Time Management for Salespeople

Art of emotional intelligence

Salespeople are increasingly finding that their role is multi-faceted, involving many aspects of sales, marketing, customer service and other non-sales activities that create time pressures.

Poor time management can lead to lack of productivity and ultimately can result in stress. Good time management helps salespeople stay in control of their workload, sales activities and results in productive and happy sales teams.

Ideal for: Internal and/or external salespeople wishing to manage their time and priorities more effectively.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course salespeople will have a toolkit of time management techniques that will enable them to prioritise effectively and make the best use of their prime selling time.

• Personal profile – what is your personal profile in terms of time management and the effective use of time?
• Psychological barriers – if time management can make such a difference to our lives, then why are so many of us so bad at it?
• Setting clear sales objectives that are meaningful and achievable
• Setting and managing customer expectations regarding deadlines
• Recognising Prime Selling Time and Non Sales Time
• Learning to say ‘No’ or ‘Yes’, but not now
• Establishing priorities – distinguishing between the important and the urgent
• Managing meetings well
• Identifying the time bandits in your office and how to overcome them
• Using assertiveness appropriately