Knowledge Vault

Do we get any course materials on the subject we have trained in?

Do you run training courses out of hours?

Can you come to me or is it possible to book a 1 to 1 course?

Can you train me in other parts of the UK?

Are the skills transferable?

What training materials do you provide?

I am a training organiser, how do I know what level my delegates will need?

I have a large team, what details do I need to book them in?

Is there an exam at the end?

Do you have an information pack?

I have been on your course, but I cant remember what I had learnt. Do you run a refresher course?

Can you do in house training?

I have booked a course, unfortunately I am ill. Do I lose out?

Are you just a Microsoft Excel Training Provider?

What Versions of Microsoft do you cover?

Is lunch included?

I have a large group, are there any discounts for large numbers?

How do I know how good your courses are? Wheres your proof?

Is the equipment provided?

Do you provide online training?