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Interactive Online Learning​

Course Overview

Everybody has so much to do these days that there never seems enough time. You may understand the importance of training that can save you hours each week, but just don’t have a day free to do it? Well then, one of our 3 hour INTERACTIVE Online sessions may be the solution you have been looking for!

Easy to slot into your day, online training is simple – we send you an email with an invitation link. On the day of the training just before your appointment click on the link and follow the instructions to join your class.

It’s simple – our trainer shares their screen and explains the subject to you whilst you sit comfortably – without leaving your desk. Join the voice conference (simply click on the button) and speak with your trainer via your computer or join using your phone. Use hands-free so that when the trainer offers you control of the mouse, you can follow their guidance to complete the task yourself.

Would you like a copy of a recording of the session to remember everything you learnt by replaying the video? No problem! We’ll also send you Cheat Sheets or Quick Guides. This will help you retain what you learnt!

Would you like ‘bespoke’ tailored sessions or do you need one of our popular subjects – like Microsoft Excel or Teams? Contact us to pick the ideal time and date and we’ll get you sorted!

If you have staff who would find it difficult to do training from the office they can sit in our 1/2 day training course from home. Most of our One Day Training courses can be broken down into 2 half days and delivered straight to your computer screen.

Course Content

We offer various Live Online courses so please get in touch if you are interested in a different topic!

Who is this for?

This is for anybody who needs training but would benefit from learning remotely. We offer various courses that will suit many needs, whether you need to train your team with group online sessions, or whether you’re here for personal development and would benefit from a one-to-one course.

Imagine Training Ltd is rated 5 out of 5 based on 1425 reviews from around the Web.
Karen was very clear and thorough explaining shortcuts etc. and gave us enough time to practice & implement what we were taught. The course was an appropriate length and suitable for everyone’s capabilities. I would recommend the course to colleagues
Clear, Informative, well presented. Despite delivering in one hour what is usually a 6 hour course, still managed to give lots of detail.
Excellent – highly recommended.
I thought the course was excellent and covered a good range of basic Word skills.
I enjoyed the training. I think that Karen delivered the session very well and to the best of her ability – given that teaching via online can be very difficult. She made sure that all of the participants were fully engaged and took equal turns of control.