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When should you upgrade?

painsUpgrades: Get all of the gains, and bypass the pains!

Some upgrades are necessary, even critical, for a business; while others tend to be optional or merely a matter of preference. In either case, there is a preconception (based on previous experience) that there will be interruption, disruption and hassle as a result of the process.

Windows 10, for example, gives much higher levels of security meaning it is seen by most as a critical upgrade that everyone should action. Office 365, on the other hand, gives users access to online versions of their full suite of Microsoft products; seamlessly from anywhere in the world. Useful, but only if that is something that you need.

Why and when should you upgrade?

There is no question that implementing major upgrades like this can cause quite a bit of grief, especially if they are not actioned correctly. Remembering the painful aftermath of their last upgrade is the reason many people are reluctant to attempt the next one – choosing instead to wait until they buy new hardware with it already installed.

An unwillingness to upgrade, however, often means missing out on great new features, brilliant time-saving tools, faster performance, smoother transactions, and altogether better ways of working. Add to this the fact that the transition from old to new can be ‘oh so simple’ when actioned by an expert, and there really is no reason why upgrades shouldn’t be embraced – maybe even longed for…

Easy origami

Turning upgrades into a positive experience is like easy origami – two-fold. Firstly, it means understanding that getting an expert to manage the change is the only way to ensure that it will go smoothly. Those few hours of cost can save days, or even weeks, of reduced productivity and pulling out your hair.

The second thing ‘and this is massively important’ is that you don’t know what you don’t know. It is like trying to buy a present for someone when you have absolutely no idea what sort of things they like. You have zero pointers; no clue where start, and not even an inkling as to how to find out. You could type into Google ‘what should I buy for Jack?’ but it probably wouldn’t do you any good. In the same way, you could Google, ‘how can Windows 10 help me?’ but unless Google understands who you are and what sort of things you want from your Windows experience, how would it know where to start?

Believe me; there are a multitude of advantages that an upgrade like Windows 10 has to offer. You’d be amazed! And if, after a short conversation about what you do, I could show you just one new feature or shortcut, I am pretty certain that you’d want to make the change. Origami is only easy if you have clear instructions, and you know what you want to make.

5 million rows of data…

Recently, while explaining some of the new Excel Business Intelligence tools to a senior manager at a large corporate, I enjoyed one of the moments that make my working life worthwhile. His face completely lit up as I went through the features, like a child seeing a magician pull a rabbit from his hat. “That will transform the way large companies like us do business,” he said, “we could completely revisualise the ‘big data’ we own.”

His company are regularly dealing with spreadsheets containing up to 5 million rows of data. Imagine trying to draw a story or a conclusion from that? But the amazing new Power Business Intelligence tools will bring it to life in a whole host of innovative new ways (interactive reports, cross organisation comparisons, live analytics), and allow the company to make intelligent decisions based on that data.

To find out how to use these features would take hours of trawling, reading and trial and error. And that is if he even knew what to look for! Of course, the information I shared with him was relevant to what he had told me about his business; there is much I more to know, but I was there to help him, not waste his time.

You ask the question; we’ll provide the answer!

How often have you wasted time on a website looking for the customer services number because you didn’t want to read through a list of FAQs?

Here at Imagine Training, we provide e-learning and live online training – if it is appropriate. But we believe that nothing beats being in the room, having prepared a bespoke course which fits a company’s specific requirements. In that environment, we can answer a question from a candidate there and then. When we are in a room with the ‘doers’, we can better understand what they ‘do’, connect that with what we know and then make the ‘doing’ easier for them.

Upgrades can be a pain, and sometimes they are not necessary. But, unless you know the full picture of what they can offer and we know the full story behind what you are trying to achieve… no one will know if they are worth implementing.

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