Outlook Secrets – Level 1

Get organised with Outlook

In this One Day course, you will use Outlook to manage your email communications, including composing, reading, and responding to emails; schedule appointments and meetings; manage contact information; schedule tasks and create notes; customise message response options; and organise your mail. As part of your training you will learn vital shortcuts and quicker ways to work.


Specific tasks the delegates should be able to perform include: launching and closing applications, navigating basic file structures, and managing files and folders

Course Content

Getting Started with Outlook 

  • Navigate Outlook
  • Work with Messages
  • Simple Shortcuts
  • Access Outlook Help

Formatting Messages

  • Add Message Recipients
  • Automatically Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Format Message Content

Working with Attachments and Illustrations

  • Attach Files and Items
  • Add Illustrations to Messages
  • Manage Automatic Message Content

 Customising Message Options

  • Customise Reading Options
  • Track Messages
  • Recall and Resend Messages

Organising Messages

  • Mark Messages
  • Organise Messages Using Folders

 Managing Your Contacts

  • Create and Edit Contacts
  • View and Print Contacts

 Working with the Calendar

  • View the Calendar
  • Create Appointments
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Print the Calendar

Working with Tasks and Notes

  • Create Tasks
  • Create Notes