Soft Skills

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Highly motivated and fulfilled people increase productivity. Up to date content keeps your people and business efficient.

People skills are a key part of your business training inventory – On Demand Learning gives you access to step by step videos that teach your people all they need to know.
We provide exceptional content. Our bite-size videos are engaging, relevant, current and to the point.

You can select exactly what content you need – no need to have it all at once. Our video content provided automatically is regularly updated.

Help and support is always at hand, we’re just a phone call or email away.

Course Content

We offer various on demand training courses so please get in touch if you are interested in a different topic!

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Choosing an On Demand Learning resource is often challenging, but here at Imagine Training we’ve found the best range of topics to help make your business a great place to work.
Access our step by step videos 24/7 for 12 months with free Analytics and Reports. An easy and cost effective way to provide content that matches your business needs.

You may choose from a range of training content with our On Demand Learning library. Call us for pricing and a free 7 Day trial.

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