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Excel Speaking Cells – Double Check Your Work!

Get Excel To Double Check Your Work For You with speaking cells

Typing_on_KeyboardMany people struggle to get all their work done in the day, and it’s important that the figures are correct too.

Often in Excel we have long lists of data, and we need to check it against an original source. It’s pretty difficult to do that accurately keeping your eye on the screen whilst you run down a list. Speaking cells is a new feature that will read the screen aloud to you, so you can accurately check your work.

This short video shows you where to find the buttons to switch this on and off, and how to change it to read down columns or across rows. You can even adjust it to read aloud just when you press Enter. My personal preference is to split my screen if I’m checking one set of data against another, and then get Excel to read aloud one of the screens whilst I check the other.