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What is Microsoft OneNote?

I’m always astonished that most Microsoft Office users have not heard of OneNote, which in my opinion is an excellent program and one I use on a daily basis – without exaggeration, throughout the day. In my video I demonstrate how to start a section of your OneNote book to plan a holiday in France.








To set up the first time use, click on OneNote in the list of Microsoft Office programs from your Start Menu, All Programs.







As a beginner I suggest you choose the option to use your OneNote book on your own computer first of all, get used to it before you share it via the Web or a Network with yourself (away from your office) or your colleagues. OneNote lends itself to being shared, and contributed to by many users simultaneously. However, little steps!

In my demonstration I show you how to capture images and text from webpages, although you can use it to capture those from other programs. There is a handy little shortcut key I think you should make a note of so you can do this ‘on the fly’ as you’re working and spot something you want to pop into your OneNote book.

You can ‘tag’ an item in OneNote to find it easily, or make it a task in Outlook or indeed send as an email.

I use OneNote to keep information I can easily recall electronically instead of on a paper notebook, such as Project information as I work on different ideas. It can contain links to files, or videos or audio clips and is very versatile.

This is probably the first of many blogs on this subject, so have a look at this package and let me know what you think.

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