Excel Dashboards (Level 5)

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If the numbers you need to track are spread out across different systems, learn how to have everything on one screen so all you need to do is give it a glance. Yes, it’s time to make a dashboard. It’s like the instrument panel for your business. Your car has one. Planes have one. Let us help you make one for your business too.

Pre-requisites: Delegates should have completed up to and including Excel Level 3 skills, or equivalent experience, to ensure you can participate in this training.


1 day

Ways to attend

Classroom Training – Public courses are available or we can come to you.

Online Training

Please call us on 01952 581 550

Who is it for?

This course is specifically designed for office users, managers, accountants and data analysts. Delegates on this course should have existing advanced knowledge of Excel, and we will turn you into an Excel expert. We will cover some of Excel’s best kept secrets and will look in detail at:


£400 + VAT

Learn to

  • The differences – Dashboards & Reports
    Questions before you start
    Dashboard design principles
    Golden Rules
    Formatting numbers effectively
    Custom Number formats
    Useful Formulas for Dashboards
    Data tables
    • Sparklines
    • Charts that show trending
    • Side-by-side comparison charts
    • Secondary axis
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Using Symbols to enhance Reporting
    • Camera Tool
    • People graphs
  • Pivot Tables
    • Creating
    • Sorting
    • Filtering
    • Re-arranging
    • PivotCharts
    • Issues with file size
    • Pivot Table reports
    • Interactivity with slicers
    • Dynamically rearranging pivot table data
    Grouping & bucketing data
    Showing performance against target
    • Useful macros for dashboards
    • Navigation buttons
    • Form Controls
    Time slicers
    Protecting your dashboards
    10 Questions before distributing your dashboard

Hands-on exercises

Watch a summary of what’s involved in our Excel Dashboards Level 5 course here

Hands-on exercises and demonstrations help you gain in-class practice creating engagement programs. Take-home your very own Microsoft Certified Manual to help extend your learning beyond the class as you apply what you have learned back in your job.

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