowledge.

Lindsey Hume

A really useful course for those who use Excel a lot but feel they could use it better. Some things may be a refresher, but other things will be a revelation. You just don’t know which is which until you do the course!

Weili Liu

It’s an excellent experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to tell others that the course is very useful for your daily work and highly recommended. I would like to thank Karen Turner my tutor.

Lebetina Mwenda

Excellent training from an excellent teacher!
Highly recommend this to others.

Giulnara Mamedova

It is great course. Useful for planning and comparing information.

Gursharon Kaur

I have learnt shortcuts and more efficient ways to use them, how to use tables and slicers to manipulate data and how to use Pivot Charts to display data. I would recommend that the course be more specific to Foxs Biscuits, maybe use the reports we use to demonstrate new ways of streamlining them and manipulating them so it feels more relevant to the data we use.

Alex Essery

I think the training experience was very good. It useful for not only an introduction to the functions but also as a refresher and think that even seasoned excel users may find some of the tips useful. I would recommend colleagues to take this course.
If possible it would be interesting to use in house data and see examples of the tools used on these to see how we could implement some of the functions.

Izabela Bednarz

Would definitely recommend this course, as will help with daily tasks.

Philip Brennan

Very well executed, kept interest throughout the day. Would like to attend session 3.

Emily Walton

I really enjoyed the course. I found it useful and it will help me with future tasks. I feel more confident using Excel now. Great course leader!

Lucy Crayston

If you are self-taught in excel you likely have a lot of gaps in your knowledge and don’t know the quickest or most efficient way of doing things. A lot of time can be saved by attending this course making you more productive at work. Also Excel is able to do a lot more things than you probably realise and by learning these things you can produce better work.
The course is an enjoyable day and the content isn’t too heavy.

Ellie Horton

I really enjoyed the training. It was entertaining and fun which made it more enjoyable. It was definitely more of a refresher for me, as I knew more than I thought, but it reinforced and made me more confident in what I know.

Giselle Smith

I really enjoyed the training, I felt that it was tailored to my level so I wasn’t sat around re hashing stuff I already knew but in the same token I wasn’t massively out of my depth and constantly lost.
I would definitely recommend this to colleagues and am keen to attend more advanced courses going forward. The trainer was very approachable and friendly and made you feel like there were no stupid questions

Depa Patel

I found the course really useful and will help take my excel spreadsheets to the next level. Karen was very clear in her explaining and running through the modules. Lots of shortcuts were shown, would have preferred using more of quick access and ribbons rather than just keyboard shortcuts. I will definitely benefit from having attended today.

Cristina O’Brien

Great course.

Carol Roscoe Smith

Definitely recommend this course. Although I work with spreadsheets this was most helpful in learning quicker methods and commands I was not familiar with

Caroline Thirkell

This course has improved my ways of working and I believe it will save time. It also has improved my confidence. I will be definitely be going for the next level of course.

Helen Downes

Great experience. Patient trainer. Shame the technology was not set up in time to start at the course at the start time (not the trainers fault, more site support needed)

Alex Korsholm

I really enjoyed it as I was able to learn new ways of working on Excel that fit in with my day to day tasks.

I would recommend that this course was taken to be able to get the most out of the software and make it easier to use excel.

Nicola Mullaney

It was a really good interactive session, plenty of comfort breaks at the right times to re-energise. Karen is very easy to work with, approachable, friendly and very clear and concise in her training. Lots to learn in the session and all very valuable, I look forward to getting on the next course to learn even more and assist me in my everyday tasks.

Andy Pyle

I will recommend to employees who undertake manual reporting on spreadsheets as I feel the business could be more efficient in how it operates.

I am moving into a new role which involved ‘Financial Transformation’ across the Group. I believe this course will provide me with additional skills to undertake this work more efficiently and hopefully add value.

Simon Firth

Very useful course for my day to day job hadn’t expected it to be so useful to be honest

For me personally, the Goal Seeker & Solver were not appropriate for my job but colleagues in other departments may find this useful

Veronica Joseph

How to use my keyboard

Helen Stubley

Really helpful and I felt involved.

Sam Pettitt

The training was very good and had a lot of different content to learn. Things were explained thoroughly until we understood it all to a reasonable standard. Some things I already knew but was good to practice more. Quite a lot of new things were shown which I can now apply so overall very satisfied.

Jennifer Bowater

The course is a great way to improve your excel knowledge, and being given the workbook to take away is a great way to ensure you don’t forget or help you to re-cap if you are not sure.

My only recommendation would be to quicken the pace of Guru’s.

Mort Brown

Well worth doing for any Project Engineer/ Production Engineer

Joanne Regan

The course will assist me with spreadsheets, formulas, this is ideal for any beginners or with people with limited knowledge,

Matthew Smith

Excellent course that really shows you the untapped potential of software available to use to improve your job/role.

Richard Beddoes

Excellent, very useful 100% recommend.

Daniel Westhead

Excellent course that really shows you the untapped potential of software available to use to improve job role/work

Chris Jones

Jake Whitehead

Very good

Katarzyna Grochowska

Definitely recommend this course even if you think you know the basics. I have learnt lots of new ways of using excel and lots of useful tricks.

Russell Marsh

I think it’s good to start from the first level as I’ve picked up on really useful tips and expanded what I already know as well

Iian Daniel

I would I highly recommend the course to all office workers there is so much information provided and knowledge from the tutor.

John Burton

Excellent will be rolling out elsewhere in the business

Michael Thompson

I enjoyed the training and would highly recommend it to others wanting to learn more about Excel.

Katie-Jane Bott

Found it very useful; the right amount of time was spent on each section and answered everyone’s questions. I am excited to learn more about Excel as can really see the benefit in saving time in my working day.

Charlotte Howard

I would encourage my colleagues from any levels of excel experience to participate in the course, if not just for a refresher as I felt I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of excel and leave my comfort zone.

Simranjit Basran

Highly recommend all level users to attend a course as there is always something new for everyone to pick up and enjoy/learn.

Suribjit Kaur

I really enjoyed the course and would recommend this to other colleagues.

Jade Brewer

I found this training course extremely useful and I believe that it will be hugely beneficial to my overall work and efficiency. I would recommend, in order to get the most value from employees, to provide all staff who are regularly use excel with this training.

Clelia Manry

The training was useful.
I learnt a lot on shortcuts which allow to be really faster on my daily work.
The course is really worth doing it. You learn a lot that can directly be applied.

Leigh Cooper

I found it quite engaging and would actively encourage anyone with even a passing use of Excel to attend a course as it would certainly encourage better habits and more effective use of time.

Joanne O’Sullivan

Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot, I thought our instructor was both informative and very patient, I will go away and put a lot of what I have learnt into action.


Edina Czako

Excellent really enjoy it.

Adrian Pitts

Handy short cuts Photo edits Formatting

Sarah Forrester

The training workshop was very detailed and thorough. A great amount of skills have been learnt and this will be beneficial for everyone no matter what role you will undertake. Having demonstrations allow clearer understanding.

Calum Westaway

I thought the course was excellent. It helped me gain a greater understanding of the tools I already use in Excel and introduced me to a number of things that I will certain use in the future.

Holly Adams

Really positive did not get bored at all considering it’s almost a whole day. Lots of interesting and really relative bits that will help me in everyday work. Definitely worth doing even if you think you are good on excel lots of new things to learn

Jaspreet Chauhan

Yes I found it really interesting and it was fun.

Ifeanyi Ukwuoma

I would definitely recommend this course. It would be helpful to learn more and do your jobs well.

Alecia Sandhu

I think this course is essential for anyone that wants to brush up on their excel skills and even have better knowledge of the program itself. I had excel courses in colleges, however they weren’t this career specific which is nice to be able to obtain better skills in the work place.

James Gwilliams

Having been self-taught on Excel, today has given me the correct tools to achieve the desired result quicker, with greater enhancement and with greater confidence. I was not utilising the programme to either it’s or my potential.

Siobhan Baird

Yes, I thought it was going to be very basic due to it being number 1 however found I learnt what I was missing in my knowledge

Rob Hickman

Fantastic, easy to follow course, broken down well. I would definitely recommend to others who are thinking of doing it. The organiser was very thorough and pleasant and you could see she was passionate about her teaching.

Rob Henaghan

Generally given me more confidence to try new and explore new things

Emma Littley

My experience has been very enjoyable. It enabled me to learn at my speed.
The tutor makes sure everyone has got it, before moving on, which is refreshing.
The course is well worth it for many employees.

Usha Parmar

I felt the course was very informative and felt comfortable to ask questions if I needed extra information.

The training was a good pace and felt the trainer kept the group stimulated through-out the session.

Keith Clift

Training was excellent, well presented and suitable for a varied skill group. I would definitely recommend the course to others.

Marcus McConnell

The course was good, the trainer has tried to accommodate our courses to make more relevant to the work I am doing.
I would recommend this course to any of our colleagues that use Microsoft office.
I would tell the organiser to increase the volume of colleagues in our business that is going to these courses, as well pushing colleagues to go on more advance courses. It will be nothing but advantageous to our business.

Gurbir Singh


Kyle Peck

Go for it you will be shocked at what you do not know!

Mick Fazackerley

Very good course for beginners that taught me more that I was expecting to learn.

Danny Stobson

Very interesting and informative introduction to the Excel programs.
I would defiantly recommend the course to others.

Chris Evans

Enjoyable course well explained and was made to feel comfortable. Some fun added to make the course more enjoyable.

Bradley Melia

I would say that the training was really helpful and has furthered my knowledge of this subject even though some of it I had previously know before. I would tell others that this subject is a great way to learn the ins and outs of Excel and is a great way to get way more out of the software.

Sam Hooper


Charlotte Draper

Excellent I think it was taught at a great pace and provided so much relevant knowledge!
I would definitely recommend this to others!

Geoffrey Innes

Very good course full of lots of relevant content. I would recommend to others to build up their knowledge.

Jon Adams

Very good. Enjoyed the course and fully recommend to others.
Exercises/topics were short and snappy which I enjoyed and kept my interest throughout. Good timings for the breaks the trainer was very friendly and helpful throughout.

Robert Hayward

The course was excellent. I feel that all the content was useful and I look forward to applying it to my job. The course was delivered very well and it was always engaging. Some shortcuts however are unnecessary and you would spend more time remembering the key combinations than simply clicking what you need.

Sokol Gjokaj

It was and excellent sessions, where I took out a lot more than just what on the textbook. All my questions where explored and answered with detail. I would definitely suggest to all my colleagues. I would tell the organizer to involve more people in this because everyone can save lots of time in their everyday tasks and also produce a better quality of work

Daniel Carson

I enjoyed today, it has been an eye opener about the potential of the software and how to use it properly, I would recommend this course to anyone who is involved in projects.

James Oakley

: I genuinely encourage others to sit this course who do not have a clear indication of project management, I feel this given me new insight into building and maintaining a project from start to finish and I think would show others the process that go into a creating and managing a project. Nothing to tell the organiser as all aspect covered.

Dagmara Kempka

Very good training, very helpful tips.

Samson Zangina

I would recommend this to everyone who needs it. From today’s course I would use the following to analyse material variances, forecasting, and Labour analysis:- Pivot tables; Outline; Name ranges

Michal Chabros

It was a good training, but it was a bit too much content in a short amount of time

Matthew Walker

I enjoyed the training course, found the course subjects relevant to me and added to my knowledge base which will save me time. I would advise others to do this course and feel the organiser has put together a well structured plan.

Inderjit Chahal

Very good course. Very informative. A lot of new topics learnt that will increase productivity.

Bachittar Singh Sandhu

I would definitely recommend the course to my colleagues. It was extremely relevant.

Kuldeep Sharma

I would recommend this course to other admin, payroll and HR staff at site as it will speed their working processes.

Sarah Smith

My opinion on this training course is high as it really helps beginners as well as people with prior Excel experience. I think todays training was excellent and well presented by Karen.

Rebecca Warhurst

Why do 10 things when you can do it in 1 ?!! I cannot wait to go and practise all the new information I’ve learnt and would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their Excel skills.

Ramanpreet Kaur

I would tell colleagues who use excel quite often, that they will appreciate the shortcuts to save their working time.

Jane Lewis

Karen was extremely helpful and made the training day very enjoyable. I would recommend this course to those interested and looking forward to attending Level 2

Karanjit Kaur

The course has given me more confidence with formulas.

Amritpal Thandi

It was good as I learnt new things that I didn’t know about before and I would recommend this course to others who are wanting to learn and adapt their excel skills, from a basic level.

Reeyce Whitehouse

I would advise anyone who has never taken an excel to do this course. You will see the benefit instantly. The simplest of things you learn can help you in more ways than one.

Satinder Nahal

I would tell others to take the course because its great fun and there’s things you wouldn’t know before training. It would help you do tasks a lot quicker than you are used to doing now.

Gurdeep Kaur

The training was good. I learnt a so many new things. I will tell others to learn excel secrets.

Neil Johnson

Short cuts for sums and ways to navigate excel spread sheets which will help complete jobs quick. Outlines on graphs etc which will help me to summarise data. Pivot tables will be useful to use to look through multiple data in one place.

I believe the training is very useful as there are so many short cuts to use to make yourself more productive on the computer. Karen the trainer makes it easy to follow the training and is very clear on the use of each tool. Has been one of the best tools I’ve learnt to use in work and outside.

Dan Owen

I really enjoys the course found it easy to understand and if I was struggling was explained well to me.
Found I didn’t struggle on parts I would have thought I would have normally.
And found the short cuts a lot of help.
Would recommend course to anyone who has had basic training on excel.
I would tell anyone wanting to do the course that they would get plenty out of the course if they listen and take notes.

Mike Price

I thought the training session was good, the location and room was brilliant, as was today’s trainer.

Angie Creanga

Excellent training, very useful. Many thanks.

Georgie Brookes

Really good session, well worth topping up my knowledge of Excel.

Rhian Jones

Today I learnt how to create tables which I’ll use for Employee Data; Sorting Information I.E Capital letters, names into columns etc; Quick functions .

Really liked how patient the trainer was and how knowledgeable she was, liked her training style.
Enjoyed the pace of the course and the interaction.
Yes I would recommend this course for users who want to advance basic knowledge of excel.

Sarah-Jane Fulton

The most important things I learnt today were:- Eight really useful shortcuts (Alt / Ctrl); The importance of using data in tables; Pivot table refresher.

I will actively encourage people in HR & payroll departments to undertake similar learning.

Dawn Ward

I learnt lots of useful shortcuts to help me save time; The use of tables and how this can help me when analysing data; How to format text rather than doing this by hand.

Very useful and informativesession. Great learning atmosphere and support was always given when needed. I feel much more confident in using Excel after this course which is going to make my use of Excel much more efficient. Thank you!

Sam Cannon

The main things I learnt on this course were – Pivot tables;
Short cuts, in general these will speed up my use of excel and will help me navigate it more efficiently; Tables, Most of my work is analysing and creating tables for PowerPoint so that has been a great help.

Well worth it, I would like to go on the next course in the future to top up my existing skills and learn new skills that would help me at my job.

Mandy Thompson

I learnt how to create professional looking tables; How to filter and sort data; How to manage data in an efficient manner.

Complete the TNA and book onto a training course. You will learn loads of shortcuts that will save you time at work.
Time really well spent.

Lyn Handy

Covered lots of ground, recommend to anyone, learned such a lot!!

Jon Shirley

I feel that the course was informative and conducted in a professional manner and very useful.

Stephen Reynard

An excellent course, very useful and interesting information. Very worthwhile attending, I would definitely like to attend the next level

Andy Ngombi

The course will make work easier and more pleasant.

Steve King

The course was everything I expected having had a prior conversation with Karen about the route we wish to take at work. It was well run with clear information and had time for all levels, I Would highly recommend both the course and tutor.

Sam Dromgoole

I would definitely recommend the course, I would tell them that even if they think that they can use PowerPoint already (as I thought) it is still worth while doing as I have learned several new things and short cuts to speed things up.

Sharon Howells

Do it! It was excellent, really enjoyed it.

Jayne Malik

Very surprised I enjoyed and understood it. Well worth doing!

John Keat

An excellent course, well presented and informative. Only issue, it would have been nice to have a longer course!

Fran Rickard

This course will save me hours of time.

Arthur Jewkes

Today’s course was very good and a must for anyone who uses excel.

Will Shields

Really enjoyed the course, learnt a lot, I will definitely be recommending to my colleagues.

Albena Ivanova

I felt that the training session was excellent and I really enjoyed it. I now feel motivated to learn more and I would definitely recommend to others.

Mateusz Kopytko

I thought that the trainer displayed good knowledge on the subject and all my questions were answered fully. It was an excellent training course and I would highly recommend the course.

Emily Beech

Excellent course, Karen is knowledgeable and a fun trainer that made me feel like I could ask questions and not look foolish.

Ellie Cook

The training was excellent. The time flew past as it was so interesting and so much information to take in. I thought that I had a good knowledge of Excel but this just showed me that there are always new things you can learn. Thank you!

Wayne Wilkes

Excellent course, really enjoyed it. Well worth it to learn all the shortcuts that make you work more efficiently.

Tim Day

Excellent course, extremely relevant, I have much more confidence in using Excel now that I have learned to use key strokes instead of using the mouse all the time and better tools for completing tasks, this will make my work far more efficient. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone should take it!

Ethan Scott

If you need basic training or a brush up on your knowledge then this course would suit you. Overall a very good training session and was not too draining. The trainer had good knowledge of the subject and has taught us more efficient ways to use Excel.

Wesley Cooper

Overall I really enjoyed the course, I found it relevant to the work that I do, the trainer took the time to explain each topic in full and answered any questions we had. You are taught more efficient ways to work using the Excel shortcut keys and generally how to do things properly. I would highly recommend the course, as it would save a lot of time.

Stephanie Woodward

I found the course to be very informative. I enjoyed refreshing my skills. I also feel that I am taking away some usable knowledge. I would recommend this course.

Nicole Conniff

I think I learned many different things about the programme, and will find it helpful in my work life. I would recommend this course for anyone to which it is relevant as it is useful for time saving and knowing the basics. We were taught a more efficient way of working, how to use the software well and how to use it to improve, and we learned visual techniques such as charts and tables. Overall an excellent course and I really enjoyed it.

Alex Penfold

I thought that the excel training today will be extremely valuable for future Excel usage.
I would recommend this to my colleagues who use Excel on a daily basis and struggle with the basics of Excel.

Phil Hooper

The trainer’s ability to explain the information was excellent, we were actively involved from start to finish and any questions were answered fully. A very good experience that would benefit many of my colleagues.

Christopher Melia

Very well thought out course, good speed of topic, well presented, thumbs up to the trainer. We learned all about Excel short keys, tables and charts and sums.

Graham Collis

Really useful, insightful and would recommend even for more advanced users. The three main things that I have taken from the course are shortcuts to make the working day more efficient, ways to present our data in a user friendly way and adapting pictures to suit a specific layout.

Carol Davey

The course was very informative, in a nice friendly and relaxed environment with plenty of time given to ask questions, the course went at an easy to understand pace. I would definitely recommend to others.

Chantelle Owen

I have enjoyed the course today. The tutor was very good at explaining in detail. It was easy to follow with the prompts on screen and also any problems were shown on the computer itself. It has given me an insight into commands and quick secrets that I had no previous knowledge about. I will use this in both my work and private computing. I would definitely recommend this to colleagues and family.

Paul Fox

I found the course to be very enjoyable. I learnt a large number of time saving skills and the content was excellent for implementation within the office.

Jack Dilworth

It was very informative and engaging throughout. I would recommend the course as it not only increases your skills, it provides quick and fast shortcuts to make your work life easier. I now have a better understanding of Excel and as such my confidence is improving.

Tony Trifonov

I have definitely learned some new skills from taking this course. The shortcuts are a really big time saver, and I am now able to insert pictures in to Excel and use new formulas. Overall the course was excellent and I really enjoyed it.

Amie Prince

The trainer displayed very good knowledge on the subject and her ability to explain the product to us while keeping us actively involved and answering all questions fully was excellent. I really enjoyed the course and have now learnt more efficient ways to work using the shortcuts that she taught us. I am now far more equipped with the knowledge to produce charts from the data that we use.

Megan Saville

The training experience was good, really detailed and engaging. I learnt a lot and I would recommend this course to people who want to expand on their Excel skills. The keyboard short cuts are great and will really help improve shorten my time on a subject when using Excel. I also found the formulas really interesting and I will use this to work out my sales at work as well as at home.

Denitsa Mihaylova

Overall the course was excellent. Very good training, perfect teacher, and learned a lot.

Andrew Smith

Very illuminating and highly recommended, learned all about navigation, management of files & scope of presentation of information.

Aaron Allen

I would definitely recommend this course to others as I found it to be extremely relevant to my job, The trainer took the time to cover all topics in full and kept us actively involved all the way through.
Even booking on to the course was clear and straightforward.

Carl Armitage

Great experience, learnt a lot about Shortcuts, filters and conditional formatting. All questions were answered fully and to my satisfaction. Went from hating Excel to quite liking it! And will definitely be recommending to others.

Amanda Stokes

I found this course to be an excellent insight in to the first steps of Excel. It was extremely relevant to my job and I was able to ask as many questions as I needed. It has taught me some very useful keyboard shortcuts and given me the confidence not to panic if I press something wrong.

Claudia Feehan

I would recommend this course and tutor without hesitation. The course was presented well and was made interesting and fun. I feel it has been well worth my time. Thank you it was Excellent.

Fraser Anderson

I had an interesting day and there was a variety of topics taught, with a good amount of time spent on each one. It would have been more useful to have been sent on this course nearer the start of my training as some things I already knew. I do now have more knowledge about macros, shortcuts (splitting different tabs will be very useful), and going through scenarios to enable deeper analysis is useful.

Paula Matthews

I enjoyed the course, I have learnt all about how to use word which will help in my job.

Heather Davies

The course was very enjoyable, and I felt it was extremely relevant to my job. I have learnt my way around a computer and all about tables and sketches. I would definitely recommend it.

Sarah Alton

Today I have learnt loads of new things and ways to work. I found it really enjoyable and thought the course overall was excellent.

Matt Beck

As a result of today’s SharePoint Owner training I will do it. I learnt the SharePoint basics, a selection of SharePoint functionality and how to build a SharePoint Site. So now I just need to do it.

Paul Barlow

I learnt Site Design, Navigation, Lists & Surveys etc

Rahul Patel

Training was insightful but we were unable to do some of the things in the lesson due to permissions which were not able to be set up as our info being on the network. However I learnt the basic knowledge of navigating around SharePoint, how to upload files and adding data to SharePoint. I will be able to integrate these things into my work by creating and owning SharePoints in my role as a Systems Analyst and during various tasks during the MI project.

Chris Skillen

No problems with the training, but some of the survey answers could have a better range. For example the one about relevancy needs an answer somewhere in the middle.

Keith Thomas

The training was clear and concise and I have mainly taken away from today page editing.

Alex Gerrard

Training today was good, however the Arconic site / links didn’t work as they should have, which inhibited a number of the modules. Cloud based section also didn’t work as not activated within the organisation. I did learn the Fundamentals of SharePoint access and how it links to other MS programs. I really enjoyed it and thought it was excellent.

Ann Campbell

I would tell others to go onto the course, learn the information, go away and apply it to your work, reports etc and maybe do it again in a couple of years to refresh.

Heather Mayer

Excellent. Great tutor, kept everything relevant & interesting. Very good course for all different levels, I think everyone could learn certain things from it that they didn’t know before. I learnt keyboard shortcuts which will make using Excel quicker; how to easily create graphs/charts/tables and manipulate the data which will save me time and make work more accurate; a quick way to reach commonly used Excel drives/files which will also save a lot of time.
I would definitely recommend to others who feel that they need their Excel skills improving.

Hayley Doherty

Fantastic course, the trainer Karen was excellent and very engaging, I really enjoyed the course and feel this will help me massively in my day to day work!

I think this course really would help you to save time and money in your business.

I learnt about Pivot tables and what we could do with them;
Ways in which we can use the functions of formatting in excel to do things rather than doing horrible formulas and little tips and tricks that can help me save time every day!

John Appleton

Really enjoyed the course, I feel more confident using the software. The main things that I will take into my job from the course inputting data in tables, pivot tables, charts and the shortcuts.

Mark Lycett

The course has been run extremely well, with plenty of opportunity to participate. I would recommend the course to other colleagues.

Darren Palmer

Excel Ninjas is very useful for time saving work tips. I will integrate into my work, Pivot Tables and the data organisation and the shortcuts are useful.

Sonia Worrall

The training was very informative. It covered lots of topics which included good working examples to concrete your learning. You have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and training was tailored as we went along to suit the delegates needs. Looking forward to applying what I have learnt in my job and looking forward to attending the next level.

Sharon Wood

I would highly recommend this course. I have learnt new tricks and I found the trainer very helpful and I was not worried about asking anything if I was not sure.

Paul Jones

The things that I have taken away from today’s course are procedures that will make my job easier, there are so many simple short cuts that I never knew of. I know that a lot of other team leaders in my company will benefit from this training as well. This course has given me vast knowledge that I can now take back to my job. I feel I can now work more efficiently.

Corinne O’Callaghan

I would definitely recommend Excel Secrets to people who have lost skills through non-usage over time and to introduce skills to untrained staff. I learnt lots of things to help me reduce time and allow me to get more done in my day. I now understand things that I didn’t understand in Excel, allowing me to be able to do more. I have also been able to refresh things that I learned years ago but had forgotten over the passage of time which now helps me work smarter.

Sharada Sakremath

It is an excellent course, you will learn very useful short cut keys which will save time at work. I would definitely recommend this course.

Jane Yorke

I would recommend they assess whether they need the first course as a foundation. I would have preferred to have done the Secrets course first before Ninjas, as I felt quite lost at times (although generally only one click behind hunting for a button or drop down). It has been illuminating seeing how much time could be saved by using the functionality of Excel rather than our own laborious methods. I am very motivated to use my new skills, such as using tables, including pivot tables, and the ability to sort and organise data. These are relevant to the reports required by senior managers regularly today, so not only can we improve the efficiency of making the reports, but also improving the quality of the reports themselves.

Steve Day

Excel is far more powerful than you can imagine. This course will speed up the way you analyse data 100 fold!

Donal McKenna

It was very informative. Using some of the tricks shown to me I should be more efficient doing my daily / weekly tasks. I will need to play with them more myself to build confidence, but I have the basic knowledge of a lot of areas I didn’t have before.

Sara Elliott

It was very helpful and will save me lots of time using all of the shortcuts learnt.

Cedric Limoges

The three main things I will take from today are: Lookup, Index, WhatIF

Jessica Riding

I really enjoyed the session today and I have learnt a lot of very valuable techniques that will enable me to work more efficiently.

Zhivko Vangelov

For me it was a great experience. I have learnt a lot. It will be quite useful in the future. I will definitely recommend this course to others, it could be quite helpful at the workplace.

Connor McQuillan

It is good interactive course where you will learn short cuts, excel basics and lots of things that you wouldn’t be aware of. Excellent course, I really enjoyed it.

Thomas Hook

The course was pitched at the right level, very happy with instruction. Would advise anyone with low level of skill on MS Excel to do this course to avoid getting bad habits from self teaching.

Chris Braisdell

Excellent training and showing how to do things simply, where I would usually see these things as complicated. Training was simple to understand and well explained. Have taken a lot with me to help with my role and look forward to receiving more training in the future to increase my knowledge. Would highly recommend the training to others in my team.

Marko Matijas

I would recommend others to go on this course, and three useful things I learnt today:
Data Validation

Greg Hall

Good course. Better to keep it in smaller groups as this one was.
Would recommend the course, but need to make sure I use what has been learned as we move forward.
3 things I will take from today:
Index and Match
Data consolidation

Jess Matlock

I would recommend this course to people who don’t have much knowledge on Excel, as it allows people to learn new things and this can then allow them to make their work easier to do. I learnt how to make pivot tables more convenient to read, learning the different methods of using formulas of data and using flash fill.

Ryan Pawley

Well worth doing, I will definitely be using some of the shortcuts and it will help me use excel more effectively when working.

John Hart

It is a very enjoyable course that would benefit anyone who uses Excel. I learnt lots of shortcuts, how to create pivot tables and how to manipulate tables.

Colin Jelley

It is well worth doing this course, it helps a lot with Excel. I learnt about shortcuts, shifting sheets around and formulating. I really enjoyed the course and feel more confident using the software, would definitely recommend the course to my colleague

Q Martin

The course has been useful as it has shown me:
1. Short cuts & Quick excess excel how to format cells much easier!
3. SmartArt and how to animate the points

Well worthwhile course, I’ve learnt lots and enjoyed it. Thank you

Jenna Holl

I really enjoyed the course. I have learnt a lot of new things that I feel will benefit the work that I do. I think that the course is highly recommendable, and main things learnt were:
How to incorporate techniques that allow me to work more quickly
How to manage large worksheets more efficiently and effectively
How to print properly

Jayne Ingham

The training session was good and covered areas I was wanting to know more about. I would advise those who have a basic understanding of Excel to do the course if it was offered to them.
The 3 main things I was shown today was how to use short cut keys; how to create tables and understanding of inserting formulas.

Donna Allison

Today I put in use: Microsoft One Note; Pivot Table and consolidating different data.

The training is clear and concise and relevant to the ability of the audience being taught. Good tools to learn particularly the shortcuts and a better understanding of formulas. Tools for the job very good i.e. laptop and mouse.

Kate Appleby

Really positive experience. I feel that I have learned a lot today and look forward to putting the skills in to practice. It would have been beneficial to have done this course, and perhaps also PowerPoint course skills much earlier in my time at ABP (now ten months in Ð would have been fantastic to have learned some of these skills, especially where presentations are concerned, much earlier). Encouraged and more confident in my abilities going forward. Hope to come back to do higher levels. I am currently working on a project for which I am using Excel to keep track of progress. These skills will help me to better manage the data and utilise Excel better to its potential.

Olivia Russell

Lots of content, but a good speed and level of detail. Lots to go after when back in the office, but time and notes to do that. Books given also have the option for future exercises, so more practice if needed. Good course, I will definitely recommend. I enjoyed learning about:
F11 for charts, and quick and easy ways to edit them
How to copy and paste cells, even if there are hidden rows/columns
Sliders for pivot tables

Kevel Chauhan

Really good interactive course which encourages participation. All topics are relevant to my work. I gained knowledge in
Protecting Work Sheets / File
Advance Filter
Remove Duplicate

Laura Dima

Shortcuts will save my time. I learnt a lot of new things like tables, graphs and formulas.
Tables, pivot, shortcuts and formulas are the main things that will help me on a day to day basis.

Emily Wildbore

The course was very helpful and taught me a lot of things that I did not already know. There was a lot of information in one day, so having the information alongside is very necessary. A shorter summary document as well as the large book would be helpful . How to protect Excel sheets to keep data secure.
Freeze Panes/Split screens etc. are very helpful for me when using such large amounts of data.
We looked at Shortcuts that making using Excel a lot quicker e.g. flash fill and create table shortcuts.

Ben Morgan

I thought it was thorough and interesting and very worthwhile if you use Excel a lot. The course could be a little shorter if possible as a whole day is a lot but very useful, thank you. I gained knowledge in:

Pivot tables
Short cuts
Advanced sort

Ill incorporate into my monthly reporting and data analysis

Emily Price

Very well set out and felt engaged as the trainer involved us with testing games and reminding me what I had learnt which helped me to remember a lot more.

Pavitar Nayyar

Excellent. Karen has a great knowledge and ran the session at a good pace. Learnt so much in 1 day, will definitely recommend colleagues to attend. The 3 main things I learnt about were
¥ Shortcuts save me a lot of time and more efficient in my role.
¥ Conditional formatting for data.
¥ Sparklines great way to show snapshots of data I will be using for sure.

Martin Pikus

The training has helped me to utilise the shortcuts in the software.

Martin Poole

Excellent course, I learned a lot that will help in my daily work, including learning pivot, formula and graph details.

Thomas Thornley

Good training course, interactive with a good set of examples to help understand each part.
May be worth noting that if people have an understanding of formulas already they may need a higher level.

Raisa Paskevica

This training will definitely make my life easier in my job on the day to day tasks. It’s going to be a lot quicker and more sufficient using the skills I have learned today. I will recommend the course to my colleagues. I learnt about the correct use of formulas, data translation in pie charts and how to save documents, access documents and how to use shortcuts.

Sean Feeney

Go ahead, this course is well worth while. I have learnt about Pivot Tables, Graphs and using functions.

Kamlesh Patel

The training was excellent and I would encourage my colleagues to attend this course.
The training will help to efficiently manage my time while doing reports in excel, and it will help with improvements in the reports.

Chloe Davies

I would encourage others to take the course as it is very helpful. I have learnt how Pivot Tables work to extract order details, sums I can work out, total figures clearly, add off different sheets, and Shortcuts which won’t take me a long to find and do.

Charlotte Loydall

It was good, I would recommend to others. It cemented things in that I sort of already knew, but I am now a lot more confident.

Jai Popat

Very explanatory and builds on some simple fundamentals of Excel. Some very good time saving tips.

Jolanta Szreder

I thought it was very useful for anyone that is using it on daily basis. Really enjoyed the course and ready for the next level. I learnt about several useful tools on formatting and recap of text functions, most of all a lot of useful shortcuts and gaps in formulas that I haven’t known before. This was a good preparation for the next course.

Jenna Martin

Some of it is basic- but then it builds up to the more advanced levels. It works at an excellent pace so that more complex tools/processes are made simple. I will use some of the tools to make my work more efficient. Mainly it helps with data manipulation and table forming, which is relevant in my job as I handle lots of data Dumps. I look forward to the next session which I hope covers more formulas and advanced commands but this session definitely filled in my knowledge gaps on the latest excel program.

Dayanna Baricelli

For me it was excellent! I have learnt about advanced filters as well as some interesting things that I can do on pivot tables and all the controls tricks, that really save me time! It allowed me to catch up on some things and prepare me for the guru training.

Phil Coleman

Very positive and would encourage others to do the course. I have learnt about quick keys, which I will use every day, conditional formatting, which I will use to modify my schedules and order-books, and formulas, which I will do more of.

Mark Don

Today has been a great learning experience, but I have reached my ceiling in regard to what I need to know and this level was just enough for me to move on and put what I learned into practice.

Jolie Fletcher-Gardier

I think the training was very good, but it duplicated a lot of things I already knew This was however not a reflection on the course nor the teacher, just thought I needed to start from the beginning in Excel so I would not have any knowledge gaps later on. Look forward to continuing with the ninja and guru courses with a solid base knowledge from this course.
Thanks Jolie

Ian Jewkes

I was extremely pleased with the course and considering I have been using the software for many years was surprised at how many simple time saving tips I picked up more than I expected. I also learnt, amongst others thing, commands that enable operations to be done in a more streamlined way and formatting for impact relevant to an audience.

Rachel Perry

Exceeded my expectations and really gave a business benefit for being more effective. Would definitely recommend to peers of all levels and abilities, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Peter Kelsey

Very enjoyable and informative. I have found better ways to format data and to show information in graphic form and have learnt various shortcuts that will be useful.

Richard Moseley

Good course, very useful and a great starting point to use Excel. It teaches you about formatting, shortcuts and using formulas.

Gary Guest

Overall it was very informative and I learnt a lot. I learnt about charts, formulas and shortcuts.

Brian Keenan

I 100% recommend this course!

Mark Beasley

It is a fantastic course, if you are like me, a novice on excel, it is amazing what you can do on Excel. I learnt quicker ways of getting the same result, showing me how to work smarter and faster ways of checking the numbers are correct. I am just amazed at what you can do in Excel! If I can use 30% of what I have been shown, this will make a massive difference to my work.
Only down point there is so much information to take in, would love to cover the same information just a bit slower, but I am sure the more I use Excel, and play with the various things I have been shown, the better it will be.

Thank you.

Alex Skidmore

The instructor and materials were excellent and the topics were well covered. Lots of valuable information and tips.
My feedback isn’t a negative reflection of the course, I just needed the next step up, but it was useful to formalise my self taught knowledge, and fill in some of the blanks.

Linda Logan

Very good content. The trainer had lots of time for us all

Billy Panter

Very well run course building on existing knowledge as well as learning new shortcuts, more efficient ways of operating and better ways to organise my workspace. Would recommend the course to anyone who uses excel frequently.

Calum Robb

A lot to learn and it needs a lot of concentration. As for what to tell others, leave your pride at home and take whatever is relevant to you.

What I found to be the key benefits of the course:-
It is Interactive
No question is a stupid question.
Easy to relate to everyday use.
Refresh your memory with the textbook and handouts given on the day.

The main things I learnt were use of ctrl buttons, function buttons, and where to find margins.

Sam Assanakis

Very good training day, feel as if I now have a much better understanding of Excel. Looking forward to using the new skills I have learnt. I would highly recommend anyone who uses Excel at any level to take part in the course, it has hints and tips that can help any user. I would have perhaps liked to of started on the level 1, but I am certainly looking forward to doing level 3.

Meleri Griffith

Would definitely recommend, even for confident users, some really useful tips.
Trainer was very insightful in all Microsoft packages.
Was not expecting it to be as interesting!!

The shortcuts are brilliant, will save hours
Printing & charts were especially useful
Adding autocorrect options will also save me a lot of time!

Lauren Kelly

Really enjoyed it, Karen was great and made the topic easy to understand and enjoyable. Will recommend to others as a lot of the things I learnt I had no idea Excel could do!

Best bits? Short cuts to use day to day; How to select whole data tables Ð really useful with large sets of data; How to sort data without having to highlight and easily create graphs.

Bethan Elliott

I really enjoyed the training today. I don’t feel overloaded and the information is very relevant to my work and pitched at my skill level. The trainer made the experience fun and memorable, and I felt comfortable asking questions which were answered well. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn shortcuts in Excel.

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?

I found the keyboard shortcuts very useful and the game is a great way to try and remember them. I also found the printing very useful and the formulas. I will continually practice to try and integrate them in to my work as a way of being more efficient and saving myself some time in day to day tasks.

Gill Pendergrast

Great day, really useful tips and hints which will help me create more impactful presentations as well as some general Microsoft hints and tips. The 3 main things I’ve learnt today were:- How to save time and shortcuts; Simplifying presentations and some presentation tips.
Great picture editing tips

Michelle Petryszyn

The course was really helpful, covered a lot but all at a pace that was tailored to us and our levels on excel. Lots of key points and short cuts to take from it, as well as more detailed functions like the what if analysis and macros. I learnt about Formula Ð like HLookup, data validation and what if analysis with data tables and goal seekers. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Jack Finney

Excellent course, Karen was thoroughly engaging and made the atmosphere pleasant and relaxed. Excellent time management with breaks and was able to feel refreshed with coffee breaks accompanied by chocolate treats. The course has further my knowledge and understanding I will definitely be back to complete the next training modules to supplement and further my capabilities regarding excel.

My 3 favourite things are:-

Data manipulation

Stephen O’Keefe

Very helpful to people with little or no knowledge of Excel.

I know have some knowledge of excel. I’ll be able to create charts etc at work with data I’ve collected over each month. New skills learnt today will help with my career progression.

Jennifer Reed

Excellent beginner’s course with added inserts of more experienced user information which will make a massive difference in my day to day role. If you’re thinking this course isn’t for you, come along you’ll be surprised at what you learn!

The 3 main things I’ve learnt today were The shortcuts which can be used in any programme, will save time throughout the working day; The essentials of a presentation Ð less words more impact; Org charts, they’ll now be amazing!

Sandeep Kaur

The training course was excellent, above my expectations and fun. I have been waiting to do the excel training course for a long time (3 years to be exact) so I was really happy that the session covered absolutely everything I wanted to learn. I would highly recommend the course and I would definitely encourage my team to go onto the course even if it’s for a refresh.

Kacie Merryweather

Fantastic experience with an incredibly knowledgeable and fun teacher. Can’t wait for Karen to teach me excel!!!

Stephanie Chavance

Such a useful and relevant session to my job. Giving me some invaluable tips for saving time, but also made me aware of the different options and facilities available to facilitate my job. I learnt short cuts in preparing a sales report, conditioning formatting for presenting data better and graphing for sales reports.

Saneeya Kang

The course was very informative, not slow paced as expected. The course presenter was very engaging and the time went fast. Would definitely recommend the course, there is always loads to learn. Will definitely be using in my day to day job, excellent course Thank you Karen!

Luke Hanson

Great training course, really engaging. Trainer was very knowledgeable and answered all questions with no problems. I came away with a good handbook, that I can refer back to if I forget anything. I have learnt how to animate everything in PowerPoint to maximise effect during a presentation Ð editing images will come in really useful (removing background); How to get the most out of setting templates & how easy these are to change and the shortcuts, which are also relevant in other Microsoft programs, they will speed up my day to day workload.

Arjinder Sidhu

I would encourage any employees within the business who use Excel to do this training. I learnt how to create formulas when generating spreadsheets, charts and data that are user friendly and easy when doing presentations and lots of short cuts!

Ian Stacey

The training was at a slow enough pace to understand each subject but covered a large amount of information. If someone was not that familiar with excel, then it would be an excellent course to start with.

Hayley Keyworth

Excellent, very useful and I gained a lot from the course. The trainer was brilliant and made the course very light so it didn’t feel so intense with her humour. Worth doing the course to pick up hints and tips especially quick links/cheats. Quick cheats make my Mondays quicker when sorting data, along with a reminder of charts and tables so I know how to format them and make them stand out, using ribbons that hadn’t used before to mark my work.

Nathan Gray

The training course was very good and definitely helped me to be able to use Excel more efficiently and able to process my reports better. Specifically it helped me with shortcuts to help make work more efficient, sums and how to do them quicker and easier and reporting data. Definitely worth others doing the course but is not that relevant to what we are doing at the moment but if you have no knowledge of Excel then is worth it.

Paul Clegg

If you have no knowledge understanding of how to use Excel this the course for you.

Nitin Sharma

Very thorough and easy to follow.
If you require basic knowledge of Excel, I’d recommend trying out this course!
I learnt :-
1. Understanding the options available to me in the software.
2. Ability to enter and format data in Excel.
3. How to use basic formulas

Jane Smith

I felt the course was not as relevant to me as I thought it was going to be and also covered more complex parts of Excel than I thought it was going to. It teach me the massive capacity Excel has.
Karen was great and very helpful and patient and answered all my ‘daft’ questions.
For me the course was too heavy on formula and not on the basic setting up of a spreadsheet.

Indy Bala

I felt it was very in depth but at the same time it felt really easy to take in. It wasn’t info overload and the refresh questions were a massive help.

Graham Mills

Good course, good teacher who explains things well. Afternoon session was a bit too fast paced.

Learned a lot Ð will probably not be hugely relevant in my role but still of some use and feel much more confident in excel.

Caroline Crann

The course was excellent! It really helps to explain how and why you do things. Before I just did them but did not know the reason behind them. I will be more confident when using Excel now, as before when using formulas I used to panic. Really happy with the shortcuts I learned, will really save me time.

Maria Thompson

It was really good. I feel I have learn a lot. It is definitely worth doing. I have learnt all about shortcuts; How to do charts and all about printing.

Sharon Greenwell

Very informative. I have learned shortcuts, how to make Charts and use pictures in Excel! It was interesting and makes me want to learn more. These will be used to make my work more interesting and to help me with analysing data.

Katrina Watkins

I have really enjoyed the session today and feel I have definitely learnt new things which will improve my work life.

Julie Phipps

I enjoyed the learning experience. Be sure to ask questions if unsure. I learnt Shortcuts, to save time; Charts, although not sure I will use them at work; and budget sheets. Will use this at home.

Debbie Coombes

I really enjoyed this Excel training. I learnt all the ctrl commands; How to use pie graphs and how to save time on work! Looking forward to the next session, Thanks!

Julia Norton

I only had a small amount of excel knowledge so today will help me lots in my accounts role.
I’ve learnt lots of information on short cuts within excel. How to modify spreadsheets which are all very useful. Thank you

Ted Anderson

Even as an experienced user of Excel, you will learn some features and tips & tricks that will provide a benefit to your use of the package day to day. I learned some useful shortcuts that will improve my use of Excel, new functions that I had not known about and practised some useful features that I will be able to use in my everyday work to benefit my productivity.

Jan Witkowski

Although I was expecting to attend the advanced course, I still learnt things. I learnt about short cut keys; Use of graphic functions and had exposure to Excel 2013. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to my colleagues

Mark MacDonell

I think it is a good course for the beginner, I think I needed to go on the next level up. I still learnt about lockable fields; Conditional formatting and Smart.

Spencer Evans

Excellent training course, very informative. Learnt new shortcut keys; How to select a cell and lock it in a formula, using the $ symbol and conditional formatting.

Julia Corfield

This course was at a very basic level and I was expecting more. I was bored honestly. I already knew about 90 per cent and only some shortcuts were of use. I already work on pivot tables and have been manipulating data for several years. I could have done with probably the next level up/formulas/new pivot tables etc. Would have been better value for money on training budget. Not sure if it’s relevant to colleagues because I don’t know what level they are at, so couldn’t really recommend even though the course was very well presented and the trainer was patient and helpful throughout.

Jon Harrison

My experience of training today was great. The trainer really helped explain Excel and what you can do with it clearly, and made sure we all understood at the end. This course would be really helpful to people who have little confidence, or no idea about excel, as it covers a lot of the things you would be doing in your day to day job. It helps you get a good understanding if you were planning on taking the next levels up. This course is also good for people who may need a refresh on Excel like myself.

Machaela Bryan

Well done on this course, brilliant! I learnt that you are never too old to learn. You might think you know how and what to use but the course has given me a tool to use, instead of just fumbling around.

David Hodson

A lot to learn and remember. As for telling others, fun and valuable course. Today I learnt about Bodmas, function buttons, and sums.

George Thorpe

Brilliant very informative and interesting, highly enjoyable would highly recommend this course great for novice or the more experienced. I have learnt Bodmas and excel printing formats.

Pero Benke

I found it extremely relevant, it was excellent and I really enjoyed it!

Gary Alder

I thought this course was very good, not knowing a lot about excel. Today I learnt how to navigate excel; How to print; How to calculate.

Phil Storer

Karen’s delivery was excellent, and it didn’t feel like being back at school. Everyone enjoyed the course and I would recommend anyone that has to use Excel to take this course, whether, as a novice, or refresher course for more experienced users.

I learnt about generating spreadsheets, understanding the versatility of Excel and creating interesting and clear documents.

Andy Rhodes

I would definitely recommend this to other people who use or would like to start using Visio. I’ve found the training very helpful, I’ve learned new things and will save me a lot of productivity time.

I’ve learnt the ease of creating floor plans, I use Visio to create floor plans but because I never had training on how to do it, it took me a long time to create simple layouts.
How to create different types of timelines, This is useful for documenting projects.
How to create network/application diagrams, This is invaluable for to document our server and network infrastructure.
Keyboard shortcuts.

Gary Cross

It was extremely relevant and I really enjoyed it. The course was well organised and covered some useful topics, and was very useful.

I’m now more confident using Charts in excel; The use of keyboard shortcuts will allow me to work more efficiently in excel; I have more knowledge of formula’s in excel.

Matthieu Vin

I enjoyed all the session, I’m sure that will help in all my career. I appreciated the fact that it’s a mix between theory and practical. I thought the course was excellent, I really enjoyed it.

The 3 main things I have learnt today were:-

The first one: conditional formatting, It’s very useful to show or popped up some figures
Second: I learnt many shortcuts so efficient
Third: How to remove a background of a picture and customise it.

Kenny Haughton

The training session was excellent. I found the course very interesting and learned quite a lot.
Not being a very IT person it will help me be more efficient and professional. My favourite bits were:-
Using a shortcut Key to create a chart
Finding out all the different shortcuts
How to put data in order

Rebekah Mondon

I have thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was well paced and very interesting, and I have learnt a lot about how to use excel properly. I would absolutely recommend this course to others for more advanced data handling. The most useful things were Advanced functions and formulas, Analytical tools, Macros.

Ashlea Davis

Good way to start as beginner to excel, and also highlight some extra points if using excel at a basic level. I’ve learnt short cuts previously unknown, correct terminology, and more tools within excel.

Mairead MCCullough

I really enjoyed the course and am I will definitely be looking to complete the Gurus course!! the most useful things I learnt were the Shortcuts, Advanced Charting, customising formats.

Desislava Karakoleva

The trainer’s ability to explain the information was excellent. I would definitely recommend it to colleagues.

Martin Ryder

Well worth doing. I enjoyed it, it was excellent. I’ve expanded my knowledge.

Krystina Fielding-Hunt

Useful refresher on things and handy shortcuts, I learnt table totals, range names, Shortcuts. It was extremely relevant.

Slawek Zajdel

It was great journey I’m discover many new ways to work with Excel.
it’s really worth it doing it. I’ve learnt how to use it properly, I will use a most of these new things.

Nick Highton

Nick left at lunchtime and could not return due to work issues. If we run another he can attend of charge.

Dagmara Bielinska

This course is great!! A lot of useful things to learn and the teacher is very flexible and understanding on the learners needs.
What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?

The shortcuts will help me to safe the time.
I will be able to provide the reports for the managers with the bar charts.
Printing all document on one page.

Anuta Osian

My opinion about this training experience is a positive one. I learnt lot information regarding formulas, data table and macros etc. I think this course is better for those ones who look forward to learn new things.

The 3 main things I have learnt today are:
1. How to use Solver in Excel.
2. How to use a macros document.
3. Formulas

Richard Prince

Very informative for those that want to excel at Excel, very good training for use of the analytical functions (IF, SUMIF, etc). The 3 main things I’ve learned today were Named Ranges, Solver tool and Data Tables.

Josie Pugh

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?
Creating Tables, Pivots and sorting data. Will be very useful when dealing with the customer accounts.

The training is very good, it is delivered very well and at no point did I feel I couldn’t ask if I was unsure. I would definitely recommend the course.

Andrew Beddow

Without a doubt the 3 main things I’ve learnt today are the ability to create a spread sheet from scratch, a personalised tool bar & short cut to save time. I have enjoyed the course today learned more to take forward. I will recommend the course to others within Stairways. It was excellent, I really enjoyed it and it was extremely relevant.

Declan Walsh

The tutor understands we have different abilities and makes you feel comfortable. I believe the shortcuts are available to show others. I learnt how to put my work in better order for other Managers to understand, how to make basic formulas and what the symbols are and that it isn’t as scary as first thought.

It was excellent, extremely relevant to my job and I’d definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

Graham Buckle

Without a doubt the 3 main things I’ve learnt today are the ability to create a spread sheet from scratch, a personalised tool bar & short cut to save time. I have enjoyed the course today learned more to take forward. I will recommend the course to others within Stairways. It was excellent, I really enjoyed it and it was extremely relevant.

Erik Baxendale

This is an excellent course even for people who have been using Excel for a period of time, you are bound to learn something of value!

Well worth doing and I will be looking at sending colleagues who use Excel. I have been using spreadsheets for the past 33 years and found learning the short cuts to be invaluable for time saving in my job.

Andrew Thompson

The course was informative and interesting and at the right pace for a novice like me. Even if people think they know Excel I am confident there is always more to learn. In particular I learnt the very basics as I had not used it before; Shortcuts for speed and efficiency and using excel for charts for presentation.

I’d definitely recommend it to a colleague. It was excellent, I really enjoyed it.

Nick Barker

A great deal of new skills and knowledge imparted – now needs practice to develop proficiency and to gain the most benefit with regards to time that can be saved. I’ve learnt ways of compiling spreadsheets in a time efficient manner and ways of making such documents easier or clearer to comprehend. It was excellent, extremely relevant and I really enjoyed it.

Srdjan Simic

It was very good and practical. Trainer is very approachable person with excellent knowledge. I now have better understanding of Word documents.

Janet Melia

Excellent, really enjoyed it.
The 3 main things I’ve learnt today were:-
Overlaying calendars
Conditioning and rules
I would have loved to have been able to do the full two day course as I think 3 hours was not sufficient.

Jenna Williams

I enjoyed the session, it was excellent. It was extremely relevant and I’d recommend it to colleagues. The 3 main things I’ve learnt are:-
1. How to split the screen for emails / word document (extremely useful when processing adverts)
2. How to use an expiry, useful for the weekly vacancy bulletin
3. Delete from deleted folder

Adele Mottershead

The most useful things I’ve learnt on this 1/2 day course are:-
How to sort out clutter.
How to flag different items.
The tools that are available and understanding what they mean and do.

Angie Dinnell-Heywood

Very well presented, with interesting content. The learning activity was extremely relevant to my job. I learnt Shortcuts, how to make Rules and Calendar overlapping.

Tracey Neal

As a result of the session I feel motivated to learn more and would definitely recommend it to my colleagues. My favourite bits were learning to Set up rules, Set up a clutter box and use a rule to move things!
Would like to have learnt about tasks and to do lists and how they link to calendar etc

John Snell

Some of it I was familiar with but there were some really good pointers. Lots to cover in a short time! My most useful 3 things were:- Conditional Formatting; Create Business Card; Shortcuts. It was extremely relevant to my job and I enjoyed the training session, it was excellent.

Fiona MacPherson

I learnt to be more efficient with email filing and use Short cuts. It was excellent, extremely relevant and I really enjoyed it.

Gina Billington

It was excellent, I really enjoyed it. The 3 main things I have learnt today are:-
Permanent deletion of emails instead of having to empty deleted folder
Quicker access to actions by creating /using buttons
How to set up time saving actions
Quick session on outlook and email, would like a longer one but this one did the trick!

Karen Dewsbury

It was excellent, extremely relevant to my job and I enjoyed it. I learnt Creating Rules, set up rules to automatically; move/forward/delete mail; Overlay Calendars Ð extremely useful when arranging meetings for multiple attendees
Shortcuts, efficiency with time saving
Excellently delivered by Karen, very informative, useful tips, hints, etc.

Only one minor negative things felt it was rushed towards the end but hopefully, can glean extra info from the booklet, etc.

Many thanks Karen grand job!!

Chris Weaver

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?

Pivot Tables to analyse and show data (Customers)
Hyperlinks to link to customer drawings
Protect Cells and Worksheets for security.
I would really recommend this course to my colleagues as the shortcuts, techniques and tools could be used by any department in any job description. The course was also fun, which helps and encourages learning.

Sarah Davies

CTRL T = Which I look forward to implementing into my daily work
Advanced formatting, this will save me time when creating worksheet as I need to use the wording INV prior to the invoice numbers that are pulled across this should save me time
Cell names and range, I am hoping this will also be very time saving for me.
I am yet to find out how much this course will improve my daily work as I am still learning but I am sure it will end up being very helpful
It was excellent. I look forward to doing the refresher course.

Emma Morris

Outlines Ð Ctrl 8 Function
Data Ð Consolidations & Sub Totals
Advance Filters
Importing lists i.e employee details
I felt that this training was very beneficially to me and also the company as the new tips will save a lot of time. I was very impressed with the course and Karen was also very good. Described things very well. Thank you very much, looking forward to the final level.

David Taylor

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?
Tables Fully integrate into sales data for use on a weekly and monthly basis
Pivot Tables, Used as above for team split out of performance / order progression
Short Cuts, Use daily to speed up use of Excel

What is your opinion about your training experience today? What would you tell others thinking of doing this course?

Highly recommended, you will think you know how to use Excel É but this will give you the correct and productive way to implement the software.

Even now, there is more to learn on the next course !

Angela Hawkins

Creating lists and templates have been a really helpful subject to learn. These points should help to save time significantly in my daily work. Also, the short cuts for example CTRL-W to close a workbook and being able to customize the excel ribbon should save a lot of time.
The training experience was incredibly useful and I would highly recommend the course to colleagues. The trainer was really friendly and approachable.

Kerry Meredith

Main things I’ve learnt today are:-
Multiple worksheets & Work Books; Short cut keys; Advanced Charting;
Data structure & Tables

Very interesting, very clear learnt a lot about things even though I thought I knew it already. Definitely worth attending.

Jay Snookes

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?
Creating Custom Views; Shortcutting Simple Things; Concatenate;

I knew a lot of the things already; despite this it was still very helpful to go over it and even be more efficient in day to day working life. I liked it how it was constantly being related to our working lives, so I could see how other people use it, it was very beneficial to me. Could include more independence/asking people how they think you might do something. Overall very pleased with the whole experience.

Nigel Heales

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work? Use of short cut keys; Use of pivot tables; Custom views. Will immediately find use for swimming club database and simplifying and making user friendly to others in the club to utilise. Excel can be a powerful tool and there are a lot of features that are not utilised normally. A case of knowing what features exist and what to look for. Attending the course will also enable you to work more effectively and change old habits.

Leona Massengo

Sorting and filtering data in tables
Outlining data
Managing workbooks, freezing panes, speak buttons

These will make my life easier when working with matrices I use for tracking compliance training.

I thought I may be out of depth by not attending the Excel 1 Secrets training but this was not an issue as Karen highlighted the main points from the Secrets training. Karen is very knowledgeable and made training fun and interesting.

Patrick Wintenberger

The 3 main things I learnt were shortcuts, to create tables and use Pivot tables.

It gives me more confidence to use the Excel application tool and I have explored more options

Martin Ribreau

The 3 main things I learnt today were:-

Pivot Table
Speak option
Personal toolbar

The course was good, because we learnt a lot of things that we didn’t use on Excel.

Annabel Edwards

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?

Excellent day, kept me completely focused and at ease, would highly recommend.

Keith Turner

The training was a very useful aid not only for my job role and for future projects within my company but also I can use this training later in life with my own children to help them learn more effectively.

The main things I’ve learnt are:- How people learn; What learning style I am which has helped identify different ways of delivery; What tools and skills are needed to help learners understand the content presented.

Day 2

Day 3

Reading body language:

To ensure the learners and co-workers are performing and if not I can adjust my style.

Transactional Analysis:

I am now very aware of how people can misinterpret what I say and then I end up with a child parent situation that can ultimately cause conflict.

Visual Cues:

How to read people using their eye movements or at least get an idea if they understand me.

The full course has been of great benefit to me and I now feel very confident about delivering training now that I know how learners learn and how to deliver information to different learning styles. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who needs to deliver training. This is also very useful for all day to day interactions and I now even feel more confident as a person with the Knowledge I have gained.

Grant Batchelor

This was a great experience and I would recommend this to other people. The trainer was very knowledgeable and encouraged input from the whole group.

I found the training very insightful and the information was presented clearly and in a way that was easy to understand. When I had any questions, these were answered promptly and confidently.

Overall a fantastic course and I really look forward to the next day.

Day 2

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?

I have learnt how to effectively plan and how to facilitate the needs of my group and I have also learnt about the praise sandwich and how to apply this to situations.

The training today was fantastic. I really enjoyed the presenting session as this gave me a chance to be judged by everyone as a group and receive constructive feedback as to my performance. I have also been very keen on learning how to deal with some difficult learning environments which was also covered today and how to cope when dealing with large training groups.

Day 3

Titilia Fisher

Yes, I will definitely recommend this course to my work colleagues. The most useful things I learnt were shortcuts for formatting, strikethrough and spell check.

Anna Domagala

Very useful training, a lot of new information and very helpful trainer who gave us a lot of support. I learnt Keyboard shortcuts, using functions, graphics and screenshots.

Chris Parrott

A lot to learn and it needs a lot of concentration. As for telling others, leave your pride at home and take whatever is relevant to you. The 3 top things I’ve learnt today were Use of ctrl buttons, function buttons, and where to find margins.

Callum White

I feel like this course was very useful with the role I have in operations at Smart fleet solutions. I would recommend this course to anyone that works in my department. The most useful things I learnt were Shortcuts when using Excel; How to create a chart; How to use auto sum when handling data.

Oliver Gowshall

I believe this course is very worth while. It has helped me extreme amounts. I would tell others about this as it is a great way to learn the basics of using excel. I would tell them to take into account all that has been shared with us. I learnt quicker ways to arrange data in order; I also learnt how to spell check in one movement; I also learnt how to make charts.

Maria Winter

I have learnt shortcuts for things such as copying, pasting and cutting data. This will save me time when editing my worksheets. I have learnt how to create a chart by using shortcut F11 which also creates a new chart sheet. This will be really useful for me when creating charts for many of my spreadsheets. I’ve also learnt how to edit margins whilst in print preview, this will save me time in adjusting margins and reprinting before I am certain the whole sheet is included on the specific page. I thought the training course was really beneficial and the pace we went through it meant everyone fully understood everything. I would recommend others to go on this course as it will definitely save a lot of time daily.

Trevor Hirst

Excellent, really enjoyed it. An extremely good course, learnt loads.

Ian Rees

Excellent learning materials. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

Dave Seddon

It was excellent, really enjoyed it. Would recommend.

Darren Murphy

The learning activity was extremely relevant to my job. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

Phillip Sutton

Very busy & quick, not much time to digest the information before next topic took over

Richard Johnson

Start at level 1 to get the short cuts and refresh old skills

Paul Avins

Good to be given an insight into the potential of Excel.
Sign up to the course and get trained up

Diane Roberts

I would recommend this course for anyone wanting to further their knowledge on Excel. Useful things I learnt were inserting tables, I learnt short cut quick key Access, how to navigate quickly.

Kostadinka Chavdarova

I would highly recommend this training. Will be great to have more time for creating Excel formulas.

Phil Laker

The knowledge I have learned today will enable me to do my work far more quickly.

Stacey Oliver-Day

I use Excel every day but I’m so glad I started on the Excel secrets level 1 it teaches you key parts of Excel that may have been brushed over. I have a better understanding of key shortcuts that are needed to understand things that go on behind the scenes.

The 3 main things I’ve learnt today are:-

Helpful shortcuts
More knowledge of basic formulas
Using Excel effectively to save time in the work place

Gayle Tennant

Great way to build a foundation of Excel knowledge.

3 main things learnt – Shortcuts within Excel; Conditioning formatting; Shortcut to spell check F7

Mark Jenkins

Karen was very knowledgeable on the subject and passed her knowledge on well – I learnt more about Functions, shortcuts and features.

Alison J Griffiths

I knew enough to manage the course, but it was quite fast paced. Occasionally missed ‘next step’ instructions while doing an exercise. If someone was a real beginner, Karen may have to slow things down a little!

Shortcuts will save a lot of time; Copying and updating worksheets and datasets for regularly required reports was important for me. I learnt about Formulas, I now understand how to carry out basic Excel functions.

John Madden

I really enjoyed the training experience, our tutor was extremely motivating, encouraged class participation and I feel my knowledge of Excel has increased massively.
I now need to absorb and practice all the new information I have learned.

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?

Helpful Short Cuts to help me become more efficient in my job.
A greater understanding of what Excel can offer me in terms of my job.
Finding out new applications which I had not previously used.

Barry Cook

Very good tutor and delivered at just the right speed. The most useful things I learnt were Conditional formatting
Short cuts, Printing and Charts.

Justin Hughes

Very enjoyable and hope it will help in my work. And the tutor explained things very well.

Joanne Harrison

It was fun and informative. I learnt how to add media to my profile, how to get endorsements and how to improve my company/personal profile splitting.

Jennifer Rushton

Fun and informative. I’ve added media to my profile, learnt about endorsements and how to improve and how to split my company/personal profile.

Claire Critchell

A good beginners/intermediate guide to LinkedIn – definitely worth a few hours of your time. I’ve improved content on my profile, set up a Company profile for current project and learnt how to tag posts.

Sandy Edwards

This was extremely relevant to my job and I would recommend the course to my colleagues.

Elizabeth Wakeham-Jones

I enjoyed the training session and the learning materials were excellent.

Mandy Swain

Clear and informed presentations on all aspects of LinkedIn. Detailed responses when required by delegates with useful nuggets of information throughout for everyone! Thank you – very useful.

Stan Smith

The training opened up the vast uses of Excel and applications possible in my work scope. I learnt a more efficient way to produce spread sheets; Loads of shortcuts, and how to use them, (will save time) and additional information gained on graphs and their presentation.

Joanne Robins

Excellent course with very relevant information. It will enable me to better manage my time and hopefully make me more efficient and benefit the organisation! Thank you

The most useful things I learnt were:- How to organise data; How to manipulate data; Formulas

Sue Wright

I have enjoyed the course and will recommend to my other colleagues.

I now have a better understanding of how Excel spreadsheets work, how to make a spreadsheet work for me to make my job easier and a better understanding of formulas.

Niru Ghai-Read

It was good and I do not feel rushed. I felt comfortable in asking questions as and when I needed to. I feel confident to share what I have learnt with others within the office.

Specific things that will help in my work are:-

How to flag up due dates with traffic light option, in relation to gathering rating for Energy certificates;
Working quicker by all the short cuts;
Publishing docs to PDF and quick access bar will be helpful.

Dean Wanless

I really enjoyed the training and found it interesting, might be an idea to have the course run over two half days as I felt myself getting tired over the afternoon.

What are the 3 main things you have learnt today and how will you integrate them into your work?
How to use tools available to me to help when using windows
Making and designing graphs
How to enter data and use it to help in my job

Dorota Bilinska

Most useful was the shortcuts and cheat sheets.

Martyn Rowley

The course kept me engaged from beginning to end, I would say to go for it! I learnt key shortcuts that will save time that I use now navigating the menus, I can make charts look better and show information within them in a clearer way, and improvements to the way I print so I use less paper.

Mark Poulton

Would highly recommend this course as it was a lot more flexible than previous courses I’ve attended meaning that I was able to gain specific knowledge to suit my needs.

I’ve learnt Numerous time saving shortcuts, 3D formulas, Pivot tables.

All of the above will be of great use to many daily reports that I run.

Harps Kaur

Really good course, especially as I would like to do the other levels. Really recommend this course to others.

Stephen Cox

Very good course come with the questions and issues you have.

What are the 3 main things I have learnt today are Short cut and Jump keys for speed of data management, Chart options and limitations and how to deal with problems. Also I found Options within Pivot tables useful.

Yvonne Banks

I have learned a lot and am a lot more confident using Excel. I would tell people that I got more from it than I expected, it was really useful.

The 3 main things I have learnt today are Formulas,
Charts and adding data to spreadsheets. It makes for Quicker + smarter ways to work

Naomi Miller

I would 100% be telling everyone about the course in and outside the business, using the prompt cards at the end of the session really helped also in re-capping what has been learnt.

Short Cuts, this will be extremely beneficial when working on excel all day.

Conditional Formatting- Didn’t know what this was even used for and now will become a great help in different reports and findings.

Caitlin Bermingham

I would recommend this course to anyone as it is helpful not just in work but also for personal reasons for example personal expenses.

I learnt how to use shortcuts to save time, how to do a formula and how to create a chart.

The training course was very interesting for me as I only knew how to use the very basics.

Liz Carbonell

Within the first few minutes, I had learnt something new and as the day progressed, the tips and secrets of Excel were taught at a good pace. The atmosphere was positive, encouraging and I felt at ease to ask questions. It was great and I would recommend the course to others. Thank you 🙂

The most useful things I learnt were shortcuts, correct terminology for items on Excel and print preview.

Thank you so much for a great day, I am looking forward to putting my new skills and all those shortcuts into practise.

Alan Sutton

Information provided was very useful within my day to day use of Excel, I believe it would be great if the cheat codes were provided in a cube to put on my desk so I can be reminded of this. I can now create a tables, I can now print in different views, and the cheat codes will be very beneficial and save a lot of time.

Kinga Wisniewska

The training was very helpful. It will help me a lot in my job. I learnt useful shortcuts, how to create chart sheets and how to use functions.

Jude Harris

Worthwhile as you can always learn something I would certainly recommend it to others.

Robert Dabbs

Think the course is good and is a valuable tool for people to as it can help in work and in everyday life as well. I learnt to do charts, formulas and many shortcuts to save time.

Burhan Younus

The training received was excellent and very useful to my day-to-day role. I would recommend the course to anyone who uses Excel on a daily basis. Best features for me were Macros, INDEX and MATCH formulas and Slicers, helping me to interrogate and present summaries more efficiently and effectively.

Kamil Watkowski

Subject was delivered in a clear and understandable manner. Could always ask questions if stuck and learnt a lot of formulas I never knew how to use. I found recording Macros most useful to optimise time spent on tasks, INDEX formula to use where VLOOKUP cannot be used and different shortcuts to use in Excel.

Monika Adamczuk

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Excel.

Kyle Tapsell

Great!! Will be very useful in my day to day work.

Clive Fackerell

A good overview on what can be introduced into your working life on Excel tools. Need to practise and use. 3 most useful things learnt were VLOOKUPs, Pivot Tables and Data Validation.

Lee Slater

Useful shortcuts to support my role. Better knowledge of data collection and how to use it. It was a very good course, useful to support me and help manage my time better.

David Harris

The main things I’ve learnt today were Pivot Tables & Slicers, MATCH and INDEX and manipulation and presentation of data.

Vicky Pac-Pomarnacki

Very Useful, lots of things to play around with and see how we can use them. Definitely a benefit to anyone who uses and maps huge data-sets etc.

Luke McGauley

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have learned a lot of new techniques that I can put into my daily work

Chamone Beytell

Interesting training exploring and demonstrating the tasks. definitely learned new things.

Shelley Everton

Really enjoyed the course, it was made specifically relevant to the work I undertake on a daily basis and I would recommend this course to those hoping to obtain a better understanding of excel 2016

Louise Harding

Excellent and patient trainer. There was no feeling of inadequacy. The learning has given me confidence and will definitely speed me up in my job.

Richard Cox

Very good course for those with limited Excel experience. Would be keen to attend the intermediate course as level one is quite basic. However, I have picked up some very very handy tips and shortcuts.

Magdelna Winkowska

The course gave me useful information. I will be able to use everyday at work. The trainer is very bubbly and her knowledge was impressive. additional info about passwords was also valuable

Joanne Davies

Excellent course – helped me to understand the theory of how the info can be applied to your role using real life scenarios. A very useful course – thank you!

Elliott Payne

Very good course well structured. I would encourage others to use/ be taught by Imagine Training

Fiona Wright

I found the course very informative and useful. I feel more confident in using Excel to manipulate data in the most way for my job.

Fabienne Raina

Good training, interesting and friendly. learned a lot

Doug Brooks

A very clever and knowledgeable tutor!!

Alison Schofield

It is extremely relevant, on the IT helpdesk you do not know what the next call will be so you need a good general background. It felt that VLOOKUP functionality was lacking, hence joining this course. Today will help me progress and help the users in general. 3 main things learnt MATCH INDEX VLOOKUP and shortcuts to help streamline processes.

Russell Peacock

No comment provided.

Jamie O’Connor

Great course! can only be a benefit for my career.

David Byrne

Very enjoyable and very relevant.

Alex Walls

A lot of time can be saved by practising the shortcuts and techniques taught on today’s training course. Do this course!!

Adam Shaibi

Very good!!

Rebecca Biddulph

The 3 most important learning points for me were: Advanced use of conditional formatting; Excel tools to help simplify files I use regularly and refreshed my knowledge of those tools I use occasionally.
Above all a very informative and well presented course.

Debbie Bowness

A professional course delivered by a friendly and approachable trainer. Lots of active involvement enabling me to confidently retain the knowledge given. I especially learned more about: the Excel short cuts; Ranges and Conditional Formatting.

Dean Montford

Really good, at the right level for me, so found it interesting and will take new knowledge and use. I thought I had a thorough understanding of Pivot Tables, shortcuts and VLOOKUP. I learnt a lot that will support my job role and understand new functions on the Excel program.

Dave Adderley

The main things I learnt were IF Statements, Goal Seek functions and Macros, which will improve data sorting and analysis. It was a good overview at the required level.

Sofia Farook

You should definitely go on the course, a lot of information is given which will benefit all types of roles. The most valuable things I learnt today were shortcuts, more knowledge about Pivots, and basic functionality.

Sarah Oakes

This course has helped me understand more about the daily programmes used in work and shows me expansions I can work towards. This course is definitely work it!

Zara Standell

It was helpful and interesting. I learnt lots of new things that you wouldn’t be able to learn on your own. It simplified things that I originally thought were very difficult. I learnt how to create 3D formulas, pivot tables and now have a better understanding of conditional formatting.

Clive Gant

Well worth attending, set at a good pace with relevant information and a relaxed atmosphere to help the learning. In particular I learnt how to use formulae in my spreadsheets, shortcuts and use of tables.

Chloe Beeson

The 3 main things I learnt today were shortcuts for a large amount of controls, custom formatting for data and pivot tables. The training day was good, the shortcuts were very useful and I gained a good understanding. However, I feel I wanted to learn more which may be on Level 3, I would be keen to try that.

Debbie Staton

Would highly recommend on the basis that the tuition was of a very high standard. Everything explained clearly and feedback encouraged. Felt quite happy to ask questions where I felt I wanted to. The main things I learnt today were data validation, math and Statistical functions and recording/running macros, all of which I will look to use to streamline our processes.

Louise Venn

The three main things I have learnt are how to create pivot tables, using passwords and finding errors. Knowing shortcuts will save loads of time! It all makes perfect sense and now Excel is no longer scary!

Michelle Hicken

The three main things I have learnt are shortcuts, Pivot Tables and V & H LookUps. I really enjoyed it – Karen covered so many topics but I didn’t feel like it was too much information so I think I can use it next week even!

Mark Jennings

The three main things I have learnt are consolidation, advanced filtering and tables and Ctrl 8 in outlining. Excellent course, I look forward to doing the ‘Advanced’ level 3.

Kate Davies

VLookups, macros and lists were particularly useful today. It was very interactive, we were able to ask questions throughout the day.

Kevin Morgan

The main things I have learnt are a range of shortcuts, table formatting, pivot tables, formulae and security. Very helpful, stimulating new ideas for applying spreadsheets to various projects. Lots of useful tools to play with. Useful handbook to take away.

Victoria Hemmings

The three main things I have learnt are shortcuts to save time, how to create and use formulae and how to use tables. Useful course and now I can use it more confidently.

Jo Gilman

The three main things I have learnt are shortcuts, advanced formatting and charts/data tables. I felt that I’ve picked up a lot of shortcuts that will save time; new techniques that I can use in work; templates that will help plan easier lists and proofing will really help me.

Jonathan Hanwell

The three main things I have learnt are shortcuts – will speed up my use of Excel and other programmes, tables and pivot tables – will try to incorporate into my role at some point, and the ability to share a workbook so more than 1 person can use it at the same time – which I could try and implement. Very enjoyable and educational which will help my day to day role and would definitely recommend.

Ali Greene

The three main things I have learnt are how to freeze and hide parts of spreadsheets, use charts and about different function keys to speed up actions. This course was good for me. I am glad I started at Level 1 as things have changed over the years, so a refresh was good. I now need to use the actions more regularly to enable me to remember them.

Rupert Robinson

The three main things I have learnt are short cuts for using basic formulae in tables, quick ways to format tables and different ways to create charts to represent data. Very informative and effective in labour saving. Definitely worth undergoing for finding out about the untold secrets that aren’t mentioned during office time.

Tracy Braithwaite

The three main things I have learnt are putting headers onto spreadsheets to print, freeze pains and graphs. Yes I would definitely recommend the course, a very enjoyable course with lots of tips.

Emma O’Callaghan

The three main things I have learnt are shortcuts, how to use formulae and graphs. I think it’s helpful. Some areas I will need and use more than other areas.

Hollie Dulson

The three main things I have learnt are VLookUp, Pivot Tables and shortcuts. I enjoyed my day and found it really helpful and interesting. I would advise colleagues to do the course as you can see how each topic will help in your own job role.

Louise Alexander

The three main things I have learnt are Pivot Tables, VLookUp and Macros. It will definitely save me hours each month.

John Harris

The three main things I have learnt are Macros, shortcuts and large complex formulae. Training was excellent and was really useful. I learnt a lot of new processes that Excel can do which will save me a huge amount of time.

Neil Burgess

The three main things I have learnt are how to create a pivot table, the F11 function to change data into charts and how to protect the files. Lots of info to take in but well worth it.

Melanie Podmore

The three main things I have learnt are the short cut keys, advanced filters and outlining with custom views. Extremely useful and relevant delivery.

Simon Cartwright

The three main things I have learnt are pivot table utilisation, slicing and flash fill.

Michael Halligan

I have learnt are more short key functions for Excel, gained a better understanding of selecting and formulating data and macro formatting. I have learnt things that will save time on PDF conversion of files. Quite an intense course but well delivered course.

David Horton

The three main things I have learnt are dashboards, slicer – pivot tables, and shortcuts. The course was good and practical, some useful tips for management of dashboards. I can think of some directly relevant applications for this training.

Phil H Mason

The three main things I have learnt are power pivot – looks like it will be very useful, some new short cuts – I already use these wherever I can so having “new” ones is great, and that I need to plan dashboards better. It has been extremely useful – reminded me of many things that I had forgot about, clarified and simplified ways of doing certain tasks and reminded me how much Excel can really do. I would tell others that it is well worthwhile.

Sukhy Jagdev

The three main things I have learnt are format painter (and double click), access to tabs by right hand click and timeline slicers. I will take on board the shortcuts and learnt that less is more with formulae, graphs and tables. The camera tool is a great tool to get data into PowerPoint.

Kasia Mikos

The three main things I have learnt are power pivots, shortcuts and other tips that speed up work on spreadsheets, and dashboards. The course was very well presented, great knowledge of the topic was given my the trainer and a good range of functions were explained and covered.

Mandeep Kallar

The three main things I have learnt are layout of dashboards, slicers and shortcuts. Excellent course for finance, will enable us to present/communicate the data in a much more user friendly format.

Steve Perks

Paula Urquhart

The three main things that I learnt were keyboard shortcuts – time saving, charts and tables – to clearly see data results. Very clear explanations of the topics, some really good information given. I would recommend the course for beginners.

Mark Adderley

The three main things I have learnt are sorting – useful for putting vehicles in model order, spell check and auto sum – shortcut on how to quickly workout total of vehicles on spreadsheet. Very good! Covers all useful shortcuts to help navigate easier.

Andy Bailey

All of the day was very good. My first time in Excel. It was very good.

Graham Taylor

The three main things I have learnt are building sheets & formatting, finding information and printing selected information. Very good, this will build confidence to use Excel to order information that would have previously been help in word documents!

Billy Thorpe

The three main things I learnt were shortcuts for sort, BODMAS and proofing/auto-correct. Very educational, worth doing, feel like I need to do the level 2 & 3 courses.

Carol Holmes

The three main things I learnt were formulae, shortcuts and modifying worksheets. It was very informative.

Amy Lyle

The three main things that I have learnt are creating templates – make a template for each client, short cut keys – save time at work, and formulae. I found it very informative and feel it is a worthwhile course if you are using Excel daily.

Jo Groves

The three main things that I learnt were quick shortcuts for use across excel and all Microsoft products, custom tables, filters/data sorting and pivot tables. A great course to help expand your knowledge if you use excel on a daily basis. It gave me lots of ideas for making my everyday tables easier and also creating more spreadsheets to improve other areas of my work.

Vicki Savage

The three main things that I have learnt are charts, pivot tables and shortcut keys for opening and closing etc. A lot to learn but very useful and will be used back in the work place to save time. Very helpful and informative and related what we were learning to our workplace to help us understand which was very good.

Gareth Brien

The three main things that I learnt were Vlookups, functions and formulae in general and data management. Training delivered was good but tended to be focused on sales/accounting. Before doing this course it would be useful to have a good working knowledge of Excel and/or attend the other courses, however it is definitely worth doing.

Amanda Bailey

The three main things that I learnt were Macros, extracting data to create formulae and using WhatIF scenarios. Very relevant for use within financial data, easy to identify relevance.

Steve Reed

The main things that I learnt were use of formulae and breaking down a problem to write the appropriate formulae. All course content was good however I feel it was biased towards finance. This may be something agreed at course set up? Perhaps some content of Level 2 course would be more relevant. I would recommend the course.

Sara Williams

Using shortcuts will save a lot of time when navigating around spreadsheets. Formatting is something I know little about so will help to make my date collections more specific and detailed. It was interesting and I have learnt a lot but I feel there were not enough practical exercises during the course and not enough time spent on each section. It is a lot of information to take in and Karen did a great job of simplifying it for me but I learn better doing and can’t see that I will have time at home to practice.

Nick Wakeley

The three main things I learnt were filtering through spreadsheets, auto-summing using Alt = and using charts to help analyse data. I would say that the trainer was very helpful when explaining different aspects of the course and was always willing to listen and advice with any questions I had.

Samantha Thomas

I gained understanding of pivot tables, using formatting to save time and 3D formatting. The course re-freshed my Excel knowledge plus I learnt new stuff which I didn’t know that will help me day to day with my work.

Lisa Purcell

I learnt Pivot tables, subtotals and outlining. Good training and easy to understand. Was able to ask questions and good group involvement.

Angela Harrison

I learnt shortcuts to save time, tables and conditional formatting. I enjoyed this course because it was very informative and easy to understand. It was delivered very well and kept the interest of all the delegates considering they all have different levels of knowledge.

Carol Aplin

I learnt about charts, templates and pivot tables – They all relate to information/jobs already being done in my job. Excellent training with opportunity to ask questions.

Kacper Tchorz

I learnt about use of tables, filtering data and creating charts. Very good and informative course. Lots of information given that would help me in my work.

Joe-Adonis Lufuluabo

I learnt formatting, charts and formulae. I really did enjoy the course, I even didn’t see the time going. The training was very good and I’ve learnt a lot of things that I didn’t know before. I would recommend people to do the training as it’s very important for what people actually do on a daily basis at work and even at home. Nice course.

Jonathan Fry

I learnt about the use of visual graphics, using charts, and gained confidence in use of Excel. Location was off site – perfect. Course applicable to my role at work. Increased my level of knowledge of excel. Would be of benefit to all other staff. I would like to do the next sessions.

Jaspinder Sabharwal

I have learnt more in depth features of word. Formatting info was extremely useful. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to know more about formatting, styles on tables and sectioning. I’ve learnt a lot on this course.

Diane Edge-Robinson

None given

Nicola Baillie

I likes the shortcuts – save a lot of time, I also learnt how to set up a pivot table – for which I have a specific project in mind this would help me with, and quick access tool bar – very useful. Trainer was great. Shame we had no books to take away with us. Abilities in the class were very varied – for me it was going too slow but trainer was good at supporting.

Rob Watts

I learnt lots more than three things but pivot tables stand out. Be careful to ensure correct level as some could struggle while other may find too easy. Refreshers would be useful in the future.

Janet Harding

I learnt separating names, conditional formatting and multiplying cells. The names separating I will use on my current all delegates lists and it will save me hours. I really enjoyed the course, although I use Excel on a day to day basis I have been taught new valuable shortcuts which will assist me endlessly. I will encourage others to attend and bring with them examples of their own spreadsheets so that the trainer can put the value of what they are teaching into context.

Martin Gillett

I learnt charts, pivots and general overviews. Course not long enough to fully understand what is needed, perhaps two days. Quite hard work and full day to keep up.

Stephen Nellany

I learnt outlining and the sub total function, advanced formatting and documenting and auditing – all three will be used and improve my daily reviewing of data and report preparation. I would suggest undertaking Level 1 training four weeks before undertaking level 2 training.

Adrian Banks

The three main things I have learnt are the depth and scope of excel, usefulness of creating charts and pivot tables and how to protect my tables. It’s worth doing as an extension of Excel knowledge.

Samantha Rayment

I learnt tables – day to day/lists/etc. charts – measuring performance in distribution and shortcuts. Very good. Would’ve liked to take away some material (guidebook/notes/electronic links) for future reference. Take notes!

Tammy Stanier

The training has been really helpful and I’ve learnt a lot. Its been done at the right pace for the group and trainer was great. I’ve learnt how to save time in Excel, as well as hints and tips for programmes universally and different formulae and how they work. This will help with my work as it will save me a lot of time during the day.

Nancy Powell

An extremely relevant training day with excellent participation from both candidates and trainer. Enjoyable, content led and taught with professionalism – Excellent!! Possibly the best course I have ever been on!

Jamie Sutton

I liked learning to use spreadsheets, shortcuts and stats/bar charts/pie charts. Go for it, it really opens your eyes.

David Glover

I liked formatting, shortcuts and handling data across different spreadsheets. It has been a good, constructive day.

Nick Byne

I learnt more useful shortcuts, pivot table – creation and development, managing the screen e.g. split. This built well on the Level 1 course and helped to reinforce elements of that whilst demonstrating what I could achieve in Excel.

Claire Brunt

Everything I’ve learnt today I will be using at work. Definitely very good use of time, you learn loads that you can use in everyday things, not just for work.

Rob Campbell

The three things I found most useful to learn were using spreadsheets, using shortcuts, charts & graphs. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Learnt a lot of new tips and shortcuts. Excited to put some into my role.

Duncan Simonds

I learnt about using shortcuts, formatting and SUM formulae. It is very informative and a lot to take in but it can help a lot for inputting data and formatting.

Amanda Corfield

The three main things I learnt are short cuts, freeze panes, formulae.

Darren Venn

Unsure what I found most useful as the work I need to make this useful has not been handed over.

Tracy Cashmore

Absolute referencing and conditional formatting were my favourites- I will be able to use these frequently 🙂 I use excel daily with Ctrl F, Ctrl H and various other formulae but did not know absolute referencing and many other shortcuts or formatting options. Found today brilliant!! Relax, Karen is lovely! She goes at the right pace and makes it fun.

Annette McAvoy

The things I found most useful were remembering formulas such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and realising how this can help in my day to day work as I had forgotten these. Good recap on areas I needed.

Emma Holding

The three main things I have learnt are shortcuts, formulae and formatting. Lots of information delivered in a user friendly and understandable format.

Angela Powell

The three main things I have learnt are shortcuts, Autofill and VLOOKUP. A bit last minute booking so not as structured as the Trainer would have liked but still picked up lots of basic formulae and tricks and tips for useful shortcuts.

Frank Tenkorang

Worksheet, Formatting, Printing to enable me to do my daily work.
Excellent course and presentation

Mike Williams

Macros to decrease time on long tasks. Shortcuts to reduce time. Solver to find solutions.
Excellent course. Gained exactly the knowledge I wanted. Training and environment were perfect for our needs.

Philip Kelly

All the shortcuts.
How much time is wasted using Excel when you don’t know how to use it? Well worth doing the course. Very nice atmosphere. Very informative.

Carl Johnson

WhatIF functions. Scenarios. Slicers.
Karen’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the depth of Excel was the perfect catalyst for our group to learn in.

Amanda Newman

Conditional formatting will be helpful for my AR Aging Report. Charts I found very interesting. I will be using Accountancy Number format – timesaver. Excellent to attend.

Eva-Marie Preuss

Pivot Tables (Thank you!!) Macros and Buttons. Data Tables. Great learning tool, taught me lots that I needed to know!

Sylvia Woods

V & H Lookups. Pivot tables. Advanced functions and formulas. Create better user friendly spreadsheets
Go for it, you will learn so much including what you have forgotten.

Grant Lewis

Use quicker shortcuts. Creating formula sums “=SUM”

Marvin Latch

Best bits for me were Pivot Tables; Track changes; Short cuts; Very well presented and well organised.

Stuart Mcgregor

Best bits for me were Graphs, Charts and Filtering. Great learning tool, taught me lots that I needed to know!

Roy Horden

Stuart Booth

How to find things. Audit trails. Go ahead and do it.

Joanne Goodall

The use of shortcuts on the keyboard. How to create charts. I love F11. How to work with pictures
Have to admit I was slightly worried it was going to be a little boring. How wrong was I? – Very!! Great course, I learnt loads!

Gareth Horler

Shortcuts, how to save time, formulas – will use these everyday
Very good course which will help me set up and maintain spreadsheets more efficiently.

Christine Roberts

How to use formulas correctly. How to create charts correctly and how to format information. I found the information extremely useful, easy to understand and would recommend the course to anyone. Excellent!

Heather Patrick

I learnt Pivot Tables, charts/formats and short cuts. Excellent trainer, learning to everyone’s level, took time out to make sure we all understood. give it a go.

Richard Sutcliffe

I learnt transpose, shortcuts and reading figures. Shortcuts will save time, reading figures will help check data. Training course is very good and all staff have their own circumstances in their use of Excel. A lot is squeezed in in a short period of time.

Maxine De Ville

The main three things I learnt were shortcuts in Excel, formatting and transpose. Course was very informative and Karen went at the pace of the class and was very helpful. Learning all the shortcuts has made me very happy 🙂 Thank you.

Phil Beddow

The three main things I learnt were short cuts, copy and pasting and charts. You don’t realise how good Excel is!

Earl Jordan

I learn advanced formatting, outlining and subtotals, templates and settings. All these will be used for monthly reports. Very enjoyable course that was delivered at an easy to follow speed. I would tell others that although you may not use a lot of Excel the course would be a benefit to most people.

Najinderpal Heir

I learnt most about shortcuts. Excellently presented course. Strongly recommend to others thinking of doing this course.

Geoffrey Smith

I learnt about document review, permissions, WordArt etc. I would suggest that anyone using Word will gain something from this.

Deborah Mills-Burns

I learnt how to conditional format, create tables and charts to visualise data without drawling through numbers. I really enjoyed the training and wish I had this training 2 years ago as I can clearly see where I will save time creating reports etc.

Gregg Davies

I learnt how to navigate Excel, how to turn tables into charts and the use of formatting etc. and possibilities. Very steady pace, well delivered, nice ‘chunks’ of information to learn from.

Judith Walker

I learn how to simplify some of the data, about tables and charts and Shortcuts. Wish I had signed up for Word training now as this was so good. Could have done with doing the Level 1 first but good that Karen covered the bits we needed anyway. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

Diane Fensome

I have learnt many shortcuts, formulas and charts. All of this will help me to change data into a reportable format. Great day, learned so much. This will help me improve in my role. I look forward to putting this into practice. Thank you.

Bernard Kerins

I learnt how to formulate charts, how to access data files by shortcuts and how to disseminate chart data. Very well presented course, probably a bit above my level and required more time to fully understand the subject matter. Great for Intermediate Excel users.

Richard Green

The main three things that I learnt were shortcuts, transpose and text to columns. Although staff feel comfortable using Excel, this course teaches a lot of short cuts which will benefit staff.

Judith Painter

The main three things that I learnt were shortcuts, watch windows and charts.

Steve Darby

The three main things that I learnt are tables, ‘Sum’ and inserts. The whole course was relevant and will be used within my current role. Excellent – highly recommend and I would encourage anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge to attend.

Lisa Pearson

I learnt about the use of formulas, further knowledge of pivot tables and about calculations. Friendly and very knowledgeable trainer. Time ran away with us and could have easily continued discussing in more depth.

Honor Evans

The three main things that I have learnt are formulas, charts, filtering. With my period end report and weekly analysing all three of the above will be a massive help. I would highly recommend the Excel training course! I found it amazing, informative and has opened a whole new avenue to making my job easier. Great fun, thank you.

Sarah Garner

The three main things I have learnt are correctly formatting tables – reducing chance of errors in big datasets, Audit features – tracing errors or changes to data and Graphics – I do a lot of presentations so this will be useful. It came at the end of a long week so to keep me interested until 4pm on a Friday was an amazing task! I would suggest people keep an open mind, there are new/better ways of dong the tasks we do it’s just accepting this then we can improve.

Cheryl Sutcliffe

The three main things that I learnt were formatting table columns, building blocks and track changes. I learnt lots of tips today – I thought I knew a lot but got so much out of the course and would recommend to others.

Stephen Atkinson

The three main things that I learnt were advanced filtering, cell naming, and structured references. Useful, as I do have a good knowledge of Excel but there are areas that I didn’t know and this helped to view them and understand them.

Simone Carter

The main things that I learnt are using multiple workbooks/worksheets, tables – knowing how to create a table and templates and settings. I would advise colleagues to certainly take the course as even if you think you know Excel – there is an awful lot to learn and discover.

Paul Hanley

The three man things I learnt are changing styles, layout of docs and picture/shape formatting. Overall a good paced course. There were several elements of the course that will save me time. I learnt from the course and it will definitely benefit me.

Fiona Ryan

None given

Anita Smith

I learnt some short cuts and Watch window. Good course with some useful timesaving tips.

John Pullinger

I have learned a great deal that will be useful in my work. The extent of it’s use will be determined by future projects. I have really enjoyed today. The course was very well delivered and was in a relaxed style which helped learning.

Robert Mills

The three main things I learnt are inserting data – functions, Concatenate and sorting tips. Marvellous!!

Michael Byrne

I learnt transposing, concatenating, adjusting worksheet space and views of data. Lots of shortcuts and formatting! Ask plenty of questions!

Jayne Latta

I learnt shortcuts to get to where I need to go to! How to format information very quickly which I did not know how to do before. I can now create a worksheet from scratch with the information from today. I felt the trainer was very professional and delivered the course to a level I could understand. Most enjoyable 🙂 Would highly recommend.

Colin Rowley

None given

Jessica Robinson

I learnt some useful shortcuts and tables. Easy to understand – not intimidating, useful info.

Sam Fern

Shortcut keys which I can use on a daily basis very good to know and much faster method. Pie charts and graphs. I feel very competent and at ease when using Excel.
It’s a great course and very helpful the trainer is very professional and has the relevant knowledge needed. Would highly recommend the course.

Adrian Brunt

Shortcuts, Formatting, Graphs.
I would highly recommend this course as it will definitely make me more efficient in my job role.

Jonathan Wormald

Values and sum with data I collect in my job. Graphs and using data for graphs. Shortcuts to use in Excel.
I feel the training was excellent and will be very useful in my job role. I would also like to go on Levels 2 and 3.

Steve Cummings

Much quicker way to get around computers. Easy and fast way to create spreadsheets. Great shortcuts.
Very informative- not too heavy and easy to understand and get using what was learnt.

Paul Dodds

Functions. Shortcuts.
Excellent, great basis to go on further.

Rebecca Evans

Short cuts, making it easier to use and faster. The use of the ribbon and quick access toolbars. I really enjoyed the course, I would highly recommend, even if they thought they new it. You learn so much. Thank you very much 🙂

Bhavraj Khaira

The most useful parts were Outlines, Custom Views and removing zeros from tables.
The training was perfect for what I use Excel for. I would encourage everyone in Adient to undergo the training as the skills can be carried over in ALL roles within the business.

Steve Francis

Shortcuts – timesaving. Graphs – relevant to display info. Formatting – make info more dramatic.

Ellis Chapman

The three main things I have learnt are shortcut functions, pivot charts and templates. I feel I’ve gained a lot of Excel knowledge that I will be able to integrate into my day to day Excel use. Would like to learn more on Macros as I feel these could help me with the type of spreadsheet I use.

Bally Mahal

The main thing I learnt was shortcuts. The Training course was good but I do most of the topics, a more advanced course would have been more useful.

Lorraine Brough

Shortcuts save time. Not to stress if things go wrong – it can be corrected. Charts & formats
Training has been excellent, very clear about what was expected. Really enjoyed would recommend to others.

Paul Harker

Formatting cells; terminology; formulas;
Enjoyable, easy to grasp.

Shane Day

How certain things work on spreadsheets. Use of shortcuts. Just how easy things are when you know how.

Tony Sekham

Shortcuts, formatting & Charts. Shortcuts I will use all the time the others wont be used every day but will be very handy as and when.
Very helpful course will/would recommend to anyone.

Martin Fielding

Will be easier and quicker on the shortcuts we learnt. Learnt more about tabs that could be useful. Learnt more about formulas
Recommend this course as it was enjoyable and useful to our normal work role and also able to take into the next step and use in the future.

Martin Rose

Custom functions on toolbar. Use of templates. Data tables and Data usage.
There was a lot to take in. Excel has so many functions that are generally not understood or used. This type of training is excellent.

Brian Malone

Tables, shortcuts, charts. Could help with weekly reporting. Very informative.

Bradley Brough

Rachel Maton

Customising the quick access toolbar. Creating a new wizard. Cell names and naming ranges – help find location of data quickly.
Yes, course has been really useful. Lots of tools that I don’t currently use – didn’t know about them.

Tony Sangha

Shortcuts, formatting & Charts. Shortcuts I will use all the time the others won’t be used every day but will be very handy as and when.
Very helpful course will/would recommend to anyone.

Maria Sandford

The main things I learnt are short cuts and Quick Access. Great foundation level to build on. Excellent, so much to learn and many new functions which help to save time.

Katie Fowles

Cheats! Time savers every day. F4 – major use – saves so much time! Conditional formatting – arrows to express sales. Frazzled! In a brilliant way. I have learnt so many cheats but also so many more technical details that I never knew existed. I was debating the cost and whether to do Level 1 or 2, Level 1 will certainly be the cost saver! Saying this, I’ve already booked now onto Level 2 and can’t wait!

Rose Franklin

The main things I have learnt are Pivot Tables – percentage of sales, charts – presenting data. and quicker methods of working. Really interesting session. Learned lots about the ins and outs of Excel that can easily be put into place in the workplace. Class pitched at level of group with focus on things that would help your specific business.

Emma Fern

The main things I have learnt are shortcuts to save time, useful formatting – useful for printing and freeze panes – will make tables easier. I expected to know most of it due to doing similar things at University but I barely new any of it! It’s useful little tricks to save time and if I’d not done the basics course it would have made learning higher level Excel much harder! I would have liked to be able to make notes in the book as I went but it wasn’t given to us until the end.

Lewis Armstrong

All of the shortcuts to assign to my QA toolbar – this will save time. Conditional formatting and formatting 3D. Working with charts and spark lines. The training has been great. Some things I went through I thought was very basic but its important to start from the beginning. I was surprised at how much I actually did learn on this course! Never underestimate the capabilities of Excel, I look forward to completing Level 2!

Douglas Williams

How to do sums. How to take data from one sheet to another and use continuous dates.
Very enjoyable, has helped me a lot to understand the basics and shortcuts I never knew existed.

Darren Brookes

Formulas. Shortcuts. Pivot Tables
Excellent course, well presented and enlightening.

Alexander Curtis

The three main things I learnt were Shortcuts – will save me time, Tables – will use to filter data and Customising – will make Excel quicker/easier to use. Good, informative course. Refreshed my knowledge. Learnt new things.

Rehana Cartwright

Shortcuts. Formatting. Functions.
Enjoyable course, shortcuts are invaluable, saving time and allowing more confidence in ability to use Excel.

Sophie Groom

The three main things I have learnt are using ” ” for text into SUM ifs – now I just need to replace text with numbers, Ctrl 8 – saves time grouping values and Alt NV – saves time creating pivots. This training is imperative for financial personnel to ensure data security as well as saving time.

Jonathan Hillman

The main things I have learnt are Macros, more complex IF functions and the match and index to find invoices.
I feel the training course was excellent, helped be a lot with simple and complex Excel skills. Would recommend to anyone trying to increase their Excel knowledge!!

Anthea Francis

The main things I have learnt are Tabs/Tables – letter writing Navigation keys – quick access (set up) and Show/hide key and good for document work. Too many to mention – fantastic! Excellent course materials. Pace and good knowledge around subject matter. Great tips for quick access – very good. Great Level 1 training. Needs well met, thank you.

Angela Evans

The main things I have learnt are using tables instead of tabs, Alt + tab and pinning files to quick access toolbar. These will be so helpful and make everyday work much more efficient. Lovely relaxed atmosphere to learn in – no awkward questions i.e. picking on random people for answers. Left me wanting more!

Kirsty Turner

The main things I learnt were the Excel to processes form and auto sizing boxes. One thing I learnt will take me 10 minutes to do a task that previously has taken me 10 hours.

Josh Parsons

The three main things I learnt are basic usability, Legends and Site Plans. Really useful, you don’t realise what you don’t know, even at a basic level.

Charlotte Dolphin

Shortcuts on Excel for example creating tables, editing the shortcut bar, converting to PDF. Learnt how to consolidate data and track errors in documents. The training course was really informative but at times a bit basic at points. Good variation of difficulty and was interesting throughout.

Vaneeta Tandy

I learnt about utilising the shortcuts as a whole and specifically customising the quick access toolbar. I enjoy learning about charts as I don’t use them in my day to day role, but will add them to my monthly reports. I also learnt about shortcuts. It’s a very useful course to learn and understand functions that you may not use or know about. It can help make tasks a lot more simple and makes Excel an effective and efficient tool.

Leanne Franklin

The three main things I have learnt are tables. shortcuts and formatting. Very informative and useful. Great tutor who explained things well and broke it down so I could understand it.

Selina Rudge

Definitely worth doing. I already used most of the functions but there is always something that you learn new shortcuts. My top 3 things learnt were the ability to customise ribbon, customising the format of numbers and Shortcuts.

Sharon Clarke

Even if you think you have all the knowledge you need to do your job, there is always something new you will pick up. I have learnt a lot today that I hope to use in the future. Group of six was ideal as we had trainees attention individually when required.

Top 3 things I learnt were Tables, Date, and setting up groups & Formulas.

Callum Taylor

The three main things I have learnt are the concatenate formula – to merge 2 bits of data into 1 column, customise ribbon to save time and shortcut buttons on keyboard. To come on the course because you get a better understanding of what Excel can do and the shortcuts available to make using excel quicker and simpler.

Karen Allington

The main things I have learnt are basic templates, regular form, links, budget, and formulae. Picked up several shortcut tips, useful course.

Donna Porter

The three main things I have learnt are formatting, tables and Sum/Linking. Picked up some really useful things that I will be able to use when doing my job. Recommend the course.

Paul Dunne

The two main things I have learnt are shortcuts which will come in very handy and repeat header. It’s a great course for those with a basic grasp of Excel.

Janice Betteridge

An eye opener to what is possible. Looking forward to trying things out and saving time. Extremely useful.

James Keeney-Wilson

Excellent training, clear instructions and a great day.

Sarah Vincent

Excellent course. Felt it should have been longer as was so engaged. Would have been happy for it to have been a couple of days. Would definitely recommend & would definitely like to do the next level. My top 3 things were Shortcuts, tables – splitting, adding formulas, pie charts from tables, Advanced filters & being able to create ‘text’.

Adeyemi Giwa

I feel I have a better knowledge of getting to places quicker (short cuts). 3 most useful things were Linking sheets, useful shortcuts and formulas.

Heather Jones

3 most effective things I’ve learnt were Shortcuts, Customising toolbars/ribbons and Formulas. Excellent training course which I thoroughly enjoyed. Really useful having individual laptops to participate interactively in the training course. Would like to look at some areas in more detail. Look forward to the advanced.

Julian Hinds

I grasped a general outline of Excel and learnt about layouts/functions & the objective/purpose of Excel. I found the course was a steep but excellent learning curve – starting from zero knowledge base. I now have an appreciation of the programme that I can apply and practice.

David Guy

The three main things I have learnt are keyboard shortcuts., editing quick access toolbar and graphs. Very clearly runs through the basics & helps do your job more efficiently.

Anne Masters

The three main things I have learnt are charts, printing methods, and shortcuts – and lots more! A very informative and interesting day. Lots to take away and practice with. Thank you very much. Hope to be back for the intermediate course.

Cathy Cornes

The three main things that I learnt were formulae, charts and better ways to print. Very pleased with the course. As a self taught person, I enjoyed learning new things that I didn’t know but also confirming what I had taught myself was in fact correct.

Elizabeth Martial

I learnt about efficient printing methods and formulae. Very useful and helpful course – although I had some understanding of Excel. It was good to start at the basic level as there were quite a few very simple & basic functions that I didn’t know. Will be signing up for the intermediate course next.

Danielle Gregory

The training was extremely helpful, covered a lot of things I was struggling with and was taught in depth. I would tell other that they must do this course!

Karen Bailey

Very thorough training. Shortcuts were very beneficial

Hussian Shah

A thoroughly enjoyable and educational course. I found the material covered interesting and eye opening. Karen delivered the course in a professional but friendly manner. Thank you.

Paul Hughes

Rob Horton

Difficult with lack of experience both with Visio and computers

Paul Rooney

Difficult subject made very accessible. Excellent course notes. Good follow up.

Jemma Gojka

Very well delivered and informative

Alan Hayward

The course was clear and easy to understand, with plenty of interaction. The trainer allowed time for plenty of time to do the practical.

Alex Hammond

positive, clear and well structured

Stephen Farmer

This was an enjoyable, informative course with lots of useful tips and tricks. Good exercises to cement the learned information and clear, useful, supporting information handouts. Thank you.

Sean Winn

Alan Edwards

Well delivered, clear and concise instructions with great examples and exercises. Karen had loads of knowledge and was easy to approach with any questions.

Peter Bradley

Very practical and very useful – but opens up opportunities which there’s no time to explore (But that’s a compliment!)

Carina Hillman

The pace of the course was really good, not too fast so you had the time to take it in and understand what was happening.

Vicky Blackburn

Louise Cowlin

Excellent course. I would be interested in the intermediate topics or course materials to self learn. Really useful shortcuts given throughout and previously daunting subjects such as macros now make much more sense.

Katrina Hoult

Jo Uittermark

Excellent, learnt loads, really good course. However, needs to be over 2 days to complete the full workbook. All sections had new learnings for me to be more effective when using Excel.

Jess Clarke

Chris Fox

Thomas Newman

Paul Cartwright

John Maxwell

Rob James

Completed the advanced course but the basic and intermediate level would be useful to add a good basic understanding to structure files and improve productivity. Great opportunity to improve office productivity.

Tim Cane

The content of the course and the timetable was clear, with achievable targets set and completed. Very useful and easy to understand examples.

Robert Bowen

Very good training course. Interesting and covered a lot of aspects about Excel in which I was interested in. Looking forward to using my new skills learned & becoming less reliant on others….

Paul Hogg

Lee Radford

Kevin Powell

Del Riat

Vicky Barton

Tracey Josey

Steven Ashmead

Very useful, clear and effective. I can take these skills with me into work. I was encouraged to apply to my one working situations which helps demonstrate usefulness of each section, would definitely recommend to others!

Richard McGovern

Matthew Wilde

Completely relevant to my daily activities and a valuable course that I have really benefited from.

Libby Kiely

Louise Houlston

Lorna Watson

Sharon Rowley

Found the training excellent. Karen was very understanding and so helpful. There was so many useful tools that Karen has taught me that I will use on a daily basis. Saving a PDF on email using the email as PDF attachment brought a smile to my face and know I will be using this form starting today.

Helen Hayward

Helen Logan

Excellent course, I learned so much! I thought the level would be too high but Karen didn’t leave anyone (me!) behind. Great to have a manual to take back with me.

Vyvyan Alms

Highly relevant to my day to day job

Matthew Oldfield

Fantastic course, very interesting and informative.

Graham Swan

Emmanuel Surut

Very relevant for logical and statistical functions.

Mark Davies

Julie Emmerson

The trainer was very clear and helpful. I would highly recommend to any company. I will find it very useful in my work. The things I was unclear about, the trainer helped by making things clearer and easy to understand.

Hester Cross

Darren Mears

I found this course really interesting and very helpful. For me the two key points I have learnt that will help me in my role are the ability to highlight long lists and tables, also the ability to save and email as PDF format. Setting up tables and freezing panes is also extremely useful.

Arwel Jones

Very well presented. I had a pleasant surprise in that I enjoyed it!

Teresa Smith

Stephen Price

Simon Romei

Rhiannon Bowen

Paul Forsythe

Jo Rigby

Rosie Payne

Very useful.

Graham Raisin

Very helpful and informative and relevant to my work

Emma Garratt

Diane Baker

The three main things I learnt were keyboard shortcuts, formula – easy set-up and first look at setting up Pivot Tables. I would recommend to any Excel user that has not had training.

Andrew Scott

Useful tips to add to existing knowledge.

Rachel Statham

The room (at our site) was not suitable, got too hot. Was too bright and screen wasn’t clear. Had to keep turning around to follow instructions. Content was more than expected.

Louise Scothern

Helpful for my current role, understand what Excel can do better, useful info on shortcuts.

Hilary Walters

The room (at our site) was not ideally suited to computer training – not facing trainer & very stuffy. Not a criticism of trainer but of organisation of facility by SSH.

Gavin Curley

Good but require a higher level personally.

Seb Atkins

The three main things I have learnt are pivot charts, formulae and Conditional formatting. Definitely great as a starting point with using Excel.

Ron McDonald

I learnt to prepare/know where to start before you push a button, how much time can be saved using shortcuts and to be brutal with your computer (you won’t break it if you experiment). Karen knows her subject very well, good teacher, very patient. Everyone will learn from this course, you will be better at your job once taught.

Paul Macklin

The three main things I learnt were auto sum for working with sales figures, shortcuts – a great way to make things a lot quicker and graphs – being able to display data in different formats. It was very enjoyable and pitched very well for my experience. I was able to take a lot from the course.

Megan Harrold

The main things I learnt were a variety of different formulas – Anchoring, Auto sum, Pivot tables – producing a training matrix for the group, Conditional formatting, printing and freezing headers!! Karen was an excellent trainer. Went at the right pace and explained everything well!!

Jemma McDonald

The three main things that I learnt were keyboard shortcuts, Absolute references and adding common elements to Quick Access Toolbar. All above will be implemented and utilised as soon as back at workstation! A clear, concise introduction to Excel filling in the blanks of self-education. Learnt many useful tips and techniques to save time, money and frustration.

Anita Atkins

The main three things I learnt were short cuts, time saving and lots more in general. Well worth the while, definitely learnt new things.

Graham Perrin

Everything was explained clearly and we were given the opportunity to ask questions at any time, not just at the end of the course which was very helpful.

Dorothy Peterson

Worth while experience because it made me aware of what I have to do to get started and I am no longer afraid of computers. Most enjoyable, thank you!

Joshua Parsons

The training was interesting and useful, particularly as the trainer explained tips and ways to incorporate the training in relation to our workplace. Any questions asked were answered and the trainer provided knowledge outside the specified learning material relative to current activities we were doing in the business.

Georgie Wilkinson

Karen was lovely, really helped to understand topics and she really enjoys what she does so motivates people to learn. Great course to help with my day to day work.

Dave Grant

Very enjoyable, put a lot of questions to bed. Will be looking forward to using what I have learnt.

Dave Byrne

I came into the training with a lack of understanding of a very important tool for my job.

Yordan Dayanov

Very useful course that taught me to use more options of relevant software. Really enjoy it and I was pleased with the trainer’s attitude and ability to explain.

James Dawe

Clear and concise and of high quality detail. Very useful.

Caroline Allen

Very informative and will certainly incorporate some the content into my everyday working practices!! Thank you!

Tara Battie

Josie Westbury

Brilliant course! Learnt lots of ways to make my tasks easier and quicker! The amount of shortcuts learnt was magical!! Thanks!

Diane Ashton

I really enjoyed the training but would have gained more if I’d done the 1st level before. Will be trying some of this with the Excel Level 2 spreadsheets I’m using.

Becky Corrigan

Good quality practical training in which I was able to apply my learning to actual tasks. My knowledge was broadened into what I can do every day.

Sue Griffiths

Enjoyable and have learned a great deal from this.

Natalie Whittle

Very informative and excellent delivery.

Matt Beeson

Good. Good to get to grips with the programme – good team building aspects. Karen was very nice and her training helped.

Emma Quinney

Very clear, enjoyable. Gained confidence in using software, very relevant to my role. Short cuts FAB!!

Andy Bourne

The course was very well presented and even though I feel I was perhaps learning at the wrong level, I felt that the information was described in a way I could easily understand and more importantly use in a ‘working’ environment when in my daily job/role. Good course on which I learnt valuable information.

Alice Maud

Very good for my own personal development and personal interest. Examples of things I have learnt which will be useful for my job role: formatting tables, templates, templates, short cuts, hyperlinks, comments on cells. I will take away all I have learnt for the future and may try and set up my own little Microsoft Project Level 1s to improve and practice. Amazed at what Excel Level 2 can do.

Sarah Adams

Experience today was excellent. I have always been afraid of Excel as it can appear very daunting however it was explained clearly, effectively and efficiently. Looking forward to being able to apply processes learnt today. Highly recommended for my role.

Ruth Pask

Extremely helpful info! Will save me so much time on a daily basis.

Amanda Banton

Very helpful!! Learnt useful tips and shortcuts.

Emma Gayter

Informative, useful and relevant. Trainer went at a good pace, was extremely knowledgeable on the subject, interacted well with all delegates. Very useful as a refresher course. Looking forward to the Advanced course.

Rob Fildes

Louis Craig

Very interesting & relevant.

Carlie Birch

Mark Prinold

Excellent course, picked up some really useful shortcuts, would be really interesting to see the advanced course.

Jason Shaw

Great! Covered a lot of areas and plenty of scope to practice further.

James Dower

I felt that there were quite a few of the more basic parts of Excel that I hadn’t been taught before included. Although I was expecting more training related to specific functions within Excel, I did find this very useful.

Sophie Evans

I wasn’t sure what the content level would be at. It would be worth starting at Level 1 whatever your knowledge and working up. Some things you know well, other you don’t.

Sarah Abbotts

Learnt some handy tips that I did not already know. Should quicken up my day to day tasks in the office. I would have benefited from the basic course. I would be interested in the 3rd level of the course to develop training on VLOOKUP’s. Using the laptop made it easier to follow and I understood more easily.

Peter Davies

I feel as though this is going to save me a significant amount of time at work. I also feel that I have built on my existing knowledge in regards to Excel in areas such as pivot tables and advanced charts.

Helen Eales

Good course – lots of useful tips which I will go away and think about how I will apply to my own use. Thank you.

Cathy Jackson

Good, informative, more basic that I expected but probably sufficient for my needs and therefore not overwhelming.

Shevonne Neil

Rachel Dobson

Kerry O’Loughlin

Well structured and extremely relevant to my work.

Julie Johnson

It was enjoyable, the trainer was very knowledgeable and passionate. There was a lot of info to take in so the book pack will be helpful.

Amy Edwards

Trainer’s knowledge was extensive, good explanation and examples used, very approachable. Some areas could have been given more time where some easier areas were given slightly too much. Overall fantastic materials and very useful advice and training that be useful in my role.

Dave Lovatt

Karen was very approachable and answered any questions well and clearly. I found the course extremely interesting and I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt today to my work.

Michele Downing

Very useful. Thank you.

Paul Ellis

Useful course, some bits a little to basic for my needs, but very difficult to individualise for everyone.

Natalie Jones

Very good. Clear concise information. Learnt a lot, well worth doing!

Charlotte Jones

Andy Walters

Alison Jones

Good but not overly relevant to my current position.

Melanie Minor

Very good informative day. Thanks.

Lisa Goodall

Very worthwhile course

Jamie Sanderson

Unless they work in ‘IT’ most people’s knowledge of Microsoft Office software is ‘bits and pieces’ they pick up that are relevant to their job. I came on the course hoping to fill in gaps in my knowledge. To a certain extent, I’ve achieved this.

Helen Burrill

Good course.

Gareth Livsey

Excellent training overall!

Swati Jha

Lynne Ralph

Mark Freeman

Do it. Very knowledgeable trainer who will teach you a lot however good you (think) you are.

Jayne Ford

Excellent course. Well delivered. Learnt useful tip and shortcuts.

David Price

Thought it was excellent. Karen was a pleasure to be taught by, both professional but also enjoyed some banter!!

Cheryl Chesters

Training was very good, useful, would recommend it to others.

Lisa Piper

Training was very good.

Laurie Walker

Although my knowledge of Excel is probably below the Basic level 1, the instructor was very good in helping slower members like myself to understand and I did not feel I was left behind. It was much better than I had expected (or feared) and will help me in future use of Excel.

Marcus Ashley

Brendan Rogers

Very enjoyable and presented with humour

Paul Adams

Course was excellent, unfortunately the shift pattern did not allow 100% concentration due to 5 am start. Need to go away and spend time reviewing current spreadsheets.

Spencer Baker

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Craig Gardner

A very good course which was just right for content and speed. The course leader was very helpful and approachable. I would recommend this course.

Dave Johnson

The training was very good and clear.

Sharon Freeman

Keyboard shortcuts – use them instead of using mouse constantly. Speak – use this when doing Direct Debiting on internet rather than creating spreadsheet. Brilliant – thoroughly encourage others.

Sammy Freeman

Easy to follow and keep up even if you felt slightly behind, very patient trainer to help you catch up with the group. Approachable trainer.

Mike Warby

Very well presented, time constraints meant that some topics were not covered for long enough. Felt part of the training, not just observing.

Alex Brazendale

Karen was excellent, course was excellent, will recommend without doubt.

Toni Vaughan

Sandip Kaur

Marta Gornas

Helen Lloyd

Steve Grant

Wayne Lill

I know that when I apply the new tools I have learnt it will be very powerful!

Victoria Turner

Excellent experience, trainer interacted well with group ensuring everyone kept up and kept us focused throughout.

Tony Swinbourne

Very thorough. Could have spent longer on some sections.

Eifion Williams

Learnt more in 6 hours than previously in 10 years.

Paul Spiers

Kept my attention all day.

Dave Gillett

Could possibly have had a little more time as this course was a two day done in one. I now feel confident going forward.

Heather Ankers

Good balance of information and activity – a little more time to practice would be good! Not too advanced – level was correct for what was needed.

Jeanette Harvey

Covered all areas that I was hoping to cover and gave good shortcut tips

Gary Felton

Angela Scott

I found it really enjoyable and easy to follow. It gave me lots of time saving tips – I think the blog and some follow up will help. Main thing now is to get practising and using the data and information.

Paul Brown

Good pace without leaving anyone behind. Excellent use of shortcuts. Excellent content for level 2.

Abubakr Umar

Learnt detailed functions I would not have come across myself or otherwise.

Steve Jones

The training given was thorough – one day didn’t seem long enough to convey everything about Excel.

Phillip Coleman

Very informative and well explained. Would have preferred a 2 day course in order to fully explore what was being taught.

Stephanie Hodge

Very good. A perfect mix of informative and fun information. I feel all of my colleagues who use Excel could benefit from learning more efficient and effective techniques and should definitely do this course.

Elizabeth Huntley

I was very impressed by the content and the trainer. It was very enjoyable and informative.

Ray Shortman

Paul Warham

I found that the course gave me a greater understanding of Excel and I now need to complete the exercises in the book. I will challenge myself to improve the files I use on a regular basis to remove wasteful activities.

Paul Madraszek

Nick Peck

I learnt a lot despite using the software on a daily basis

Freya Phillips

Same thing for macros as this will save a lot of time.

Andrew Hirt

It was very good some very basic stuff such as Ctrl actions are very useful and saves me time. Towards the end there was still so much information to take in, that it was difficult to adjust.

Julie Prince

The training was kept interesting and fun. There was the right number of people on the course. There was a lot of information to cover in the time provided.

Ben Durham

Very good and helpful. It was easy to understand and clear.

Allison Banks

Very useful and will save time in my job.

Nigel Bratt

Certainly investing a little time in taking this course will provide much required efficiency improvements in my daily activities and remove some frustrations! The course also acted as a great review and sanity check of things I thought I knew or had no concept at all of some functionalities.

Guy Bennett

Linda Thomas

Covered a couple of topics which is extremely helpful

Nicola Whyley

Contained the topics I require. Every ‘subject’ was very valuable in my role. Clearly explained to the whole class for every ability in it. Strong guidance to ensure all learnings covered today. Quick wins detailed clearly and why valuable. Very pleasant day. Thank you 🙂

Lee Daniel

Clearly communicated. Trainer allowed for all levels of knowledge/experience.

Lucy Gethin

There was insufficient time to link topics fully, I think further/longer sessions(s) would be required. (There were 2 delegates added to this course by the company who were at Level 1 so it took more time to teach the ‘gaps’). It would be good to work on live sessions from my actual work

Aneta Horbajczuk

As usual very useful training and relevant to my job. I did like that we refreshed things that I have learnt before.

Polly Mcgivern

I very much enjoyed my training session today. I found it well structured and easy to follow/understand. My trainer was friendly, clear and targeted areas appropriate to my learning.

Aleksandra Rybij

The training was very helpful and useful for me. I will recommend the course to my colleagues.

Drew Patrick

Wish I had it in University to aid me with the spreadsheets I used in module assignments. Using one simple button instead of doing everything manually.

Mike Burrows

This course will help in making the office systems more straight forward and cut down on admin time.

Joy Webberley

Thank you.

Jon Winn

Naomi Clifton

The trainer is very clear in her explanation and can carry forward the training in an efficient and concise manner.

Katy Edward

Very good, been having a go using the programme myself but there was a lot more to it than I realised. I’ve not really had much programme training but would recommend it and look forward to doing more.

Andrew Humphries

Another very informative and useful training, I would recommend to my team.

Student08 Imagine

Well presented course. lots of useful information.

Student02 Imagine

Maz Claxton

Have just competed the level 2 excel Ninja course, Karen was an excellent trainer, and knew all the content inside out, I would now like to move on to the next level as soon as possible, but only with this company, and Karen of course

chris baugh

Great experience really enjoyed it. Very useful and informative.

Jakub Liszega

Very good training, highly recommeded.

richard middleton

very good course,

Yousif Eltom

Kate Southan

Karen certainly knows her stuff! Easy going, flexible training on all aspects of Office – have had Excel and Outlook and am booked in for Word next month. Would recommend to anyone looking to brush up or learn new skills – there is a lot of functionality we don’t even know about!

Lauren Henderson

Excellent training, well tailored to individuals on course.

Nicole Cox

Daniela McBride

I can say that i do feel like Excel Guru after this course I can find my way round Excel with more confidence and knowledge. Thanks

Tim Holness

Excellent training! So many tips, shortcuts and methods I didn’t know make working with Excel so much easier and more productive. Highly recommended

Tracey Westbury

Karen provides top class training in a fun and friendly way. Her training has improved the skill level and productivity of my team immensely.

Laura Gibbons

An excellent course, the information was clear and concise and very useful to my everyday job – Thank you

Drv –

Andy Newbrook

The Imagine Training team are a fantastic bunch! Karen is an excellent trainer. I would highly recommend them for all types of IT Training. Especially Microsoft Excel.

Emily Walker

Thomas Leggatt

Brilliant delivery of training by Karen. Really useful tips and secrets to help with Excel, professionally and personally

Ian Spittle

I undertook basic, intermediate and advanced training on the full suite of Microsoft Products with Karen and Imagine Training early on in my career. I can honestly say that the level of education they gave me, and the insight into the world of possibilities that this software (especially Excel) can unlock has helped me to get to where I am today. Choosing to do my IT training with Imagine literally changed my life for the better! Thanks!

Shropshire Petals

Michael Williams

“In continuous improvement we primarily focus on manufacturing activities but it is equally as important that administration tasks can be done as efficiently as possible. By training our employees on excel this has started to be accomplished.The training that Karen has provided has benefited all the participants immensely and the feedback has been exceptional.”

Pablo M

Good to me


A good variety of courses available at competitive prices. Customisations of courses has always been an option to us as well as training being made available on and off site. Highly recommend!

Anthony Ravenhill

A very enjoyable and useful day. The trainer was engaging and extremely knowledgeable. The learning was set at a pace to suit our group and tailored to our specific needs.

Lesley L

Jake Kindred

Sarah Seymour