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PowerPoint Advanced Animations & Presentations

Course Overview

Learn and further develop the advanced skills of the Advanced PowerPoint to enable you to share good practice, use quicker ways to work and shortcuts, and improve your use of advanced PowerPoint features. 

Course Content

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Who is this for?

This course is for those individuals who already have advanced PowerPoint experience and/or training.

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The experience was great with fun and interesting examples. Would definitely suggest it to other colleagues in the field.
Excellent course.
This training course in my opinion, would be beneficial for people starting out in Customer Services. The course has given me tips on how to further my training, although bespoke this to the company’s needs.
I thought the training day was great, everything that was taught was done in a very professional way and was spaced out well with plenty of time to get a good understanding of everything that was being shown. Getting involved with the learning helped massively with understanding and remembering everything we was being taught. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.
I would advise other colleagues to take the course everyone I spoke to learned something new from it. The trainer was very good and went at everyone’s pace. The manual will doubtless be useful.