Cyber Security for Business Users

In today’s interconnected world, cyber-attacks are a threat to all businesses and anyone holding personal or sensitive information such as customer data is a particularly attractive source of information for criminals. Commercial data, financial information and sensitive client data may all be targeted.


The Information Security Breaches Survey 2014, commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and carried out by PwC, found that 81% of large organisations and 60% of small businesses had suffered a security breach during the previous year. The average cost of an organisations’ worst breach was between £65,000 and £115,000 for small businesses and between £600,000 and £1.15 million for large organisations.


This course, which has been developed by Imagine Training as part of the National Cyber Security Strategy aims to:-

  • Increase your awareness of cyber security issues so that you can apply the knowledge in your own context.
  • Help you to protect both yourself and your business.
  • Help you to be more aware of security issues and more confident of discussing these with clients.


The course covers:-

  • What cyber security is
  • How it affects you and your clients
  • Why you should care about it
  • Cyber threats to your business and you
  • Cyber-attacks (phishing and hacking) and their impacts
  • Mitigating the impacts


Course Format:-

Designed for staff this practical course is designed to last for one day and is structured into four modules.

  • Introduction to cyber security
  • Cyber security – your responsibilities
  • Managing the cyber risk
  • Scenarios


A series of brief quiz questions will test your understanding of the learning materials as you progress through the course.

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