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Problems Using Windows 8? My Favourite Cheats – Make It Child’s Play!


I recently bought a new laptop to replace my old one which had done excellent service and I’m delighted with it. I’d heard a few people complaining about the new operating system and saying how they found it difficult to navigate. I knew I needed to pick it up quickly so I found a few great tips which brought me up to speed quickly.

The ‘Metro’ look as Microsoft calls it has lots of coloured rectangles and no sign of the Start button. Hot off the presses this week has come a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 which I recommend you download but I got up to speed quickly enough without it after learning these few essential tricks.

The Windows button switches you between Desktop view (yes, that’s your desktop with all the rectangles on!) and the ‘Classic’ view with a Task Bar.

lenovoWindows button + X brings up a great contextual menu with many of the items I couldn’t find.  They included Task Manager, Explorer, Control Panel and Run.

Windows button + i brings up the Charms which include the Power button, if you were wondering how to switch your PC off! It’s under Settings – and you’ll also find the wi-fi button there so you can connect to the internet when you’re out of the office. I like the soft keyboard for typing onscreen when I detach the keyboard so that’s now pinned to my Taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

Windows + W brings up the Search settings to allow me to type in to find any program, file or app on my laptop.

You can stop live tiles (those rectangles that keep changing) updating by clicking to select them then turning them off with the button that appears bottom left of your screen.

Close programs or applications that are open by dragging them down from top of screen to the bottom. Open programs can be located by mouse or finger in the top left area of the Desktop screen. Drag them into the middle and release them to see them full screen size.

My early explorations of Windows 8 leads me to believe that whilst it is not quite ‘child’s play’ it is quite intuitive once you’ve learnt the basics.