Management Training

We offer a range of Leadership & Management qualifications. We can also arrange for bespoke development programmes to be formally certificated, meaning your people that attend gain a formal Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) certificate.

We offer a full range of Management training courses including:-

Coaching to get results

Designed specifically for managers, this hands on, practical workshop introduces managers to a range of coaching tools, helping them to problem solve with their teams and start coaching straight away

Coaching to get results

Getting constructive feedback right

With content designed to be a core component of a manager’s tool kit, this workshop gives managers the tools and the space to practice having those direct, constructive conversations with individual’s on their team. Managers will leave with both the skills and confidence to have those tricky conversations.

The Commercial Manager

Designed for managers with a responsibility for growing their business area, this workshop gives managers an opportunity to develop strategies and actions to develop and capitalise on new business opportunities.

The commercial manager

Business Networking

Designed for any manager that relies on networking to expand the reach of their department, this workshop gives managers the skills and understanding to plan and network effectively.

Business Networking

Delegating more through building a high performance team

Designed for managers that want to take their teams to new levels of performance, this workshop offers a range of tools, tips and techniques that managers can practice and apply with their teams.

Developing Teams

Developing teams and individuals

Developed for managers that need to increase the skill set of their people, this workshop introduces managers to a range of tools and techniques to help them create a viable training plan for their people. This workshop is designed specifically to get managers to think of development options other than “training courses” so that the development of their team becomes part of their day-to-day practice.

Developing teams and individuals

Getting the most from Meetings, Briefings and Presentations

Designed for any manager that needs to be as effective as possible in group settings. This workshop helps managers to anticipate and plan for issues in chairing meetings, alongside understanding how others communicate, how to adapt their communication style and how to overcome obstacles that people may present.

Getting the most from meetings


Getting more decisions right, first time

Created specifically for managers that need to get decisions right first time, this workshop gives managers a tried and tested method to make the right choices, avoiding decision making traps and knowing when to involve people at the right time

Getting more decisions right

Making the right recruitment decisions

This hands on workshop is designed to ensure that managers have a process they can trust to make the right hiring decisions. Managers will learn how to manage their bias, ask the right questions and make informed hiring choices.

Making the right recruitment decisions


The art of emotional intelligence

Designed specifically for front-line managers, this hands on, practical workshop introduces managers to the concept of emotional intelligence and how they can use this to shape great relationships with their teams. Managers will also learn how to draw on EI to improve their decision making and problem solving ability. But above all, managers will learn how to reduce both their own stress levels and those of the team they lead.

Art of emotional intelligence