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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers had to say!

"Karen is doing a fabulous job. I’ve attended 2 full days’ worth of training and feedback from attendees has been extremely positive.

Karen is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, creative and keeps everyone focused. Even when we had some technical issues she adapted and started the class without the projector until we finally got it to work.

She’s a gem – Thank You!"

Michael D – PMO Manager – Invensys Rail

"Information provided was very useful within my day to day use of Excel, I believe it would be great if the cheat codes were provided in a cube to put on my desk so I can be reminded of this. I can now create a tables, I can now print in different views, and the cheat codes will be very beneficial and save a lot of time."

Alan S – SmartFleet Solutions

"I have learned a lot and am a lot more confident using Excel. I would tell people that I got more from it than I expected, it was really useful.

The 3 main things I have learnt today are Formulas,
Charts and adding data to spreadsheets. It makes for Quicker + smarter ways to work"

Yvonne B – SmartFleet

"I absolutely loved the training course with Karen. Karen gave every one the time of day… Especially when we didn’t understand something.. Karen would stop and show again until we were confident doing it on our own.

Karen is amazing on her training and interaction with every one on the course. Karen thank you for your help and support. It was amazing as for the first time I can say I love Excel…

Looking forward to actually putting my Excel skills into place!"

Sharon R – SmartFleet Solutions

"Within the first few minutes, I had learnt something new and as the day progressed, the tips and secrets of Excel were taught at a good pace. The atmosphere was positive, encouraging and I felt at ease to ask questions. It was great and I would recommend the course to others. Thank you 🙂

The most useful things I learnt were shortcuts, correct terminology for items on Excel and print preview."

Liz C – Smartfleet Solutions

"I would recommend this course to anyone as it is helpful not just in work but also for personal reasons, for example to monitor personal expenses.

I learnt how to use shortcuts to save time, how to do a formula and how to create a chart.

The training course was very interesting for me as I only knew how to use the very basics."

Caitlin B – Smartfleet Solutions

"I will 100% be telling everyone about the course in and outside the business, using the prompt cards at the end of the session really helped also in re-capping what has been learnt. In particular I found useful:-

Short Cuts – this will be extremely beneficial when working on excel all day.

Conditional Formatting- Didn’t know what this was even used for and now will become a great help in different reports and findings.

Printing- being able to re-size Excel documents to fit on one page or in different way by scaling – this will reduce wasted paperwork I have wasted in the past"

Naomi M – Smartfleet Solutions

"Worthwhile as you can always learn something I would certainly recommend it to others."

Jude H – WrapFilm

"Think the course is good and is a valuable tool for people to as it can help in work and in everyday life as well. I learnt to do charts, formulas and many shortcuts to save time."

Rob D – WrapFilm

"Most useful was the shortcuts and cheat sheets."

Dorota B – WrapFilm

"Really good course, especially as I would like to do the other levels. Really recommend this course to others."

Harps K – WrapFilm

"The training was very helpful. It will help me a lot in my job. I learnt useful shortcuts, how to create chart sheets and how to use functions."

Kinga W – Wrapfilm

"The course kept me engaged from beginning to end, I would say to go for it! I learnt key shortcuts that will save time that I use now navigating the menus, I can make charts look better and show information within them in a clearer way, and improvements to the way I print so I use less paper."

Martin R – Wrapfilm

"The main things I've learnt today were Pivot Tables & Slicers, MATCH and INDEX and manipulation and presentation of data."

David H – Arconic

"The training received was excellent and very useful to my day-to-day role. I would recommend the course to anyone who uses Excel on a daily basis. Best features for me were Macros, INDEX and MATCH formulas and Slicers, helping me to interrogate and present summaries more efficiently and effectively."

Burham Y – Arconic

"Subject was delivered in a clear and understandable manner. Could always ask questions if stuck and learnt a lot of formulas I never knew how to use. I found recording Macros most useful to optimise time spent on tasks, INDEX formula to use where VLOOKUP cannot be used and different shortcuts to use in Excel."

Kamil W – Arconic

"This course helps develop existing knowledge to reduce time whilst working through Excel. It also provides ideas and solutions to help automate current manual tasks. I found macros most useful to reduce time for regular used commands, and also VLOOKUPS and Scenarios."

Jeanette H – Arconic

"Most useful to learn nested functions, data analysis and shortcut tools."

Spencer B – Arconic

"A good overview on what can be introduced into your working life on Excel tools. Need to practise and use. 3 most useful things learnt were VLOOKUPs, Pivot Tables and Data Validation."

Clive F – Arconic

"It was a very good course, useful to support me and help manage my time better. Useful shortcuts to support my role. Better knowledge of data collection and how to use it."

Lee S – Arconic

"Interesting training exploring and demonstrating the tasks. definitely learned new things."

Chamone B – Spring Tide Procurement

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have learned a lot of new techniques that I can put into my daily work."

Luke M – Spring Tide Procurement

"Really enjoyed the course, it was made specifically relevant to the work I undertake on a daily basis and I would recommend this course to those hoping to obtain a better understanding of Excel 2016"

Shelley E – Spring Tide Procurement

"Enjoyed it and learned lots. the course was tailored to fit our specific requirements. It was a lot to take in so was grateful for the handouts allowing us to go over the info in our own time. would recommend to others."

Natalie J – Spring Tide Procurement

"Very Useful, lots of things to play around with and see how we can use them. Definitely a benefit to anyone who uses and maps huge data-sets etc."

Vicky P – Spring Tide Procurement

"Very enjoyable and very relevant."

David B – Arconic

"A lot of time can be saved by practising the shortcuts and techniques taught on today's training course. Do this course!!"

Alex W – Arconic

"A very clever and knowledgeable tutor!!"

Doug B – Arconic

"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Excel."

Monika A – Arconic

"Very good!!"

Adam S – Arconic

"Great course! Can only be a benefit for my career."

Jamie O – Arconic

"Enjoyed the training. Seemed a lot to take in but, this is always the case with training."

Gary F – Arconic

"Excellent course - helped me to understand the theory of how the info can be applied to your role using real life scenarios. A very useful course - thank you!"

Joanne D – Arconic

"The course gave me useful information. I will be able to use everyday at work. The trainer is very bubbly and her knowledge was impressive. additional info about passwords was also valuable"

Magdelna W – Arconic

"Very good. A perfect mix of informative and fun information. I feel all of my colleagues who use Excel could benefit from learning more efficient and effective techniques and should definitely do this course."

Stephanie H – Arconic

"Great!! Will be very useful in my day to day work."

Kyle T – Arconic

"Very good course, with a knowledgeable tutor in a relaxed atmosphere."

Craig G – Arconic

"Excellent and patient trainer. There was no feeling of inadequacy. The learning has given me confidence and will definitely speed me up in my job."

Louise H – Marches Growth Hub

"Gave me confidence to further explore Excel."

Rob H – Hager Powertech Ltd

"Very good course for those with limited Excel experience. Would be keen to attend the intermediate course as level one is quite basic. However, I have picked up some very very handy tips and and shortcuts."

Richard C – Carillion Construction Ltd

"Very good course well structured. I would encourage others to use/ be taught by Imagine Training"

Elliot P – Marches Growth Hub

"I found the course very informative and useful. I feel more confident in using Excel to manipulate data in the most way for my job."

Fiona W – Ascendancy Internet Marketing Ltd

"Good training, interesting and friendly. learned a lot"

Fabienne R – Arconic

"Macros and Solver were useful. It was a good pace and relaxed atmosphere. Delegates probably need to do Level 2 before this course."

Paul R – Hager Powertech

"Well structured course and opportunities for interaction. Macros were useful."

Alex H – Hager Powertech

"VLookups, macros and lists were particularly useful today. It was very interactive, we were able to ask questions throughout the day."

Kate D – Hager Powertech

"Would highly recommend on the basis that the tuition was of a very high standard. Everything explained clearly and feedback encouraged. Felt quite happy to ask questions where I felt I wanted to. The main things I learnt today were data validation, math and Statistical functions and recording/running macros, all of which I will look to use to streamline our processes."

Debbie S – Hager Powertech

"The 3 most important learning points for me were: Advanced use of conditional formatting; Excel tools to help simplify files I use regularly and refreshed my knowledge of those tools I use occasionally.
Above all a very informative and well presented course."

Rebecca B – Hager

"A professional course delivered by a friendly and approachable trainer. Lots of active involvement enabling me to confidently retain the knowledge given. I especially learned more about: the Excel short cuts; Ranges and Conditional Formatting."

Debbie B – Hager

"The most interesting relevant part of the the training was the Pivot Table refresher and in particular the Match and Index formula which I had not seen used before."

Mark J – Hager

"10 out of 10! I really enjoyed this session and I took a lot more information out of this level as opposed to levels 1 & 2. I would recommend this course to anybody looking to expand their knowledge in Excel.

The top three things i have learned are Conditional formatting; Data validation and IFs."

Lewis A – Hager

"The main things I learnt were IF Statments, Goal Seek functions and Macros, which will improve data sorting and analysis. It was a good overview at the required level."

Dave A – Enterprise Flexi-Rent

"Really good, at the right level for me, so found it interesting and will take new knowledge and use. I thought I had a thorough understanding of Pivot Tables, shortcuts and VLOOKUP. I learnt a lot that will support my job role and understand new functions on the Excel program."

Dean M – Enterprise Flexi-Rent

"Excellent training session, this is my second one with Imagine and I have to admit it was a better experience coming to Wolves Uni than carrying out training on site as there are less distractions. Possibly include some practice material in real terms but what we have been given is a great starting point that I hope to build on to do the training justice. Pivot Tables will make life much easier when breaking down report data. Ways to control finances, may be an opportunity to assist management with monetary matters. Shortcuts - I know a lot from school but didn't realise there were so many - life saver!"

Charlotte J – Enterprise Flexi-Rent

"It is extremely relevant, working on the IT helpdesk you do not know what the next call will be so you need a good general background. It felt that VLOOKUP functionality was lacking, hence joining this course. Today will help me progress and help the users in general. 3 main things I learnt were MATCH & INDEX, VLOOKUP and shortcuts to help streamline processes."

Alison S – Enterprise Flexi-Rent

"You should definitely go on the course, a lot of information is given which will benefit all types of roles. The most valuable things I learnt today were shortcuts, more knowledge about Pivots, and basic functionality."

Sophia F – Enterprise Flexi-Rent

"This course has helped me understand more about the daily programmes used in work and shows me expansions I can work towards. This course is definitely worth it!"

Sarah O – Enterprise Flexi Rent

"It was helpful and interesting. I learnt lots of new things that you wouldn't be able to learn on your own. It simplified things that I originally thought were very difficult. I learnt how to create 3D formulas, pivot tables and now have a better understanding of conditional formatting."

Zara S – Enterprise Flexi-Rent

"Well worth attending, set at a good pace with relevant information and a relaxed atmosphere to help the learning. In particular I learnt how to use formulae in my spreadsheets, shortcuts and use of tables."

Clive B – Enterprise Flexi-Rent

"The 3 main things I learnt today were shortcuts for a large amount of controls, custom formatting for data and pivot tables. The training day was good, the shortcuts were very useful and I gained a good understanding. However, I feel I wanted to learn more which may be on Level 3, I would be keen to try that."

Chloe B – Enterprise Flexi-Rent

"For me personally this training will transform the way I work with Excel. Prior to the course I considered myself an average user that was confident to take on most challenges. Now I am confident I can deliver on any piece of work set, whilst saving time in the process. Prior to the course I gave Imagine a background on the piece of work I needed support on and the 1-2-1 level 3 course I attended was tailored to suit, whilst fulfilling the course content.

The course simply gives you all the tools that you can apply in any industry, don't hesitate, invest your time in one of the courses."

Steve P – Shropshire Fire and Rescue

"Thank you for the level of effort you put into delivering a training package relevant to the needs of the project I’m working on."

Steve P – Shropshire Fire and Rescue

"Knowing shortcuts will save loads of time! It all makes perfect sense and now Excel is no longer scary!"

Louise V – Hager Powertech Ltd

"Excellent course which is very relevant to my everyday work. Would highly recommend the course."

Karen B – Hager Powertech Ltd

"The course has been extremely useful - reminded me of many things that I had forgot about, clarified and simplified ways of doing certain tasks and reminded me how much Excel can really do. I would tell others that it is well worthwhile!"

Phil M – Alcoa

"Members of the Johnson Controls staff from Team Leaders to Managers under took Excel training ranging from level 1 to 3 with Imagine, including myself. I can say that the content and pace of the training was excellent. The step-by-step approach really helped me understand not only the features available, but where we could apply them to get the best out of the program. I've have since been using these tools and techniques in my daily working life. My conclusion is that productivity at work has increased by creating excel reports and data sheets to aid our operations at plant level. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking to develop their skills in MS Office based systems"

Bhavraj K – Johnson Controls

"The training underpinned knowledge gained from use at work, but expanded on little known or understood areas, filled in gaps in what was known and also provided information on totally new ways of working and improved my understanding. The shortcuts and formulas were particularly useful and I now know how to correctly use Excel to present data."

Nicholas B – Quorum Logistic Support Ltd.


Paul D – Johnson Controls

"If you are looking to further your career this is the course. I have learnt so much that I never knew Excel could do. Great time saving tips. Enjoyable. Definitely NOT a waste of time!!!"

Doug W – Johnson Controls

"Excellent course and instructor. Highly recommended."

Sam F – Johnson Controls

"The training was delivered extremely well. Pitched at the right level. Have come away having learnt more than I did when I arrived. Venue and Catering excellent."

Melanie J – NHS

"A really good introduction to Excel, taught at a good, steady speed. All topics/components are things that could be used on a day to day basis."

Paula W – NHS

"I would definitely recommend this training"

Seb L – Shropdoc

"For me it was an introduction as I am very new to the use of social media in my job role. I feel that more practical application experience would have benefitted me. Eg doing a Skype session, getting us to create pages on Office Mix and share or edit each other's work on OneNote."

Charlotte D – Chester Zoo

"I didn't know what to expect from today but the course was a good introduction to various social media platforms. As a Mac user it was interesting to see the capabilities of Microsoft products and how these may be implemented within an education setting. The facilitators were both really friendly and had useful information for everyone on the team."

Lauren W – Chester Zoo

"Interesting and covered the basics of Social Media. I am aware and a user of some platforms but there were some websites mentioned that were new to me"

Sarah B – Chester Zoo

"Excellent tutor-led course enables you to practice as you which ensures things sink in. Fab workbook to take away. I'm sure everyone, at whatever level would learn some new tips which would make them more effective in the workplace. A great day. :)"

Maria S – Prince Personnel

"Picked up several shortcut tips, useful course."

Karen A – London Midland

"Very informative and useful. Great tutor who explained things well and broke it down so I could understand it."

Leanne F – London Midland

"It's a very useful course to learn and understand functions that you may not use or know about. It can help make tasks a lot more simple and makes Excel an effective and efficient tool."

Vaneeta T – London Midland

"Was informative, however I had already used a lot of the features."

Patrick B – ABP

"I think this course has been extremely useful. Whilst you may not utilise all of it on day 1, knowing these tools exist will make daily tasks quicker and less tedious."

Lorna S – ABP

"I enjoyed the course today. The information was relevant and I will use the information I've learned today in the future. I would recommend anyone doing this course, just so they get a good understanding of Excel!"

Sam G – ABP

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Karen is a great instructor ensured everyone understood topic before moving on. Really good set up of screens/computer. Hands on exercise ensured I understood tasks. Enjoyed the course."

Paula L – ABP

"The training course was really informative but at times a bit basic at points. Good variation of difficulty and was interesting throughout."

Charlotte D – ABP

"Worthwhile doing the course - some of the shortcuts can even be utilised in other applications. Will save you loads of time and you will feel confident using Excel."

Grace L – ABP

"Frazzled! In a brilliant way. I have learnt so many cheats but also so many more technical details that I never knew existed. I was debating the cost and whether to do Level 1 or 2, Level 1 will certainly be the cost saver! Saying this, I've already booked now onto Level 2 and can't wait!"

Katie F – Shropshire Petals

"I expected to know mostof it due to doing similar things at University but I barely new any of it! It's useful little tricks to save time and if I'd not done the basics course it would have made learning higher level Excel much harder!"

Emma F – Shropshire Petals

"The training has been great. Some things I went through I thought was very basic but its important to start from the beginning. I was surprised at how much I actually did learn on this course! Never underestimate the capabilities of Excel, I look forward to completing Level 2!"

Lewis A – Hager Powertech

"Really interesting session. Learned lots about the ins and outs of Excel that can easily be put into place in the workplace. Class pitched at level of group with focus on things that would help your specific business."

Rose M – Shropshire Petals

"Would highly recommend to anyone who works with data"

Shaun R – ABP

"Really well worth doing, will save so much time in my current role and I'm sure my new one. There are so many things I was doing before that were the long way round, or I wasn't doing at all because I didn't it was possible. There are several things that I will put into practice at work tomorrow. Will definately recommend this course, and will be doing so."

Alice B – K H Hospice

"Well worth the time - this type of learning cannot be gained from watching on-line videos."

Tracey W – Westbury Environmental

"Really useful, you don't realise what you don't know, even at a basic level."

Josh P – Westbury Environmental

"A task that previously has taken me over 10 hours to complete, will now take me less than 10 minutes... I just wish I had been able to learn it sooner!"

Kirsty T – Westbury Environmental

"Really great venue, set up and intimate feel. Great coverage of subjects touched upon. Useful for everyday and reporting skills. Great tips and tricks!"

Chelsea B – ABP

"Fully recommend this. If unsure do the Level 1 first for the basics. Even the basics will make your work easier and faster."

Michael C – ABP

"Excellent!! Highly informative. Provides trainee with useful knowledge of how to operate and navigate Excel. Sign up as soon as possible!!"

Lloyd B – ABP

"Great learning tool, taught me lots that I needed to know!"

Stuart M – Johnson Controls

"Very well presented and well organised."

Marvin L – Johnson Controls

"Well worth it."

Steve F – Johnson Controls

"Go ahead and do it."

Stuart B – Johnson Controls

"I really enjoyed the training, can't wait to use them while working. Karen really helps and supports. Thank you."

Rebecca E – Johnson Controls

"Karen's knowledge and enthusiasm for the depth of Excel was the perfect catalyst for our group to learn in"

Carl J – Johnson Controls

"Excellent course. Gained exactly the knowledge I wanted. Training and environment were perfect for our needs."

Mike W – Johnson Controls

"I really will recommend the course."

Eva-Maria P – Johnson Controls

"It's really well structured and allows people to go at the pace that they are comfortable with."

Bhavraj K – Johnson Controls

"Go for it, you will learn so much including what you have forgotten."

Sylvia W – Johnson Controls

"Thanks for training, I did enjoy it, taught me quite a bit and was very interesting at the same time, sparked a bit of interest in learning something again,
who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
thanks again, look forward to more."

Phil W – ABP

"Lovely relaxed atmosphere to learn in - no awkward questions i.e. picking on random people for answers. Left me wanting more!"

Angela E – Help2Change

"Excellent course materials. Pace and good knowledge around subject matter. Great tips for quick access - very good. Great Level 1 training. Needs well met, thank you."

Anthea F – NHS

"Excellent, so much to learn and many new functions which help to save time."

Maria S – Prince Personnel

"This training is imperative for financial personnel to ensure data security as well as saving time."

Sophie G – Epson

"I feel the training course was excellent, helped be a lot with simple and complex Excel skills. Would recommend to anyone trying to increase their Excel knowledge!!"

Jonathan H -Epson

"I feel the training was excellent and will be very useful in my job role. I would also like to go on Levels 2 and 3."

Jonathan W – Johnson Controls

"I've learned Shortcuts - timesaving. Graphs - relevant to display info. Formatting - make info more dramatic."

Steve F – Johnson Controls

"I would highly recommend this course asa it will definitely make me more efficient in my job role."

Adrian B – Johnson Controls

"Very enjoyable, has helped me a lot to understand the basics and shortcuts I never knew existed."

Doug W – Johnson Controls

"Enjoyable course, shortcuts are invaluable, saving time and allowing more confidence in ability to use Excel."

Rehana C – Johnson Controls

"Excellent, great basis to go on further."

Paul D – Johnson Controls

"Excellent course, well presented and enlightening."

Darren B – Johnson Controls

"I really enjoyed the course, I would highly recommend, even if they thought they new it. You learn so much. Thank you very much :-)"

Rebecca E – Johnson Controls

"Very Informative"

Brian M – Johnson Controls

"There was a lot to take in. Excel has so many functions that are generally not understood or used. This type of training is excellent."

Martin R – Johnson Controls

"The training was perfect for what I use Excel for. I would encourage averyone in JCI to undergo the training as the skills can be carried over in ALL roles within the business."

Bhavraj K – Johnson Controls

"Some quick and easy things to do, shortcuts that can save substantial time."

Tony S – Johnson Controls

"Yes, course has been really useful. Lots of tools that I don't currently use - didn't know about them."

Rachel M – Johnson Controls

"Training has been excellent, very clear about what was expected. Really enjoyed would recommend to others!"

Lorraine B – Johnson Controls

"Recommend this course as it was enjoyable and useful to our normal work role and also able to take into the next step and use in the future."

Martin F – Johnson Controls

"Enjoyable, easy to grasp."

Paul H – Johnson Controls

"It's a great course and very helpful the trainer is very professional and has the relevant knowledge needed. Would highly recommend the course."

Sam F – Johnson Controls

"Very informative - not too heavy and easy to understand and get using what was learnt"

Stephen C – Johnson Controls

"Very helpful course will/would recommend to anyone."

Tony S – Johnson Controls

"Even if you think you have a good handle on Excel there are definitely a few more things that you can learn that will save you time and effort."

Sam D -ABP

"Alternative conditional formatting which will help me to interpret sales results (icon sets). Shortcuts - will save time - HUGE ADVANTAGE!; Plotting data on a secondary axis!"

Sarah S – ABP

"I have learnt a lot about different functions I use on a daily basis eg I did not know you could filter by criteria."

Megan W – ABP

"Excellent - well presented, use of shortcuts and each section summarised."

Malcolm W – ABP

"Very good. Do it! Great tips & will save you time every day."

Shaun R – ABP

"I feel I've gained a lot of Excel knowledge that I will be able to integrate into my day to day use"

Ellis C – London Midland

"Easy to understand - not intimidating, useful info"

Jessica R – London Midland

"It came at the end of a long week so to keep me interested until 4pm on a Friday was an amazing task! I would suggest people keep an open mind, there are new/better ways of dong the tasks we do it's just accepting this then we can improve."

Sarah G – London Midland

"I really enjoyed today & learnt a lot."

Cheryl S – London Midland

"Useful, as I do have a good knowledge of Excel but there are areas that I didn't know and this helped to view them and understand them."

Stephen A – London Midland

"I felt the trainer was very professional and delivered the course to a level I could understand. Most enjoyable 🙂 Would highly recommend"

Jayne L – London Midland

"Informative. The things I've learnt will be useful."

Alexander C – London Midland

"Useful to learn quick tips."

Karen A – London Midland

"Really useful course, opens up more about Word from normal day to day usage."

Michael B – London Midland

"Overall a good paced course. There were several elements of the course that will save me time. I learnt from the course and it will definitely benefit me."

Paul H – London Midland

"I have found today very enjoyable. I have never used Excel before and feel that I have learnt a lot and Karen was excellent in her teaching and very patient. I feel quite confident in being able to put it on my CV and look forward to being able to do the exercises at home. Fully recommend."

Christine B

"Very good experience, good pace for learning and relaxed environment. I would recommend others to do the course and benefit from the knowledge of the trainer on the subject."

Kerry C – Synergia Coaching

"I would highly recommend the Excel training course! I found it amazing, informative and has opened a whole new avenue to making my job easier. Great fun, thank you."

Honor E – London Midland

"Good course with some useful timesaving tips"

Anita S – London Midland

"I really enjoyed the course. Karen was entertaining and tailored the training to suit the different levels in the group. Definitely worth doing the course."

Fiona R – London Midland


Robert M – London Midland

"Friendly and very knowledgable trainer. Time ran away with us and could have easily continued discussing in more depth."

Lisa P – London Midland

"Excellent - highly recommend and I would encourage anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge to attend."

Steve D – London Midland

"I would advise them to certainly take the course as even if you think you know Excel - there is an awful lot to learn and discover."

Simone C – London Midland

"I have really enjoyed today. The course was very well delivered and was in a relaxed style which helped learning."

John P – London Midland

"You don't realise how good Excel is!"

Phil B – London Midland

"I am keen to do Level 3 Excel to learn more about formulas."

Paul H – London Midland

"Excellently presented course. Strongly recommend to others thinking of doing this course."

Najinderpal H – London Midland

"Course was very informative and Karen went at the pace of the class and was very helpful. Learning all the shortcuts has made me very happy 🙂 Thank you."

Maxine D – London Midland

"Although staff feel comfortable using Excel, this course teaches a lot of short cuts which will benefit staff."

Richard G – London Midland

"Training course is very good and all staff have their own circumstances in their use of Excel. A lot is squeezed in in a short period of time."

Richard S – London Midland

"Wish I had signed up for Word training now as this was so good. Could have done with doing the Level 1 first but good that Karen covered the bits we needed anyway. Very enjoyable. Thank you."

Judith W – London Midland

"Very enjoyable course that was delivered at an easy to follow speed. I would tell others that although you may not use a lot of Excel the course would be a benefit to most people."

Earl J – London Midland

"Very well presented course, probably a bit above my level and required more time to fully understand the subject matter. Great for Intermediate Excel users."

Bernard K – London Midland

"Excellent trainer, learning to everyone's level, took time out to make sure we all understood. Give it a go."

Heather P – London Midland

"I really enjoyed the training and wish I had this training 2 years ago as I can clearly see where I will save time creating reports etc."

Deborah M – London Midland

"Very steady pace, well delivered, nice 'chunks' of information to learn from."

Gregg D – London Midland

"Great day, learned so much. This will help me improve in my role. I look forward to putting this into practice. Thank you."

Diane F – London Midland

"An excellent course, a lot to take in. Probably better to deliver the content over 2 days."

Najinderpal H – London Midland

"Very good - content, pace, usefulness."

Stephen A – London Midland

"I would suggest that anyone using Word will gain something from this."

Geoff S – London Midland

"Would advise everyone to take the course as lots of new skills learnt."

Simone C – London Midland

"I learnt lots of tips today - I thought I knew a lot but got so much out of the course and would recommend to others."

Cheryl S – London Midland

"Excellent, I have learnt so many shortcuts which will save me so much time when writing and editing reports, policies and procedures."

Deborah M – London Midland

"I found the information extremely useful, easy to understand and would recommend the course to anyone. Excellent!"

Christine R – Johnson Controls

"Very good course which will help me set up and maintain spreadsheets more efficiently."

Gareth H – Johnson Controls

"Have to admit I was slightly worried it was going to be a little boring. How wrong was I? - Very!! Great course, I learnt loads!"

Joanne G – Johnson Controls

"An eye opener to what is possible. Looking forward to trying things out and saving time. Extremely useful."

Janice B – Ascendancy Internet Marketing

"Really informative, Kirsty explained things at my pace and we worked on the topic unti it 'sunk in'!! Really appreciate her getting back to me with a few suggestions to colour formats after the course."

Karen M – Evolution Centre

"Very good training for someone who has always fumbled around Excel & now knowing the most efficient way. Great communication & plenty of chance for delegation."

Jade G – Hager Ltd

"Informal style and great if you are worried about your knowledge base. Easy to follow and very interactive. Very knowledgeable and approachable tutor."

Wendy C – Impact

"It was very helpful and will save me much work time using all the shortcuts. Relaxed enviroment to work in"

Danielle G – Human Results

"Excellent workshop. Learnt so many shortcuts & tips to use at work. Improved my workflow and competence in Excel"

Jake B

"The course was well presented, explained well and I would suggest anyone to try it"

Jay K – Interserve

"The course was very informative and has given me a good start in VBA"

Aaron C – CVL

"Excellent training with clear directions & instructions. A great day!"

James K – Ascendancy Internet Marketing Ltd

"Very detailed, enjoyable and very relevant"

Rob F – Vauxhall

"It was helpful in gaining knowledge and building on the knowledge I already have."

Paije B – Network Q

"Really useful"

David C – Network Q

"The training was very informative and involved a lot of learning. I am pleased with the content of todays course it has given me lots of quick techniques and useful content."

Aaron C – CVL

"Fantastic experience. Learnt so much. Was pitched at just the right level for me and my needs."

Nick J – Stirchley Medical Practice

"Very useful, you don't know what you don't know. Will be useful to prepare more professional presentations, and saving time doing so"

Andy M – KYB Europe

"Good. Very interesting & will save me time at work"

Ruth P – GRS

"I feel it was delivered effectively and suitable time was given to each subject. I felt able to ask questions and the sections were explained to me clearly and concisely. I would recommend this course to others. It gives you a good foundation from which to work."

Kerry O – GRS

"Very useful training course in latest version of Excel. Would recommend this course to anyone who had done the intermediate course and wanted to learn more especially pivots, macros, complex formulas etc. Very enjoyable learning experience!"

Emma G – Network Q

"The training is extremely beneficial. My job involves a lot of Excel and by applying my learning from today, I will save myself up to 2 hours per week by using these techniques. I have learnt many ways in which it will reduce my workflow and free up more time for other projects"

Joshua G – Anglo Beef Processing

"Very informative with documentation & exercises to take away. I would recommend this course for anyone who uses Microsoft Excel reguarly"

Emily M – SmartFleet Solutions

"I felt most things were useful to learn and I picked up some useful tips that will assist my role"

Ben R – Network Q

"I really enjoyed the training experience. The trainer was very friendly and explained everything thoroughly. I would recommend this to others as it has been extremely helpful"

Ryan C – Network Q

"Very useful training. Definitely worthwhile completing. I will be using the information learnt on a daily basis. Would like to do the advanced course"

Natalie G – Network Q

"I found the course to be very useful for my job role. Sean was excellent in explaining and answering any questions. I am hoping to progress to level 3, and am looking forward to this course also"

Jessica D – Network Q

"The course was fun and was very clear to understand."

Richard B – SmartFleet Solutions

"Enjoyed the course, would recommend anyone using Excel to complete it."

Libby P – SmartFleet Solutions

"The course gives a very good insight with great instructions on a varied amount of topics. There are a lot of areas I was unaware of and could make good use of. I would definately recommend the course to others, even if it is just for the little tips and tricks, there were quite a few quicker ways to do things I was unaware of"

Joe B – Epson EU

"Good overview of a lot of areas. Bit too much time spent on dates etc. More detail needed on building a more complex macro, for future reference. May be beneficial to hand out additional tasks in addition to in-class training to work independently."

Suky B – Epson EU

"Consider your daily role and take note of formulas and options that can benefit"

Scott W – Epson EU

"Good, well structured course which covered many areas."

Nick H – Epson EU

"This course was informative. Would recommend."

Robert H – SmartFleet Solutions

"Course was of significant benefit. Being such a large product, there are many aspects to understand."

Rob L – SmartFleet Solutions

"Comprehensive and engaging."

Renata H – Epson EU

"Informative and useful :)"

Laura P – Epson EU

"Trainer was very patient and, as a complete novice, gave me more confidence. The trainer made sure I wasn't left behind and recognised what aspects I found challenging."

Sue M – League Managers Association

"Extremely useful day! I would recommend to everyone. I wish I had done this course ages ago as I've learnt things today that will help save me a lot of time!"

Lucy B – League Managers Association

"Good if you need to know more about Excel. Enrol on this course!"

John D – League Managers Association

"Even the most basic stuff can be valuable and save you time"

Adam B – League Managers Association

"You will kick yourself for not having attended a workshop years ago!"

Elaine N – League Managers Association

"Good course. The morning session was more relevant to what I required. Good teaching style. I didn't feel as tired as I thought I would in the afternoon."

Mark F – League Managers Association

"Lots of information to take in so take notes. Watch the example before attempting. Great experience, friendly atmosphere, ask questions if not sure. Try to practice what you learn to keep it fresh"

Alex S – League Managers Association

"Very good experience, will use a number of new skills to speed up tasks. Would recommend to colleagues who would be interested in other applications."

Ali B – League Managers Association

"The day was pitched just right for learning but in a non-pressured environment."

Sarah C – League Managers Association

"Very useful and enjoyable!"

Steph G – Bishops Castle Medical Practice

"Very useful. Enjoyable."

Steph G – Bishops Castle Medical Practice

"Very good at going over points if I didn't get it straight away. Also parts were covered which I may require in future work...."

J Frost – Chester Zoo

"Excel Webex December 2013 – It was a great session. I enjoyed a lot: was interactive, good balance between theory and practice, useful tips, from time to time some humour, respecting the timing. Really brilliant and I really hope that I can join similar trainings eg writing macros if this exist..."

AZ Benelux – Belgium

"Karen is an excellent trainer - makes everything very easy to understand then doesn't move on until all candidates have understood the instruction. I could have easily have spent more time learning with her and I think we would all benefit from more courses run by Karen. Excellent!..."

Katherine Coyne

"Very good indeed and very worth while...."

Ian R – Burlington Stone

"I did turn into a cool Mum when I was watching my son do something and said “ooohh I know a better way of doing that”. He was very impressed that I knew “clever stuff” And now I can show him I have a certificate to prove it!!"

DJ – Lanyon Bowdler

"Was made to feel very comfortable, good learning environment...."

Viv Bown

"Karen is an excellent trainer. The training was via WebEx which worked very well and by handing over control gave us a chance to try it out while also making sure we understood and also kept with it for the 2 hours. Very good and would highly recommend. Thank you!"

Elaine B – AZ

"Karen is very clear in her explanation and can carry forward the training in an efficient and concise manner...."

Naomi C – Cartmel Racecourse

"BRILLIANT! Can't wait to practice on my own computer. Learnt very valuable things to a beginner like me...."

Bohdan Mirczuk, ABP

"This course was very good, explained everything in a manner I could understand easily. This will make my work a lot quicker and the presentation will be better looking as well. The course was fun and very interesting and showed me a lot of things I would never have known without being told...."

Adam Kingsfield – Network Telecom Solutions

"Experience today was excellent. I have always been afraid of Excel as it can appear very daunting however it was explained clearly, effectively and efficiently. Looking forward to being able to apply processes learnt today. Highly recommended for my role."

Sarah A – Smartfleet Solutions

"I feel as though this is going to save me a significant amount of time at work. I also feel that I have built on my existing knowledge in regards to Excel in areas such as pivot tables and advanced charts"

Peter D – SmartFleet

"Found the training excellent. Karen was very understanding and so helpful. There was so many useful tools that Karen has taught me that I will use on a daily basis. Saving a PDF on email using the email as PDF attachment brought a smile to my face and know I will be using this form starting today."

Sharon R – SmartFleet

"A thoroughly enjoyable and educational course. I found the material we covered interesting and eye-opening. Delivered in a professional but friendly manner. Thank you!"

Hussian S – Epson

"Karen was very approachable and answered any questions well and clearly. I found the course extremely interesting and I'm looking forward to applying what I've learnt today to my work"

Dave L – SmartFleet Solutions

"Just what I needed it to be... It gave me the confidence to use more functionality in Excel to work my way through new functions. Already I have several applications for the new skills I have acquired today"

Tracey W – Westbury Environmental

"Really useful and practical. I have learnt a lot which even I will use!"

Lucy S – Lanyon Bowdler

"Very good training course. Interesting and covered a lot of aspects about Excel in which I was interested in. Looking forward to using my new skills learned & becoming less reliant on others...."

Robert B – Ricoh

"The content of the course and the timetable was clear, with achievable targets set and completed. Very useful and easy to understand examples."

Tim C – Ricoh

"Very useful, clear and effective. I can take these skills with me into work. I was encouraged to apply to my one working situations which helps demonstrate usefulness of each section, would definitely recommend to others!"

Steven A – Ricoh

"Training was very good!"

Lisa P – Ricoh

"Although my knowledge of Excel is probably below the Basic Level 1, the instructor was very good in helping slower members like myself to understand and I did not feel I was left behind. It was much better than I had expected (or feared!) and will help me in future use of Excel...."

Laurie W – Ricoh

"Unless they work in 'IT' most people's knowledge of Microsoft Office software is 'bits and pieces' and they only pick up parts that are relevant to their job. I came on the course hoping to fill in gaps in my knowledge and I've achieved this...."

Jamie S – Ricoh

"Very enjoyable and presented with humour"

Brendan R – Burnt Tree

"Excellent, learnt loads, really good course. All sections had new learnings for me to be more effective when using Excel."

Jo U – SmartFleet Solutions

"Useful tips to add to existing knowledge"

Andrew S – Sevenside Housing

"Very well presented. I had a pleasant surprise in that I enjoyed it!"

Arwel J – Sevenside Housing

"Very helpful and informative and relevant to my work!"

Graham R – Severnside Housing

"Very Useful!"

Rosie P – Sevenside Housing

"Very interesting & relevant!"

Louis C – Severnside Housing

"Helpful for my current role as I can now understand what Excel can do better. I learnt useful shortcuts to use everyday"

Louise S – Severnside Housing

"Very good, been having a go using the programme myself but there was a lot more to it that I realised. I've not really had much programme training but would recommend it and look forward to doing more."

Katy E – Holker

"Karen is very clear in her explanation and can carry forward the training in an efficient and concise manner"

Naomi C – Holker

"Informative, useful and relevant. The trainer went at a good pace, was extremely knowledgable on the subject, interacted well with all delegates. Very useful as a refresher course. Looking forward to the Advanced course!"

Emma G – SmartFleet Solutions

"Great! Covered a lot of areas and plenty of scope to practice further"

Jason S – SmartFleet Solutions

"Another very informative and useful training, I would recommend to my team"

Andrew H

"This course will help in making the office systems more straightforward and cut down on admin time"

Mike B

"Karen never fails to dazzle me! Thank you very much, excellent day"

Laura G

"Very helpful!! Learnt lots of useful tips and shortcuts"

Amanda B – SmartFleet Solutions

"Good course - lots of useful tips which I will go away and think about how I will apply to my own use. Would be good to encourage delegates to bring any questions they have, or examples (if they don't think to do so). Thank you!"

Helen E – SmartFleet Solutions

"Very useful! Thank you!"

Michele D – SmartFleet Solutions

"Good course on which I learnt valuable information"

Andy B – SmartFleet Solutions

"Very good informative day. Thanks!"

Melanie M – SmartFleet Solutions

"Very good. Clear concise information. Learnt a lot, well worth doing!"

Natalie J – SmartFleet Solutions

"Really enjoyed it!! The manual will prove invaluable"

Darren W – SmartFleet Solutions

"It was enjoyable, the trainer was very knowledgable and passionate. There was a lot of info to take in so the book pack will be helpful"

Julie J – SmartFleet Solutions

"Well structured and extremely relevant to my work"

Kerry O – SmartFleet Solutions

"Very worthwhile for people"

Lisa G – SmartFleet Solutions