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Microsoft OneNote Course

If you are fed up with writing notes on paper pads and losing track of ideas, why not use a Microsoft OneNote digital notebook? Learn how to keep audio and video notes, pictures and screenshots in your Microsoft OneNote book and how to share it with your team.

Access your notes from any device using Microsoft OneDrive to store your notes. Automatically index, file, tag and cluster related content together and find them instantly. Learn how Microsoft OneNote integrates with other applications and why this is your essential Microsoft Office package.

  • Days of training: One
  • Pre-requisites: Windows Basic Keyboard and Mouse Skills
Course Content

Getting Started with OneNote

  • Explore the OneNote Interface
  • Create a Notebook
  • Customise the OneNote Interface

Creating Notes

  • Enter Notes
  • Create Template-Based Notes
  • Format Notes
  • Draw Shapes
  • Embed Content

Organising and Working with OneNote

  • Organise Notes
  • Add Tags
  • Search Notes
  • Save and Print Notes

Integrating OneNote with Other Applications

  • Customise the OneNote View
  • Use Outlook with OneNote
  • Use OneNote with Other Office Applications
  • Publish Notes Pages

Collaborating and Working with Notes

  • Share Notebooks on a Network Location
  • Work with Shared Notebooks

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