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How To Create And Use Sections In PowerPoint

As a trainer I use a number of large presentations so I can flick into pre-prepared slides whilst teaching. I also present, sometimes with others, in front of audiences. I found a new feature of PowerPoint 2010 called Sections which allows me to break up my larger presentations into ‘chunks’ or sections.

In Normal View, you see thumbnails of the slides listed on the left of the screen. Click your mouse just above the first slide and right click. Select Add Section

add_sectionsrename_sectionsI suggest you divide up your presentation into Introduction, then name the various parts of it by right clicking on the new section and choose Rename. I divided my presentation in this demo video into lessons.



collapsed_sectionsYou can collapse or expand the sections to hide or show the slides in each part of the PowerPoint. You can move a collapsed section by dragging or right click and choose Move Section Up or Down. From the same menu you can choose Remove Section, or Remove Section & Slides or indeed to Remove All Sections.

When you’ve got sections, you can (if required) format sections of your presentation differently, or print just that section.

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