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Thinking of buying e-learning?

Cheap short-term but ultimately a waste of money?

Some of the advances I’ve seen have been game-changing, others are more akin to revolutionary, and some just a result of natural progression.Now I don’t claim to be a visionary, and neither am I old-fashioned. In fact, I am very much one of those people who started my career in the pre-digital age, then learned and embraced each new development as it came along.

Technology has been the key driver behind most of the advancements in business process over the last few decades; and I have built my business around teaching people to use one of its major innovator’s range of products.

Imagine my surprise, then, when it dawned on me recently that something beginning with ‘e’ seems to have reached its ‘sell by’ date. Yes, eLearning (although not quite dead in the water) has already been surpassed by something better. In reality, the problem with eLearning has always been there, it was just that the benefits it delivered (namely convenience) appeared to outweigh the negative in many instances. Until now that is…

Interactive learning online…

eLearning’s advantage, over a classroom or real-world setting, was that it is easy to access (anytime, anywhere), and significantly less expensive to deliver. Its downside is that it simply doesn’t work very well. Simple logic will tell you that impersonal learning is less effective than face-to-face, and the statistical evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of the latter. People learn more from engaging with other people than they do from reading a computer screen.

Other weaknesses with eLearning include the fact that the test (to prove you’ve read the material) is easy to bypass or cheat and makes a mockery of the perfect 100% score.

Interactive online learning is not a new thing, by any means, but recently the technology has meant that it is much more reliable, straightforward, easy to set up and deliver, and hyper-effective in getting results. It combines all of the elements of great training: face-to-face tuition, responsive questions and answers, personalised style and content, easily shared support material, engagement and hands-on support. The perfect platform is pretty much there, all you need to do is make sure you choose the right trainer.

Walk the walk and join the talk…

Low cost, convenient, box-ticking, impersonal training is (just like cheap shoes) a false economy. It will make your journey less comfortable, give you a lot of pain along the way and end up costing you more when you have to buy a better solution a few miles down the track. It is far better to invest in a quality version of the same thing.

With real-time, interactive online training sessions the delegates (one or many) can respond instantly to the material being shared. They can ask questions, which might be relevant to everyone else, and they can get instant feedback on their work and comments. It is like being in a classroom but with all of the extra benefits of convenience (less travel), lower costs (no classroom or printed materials), access to information (emailed or online) and easily adapted or personalised content.

If you are using eLearning, or you are considering it as an option, why not come and talk to us about a significantly higher return on your training investment?

  1. I should mention that there are some instances where eLearning is a perfectly adequate solution: please get in touch if you’d like to discuss what these are and why…