Eureka Moments

Monika explains how much time doing this course will save her at work.

Doug talks about how useful it is to attend a course rather than struggle to find help online which is relevant to his job.

This group from a leading food industry company are enjoying their training and learning those magical shortcuts

Enjoying their Onsite training course on Excel

Another great day with delegates at their company in Telford.

Andrea learns how to do Flashfill and why it will be easier than writing a formula – she says it’s “Awesome!”

A moment from one of our Public courses where delegates see the results of clicking on one button to get results!


Last week’s class enjoyed the shortcut tips and tricks so much they were amazed how much time they’d been wasting over years!

Another happy crowd at our Imagine Training Academy – public course held in Telford at the University of Wolverhampton.

If you have a meeting room or boardroom where we can bring our ‘Classroom in a Box’ we can provide lively, inspirational, fun training sessions for you onsite.