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Visio Level 1

Course Overview

Microsoft Visio makes it easy for you to build visually compelling organisation charts, diagrams and Floor Plans which can be modified to meet your specific business needs. Using built-in Visio stencils, for example Floor Plans and using the Cubicles, Office Furniture, Walls, Doors and Windows stencils you can show where employees sit or what equipment they have. In our Advanced courses you can learn how to create dashboards by linking data to your diagrams. So, if you run a Call Centre and have live call data your diagram can be updated live to show who is busy with customers and who is free.

Visio is such a brilliant tool if you need to see pictures of business processes, or engineering plans, or network diagrams you can easily create them.

Course Content

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Who is this for?

This course is designed to introduce users to the fundamental skills required to use Visio.

How much does it cost?

This course costs £1800 + VAT per group of 6 delegates.

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