How To Get Organised By Using OneNote


Microsoft OneNote – How To Get Organised By Using OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is like an electronic scrapbook, the perfect way to keep everything together on your PC including your notes (agendas, meetings, quick Action notes – which you can turn into Tasks in Outlook), related files, photos, videos and audio notes. You can use it to handwrite on a tablet and turn your scribbled notes into text, or draw shapes or even work out maths formulas. I have some demonstrations of how to do this on another blog.

However, this blog runs through some of the basics – what it is, how it is organized into Sections and Pages, how you can use it at home, work or to help consolidate your studies. In order to do this you may want to move or copy pages or sections, and if you share it with others you will perhaps want to keep parts of it confidential so I will run through how to password protect parts of it.

I’m always amazed that more people are not using OneNote, and they simply don’t know what it does. Watch my short ‘How To’ Video to get up to speed below!