Leadership Training

We offer a range of Leadership & Management qualifications. We can also arrange for bespoke development programmes to be formally certificated, meaning your people that attend gain a formal Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) certificate.

Our Leadership courses include:

Developing & Adapting Your Leadership Style

Based on Daniel Golemans 6 Leadership Styles, this workshop has been designed to help leaders understand their most developed leadership style(s) by using tried and tested diagnostics tools. Leaders will also learn about the behaviours and actions they can adopt to become more effective in their leadership practice when working with a range of people.

Developing Yourself & Your Team

This workshop looks in depth at how people learn and how we can use learning styles to help our own development and the development of others. Through this session learners will develop techniques to identify their own development needs and the needs of others and be able to create solid development plans, ensuring that they and their teams are well trained to get results.

Motivating & Leading Teams

Based on Daniel Golemans 6 Leadership Styles, learners will understand how each of the 6 styles impacts on the motivation of others. This workshop also teaches learners how to identify what really motivates others, how to use this information and how to engage and motivate their team when performance is not where it needs to be.

Leading & Embedding Change

Based on the Kotter and Bridges change models, learners will reflect on past change experiences and identify how and what from these models was applied and the effect that this had. Learners will also have an opportunity to plan out how they will lead their own change activities, based on these models.

Leading Remote Teams

Designed specifically for leaders of remote teams, this workshop covers best practice from accomplished leaders of remote teams, from engaging the team in the leaders vision, through to the fundamentals of communicating with and motivating a remote team.

Creating a High Performance Culture

Developed for leaders that are seeking to take the performance of their teams to a higher level, this workshop covers best practice in leading a team to high performance, from coaching skills to having direct conversations. This workshop is designed to give managers the very tools they need to take team performance up a gear.

Developing and Living your Leadership Brand

Specifically developed for leaders to help them identify, shape and articulate what is great about their approach to leadership and how they want their team to perform. This workshop gives leaders a solid platform to progress their leadership career.

The Commercial Leader

Designed for leaders with a responsibility for strategic growth, this workshop gives leaders the skills to make great decisions, create a culture of commerciality and identify new business opportunities.

Personal Impact

Designed for any leader that needs to have a greater impact and be more effective in influencing others, this workshop gives leaders an opportunity to learn and practice techniques to help them to stand out from the crowd.

Developing a Coaching Culture

Based on the work of David Marqueet, this workshop is designed to help learners create a clear plan to make the practice of coaching part of everyday leadership within their teams.