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Teams – how to set up a Team

Microsoft Teams is ideal for helping you connect with your remote working team.

Here’s a snippet from a recent course I taught using Microsoft Teams, showing how to create a Team in – guess what – Microsoft Teams!

Here’s how to set up your first Team.

Create a team
On the left side of Teams, click Teams, at the bottom of the teams list, click Join or create a team, and then click Create a new team.

Once you’ve created the team, invite people to join it. You can add individual users, groups, and even entire contact groups (formerly known as “distribution lists”).

Screen shot of an example team, showing the team name and description

Add a team owner
Find the team that you created, click More options ˙˙˙ > Manage team. Then go to the Members tab. Find the people you want to designate as team owners. Under Role, click Owner.

Create a channel in a team
Find the team that you created, click More options … > Add channel. You can also click Manage team and add a channel in the Channels tab.

Screen shot of the options available when you click More options

Give the channel a descriptive name to make it easier for users to understand the purpose of the channel.

As a team owner, you can automatically favourite channels for the whole team, making the channels more visible for everyone on the team. You can also pin tabs to the channel to add tools, such as OneNote, links to webpages, and other content to make it easy for users to find what they need and share their thoughts.