Use Macros to Repeat Actions in Microsoft Excel

Many people ask me what a macro is – and my reply is that it is a ‘recording’ of keystrokes that you can replay as many times as you like. Today’s example is what I thought was a useful shortcut key combination for something that needs to be done so many times – but I always tend to do it the long way round. So, I’ll record a macro to do it at the click of a button.

macro-1Firstly, I have an unformatted spreadsheet which contains data imported from another location, so I would like to format the title and sub-title, insert a row between them, add some formatting to the header row of the information on the spreadsheet, and sort out the widths of the columns.





macro-2This routine action has to be done to 90% of my spreadsheets and takes 5 minutes to do manually, many times a day. I reckon I save myself 15 minutes a day with this macro, that’s 5 hours a month I’ve got back to do something else more valuable with my time! This is how I want it to look.