Onsite Training all over the UK

If you are organising training for your team and would like more information call us on 01952 581550.

We deliver classroom training both at our public training venues and at your site if you have a suitable room. Most people are amazed at very practical things they can easily do that they never knew existed! Here’s some examples of our onsite training rooms.

Oswestry group learning PowerPoint and OneNote Redditch group learning Excel

This group learnt Microsoft PowerPoint and how to use Microsoft OneNote to keep all the creative notes and ideas safe until they’re used.

This group really gained a lot from their Excel training shaving hours of every week’s work.

Telford group in Marches Growth Hub Class in central Birmingham location

Group on a public course from various companies learning Excel skills in The Marches Growth Hub.

How to avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’

Class learning Microsoft Word in Shrewsbury boardroom Skelmersdale firm learning Microsoft Project in their own training room

Microsoft Word is capable of more than you think!

Skelmersdale delegates updating their Microsoft Project skills

Chester training room Telford training room

Company meeting room set up for training Microsoft Excel

Company meeting room set up for training Microsoft Outlook