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Is your business scoring Own Goals?

Are your staff scoring own goals? 

In business, you expect to be put under pressure from your competition, unforeseen market forces, customer decisions, and pressure to maintain profitability. I’m not suggesting any of these influences are welcome ones, or that life wouldn’t be easier without them – simply that they are to be expected. It would be naive of any business owner to think they can always avoid being under attack from such external forces. But what about your own staff?

No one likes a stab in the back do they?

Spy thrillers, political intrigues, and billion-dollar business scandals are fuelled by moles in the system, double-agents, disloyalty and personal greed – but not all own goals are malicious. In sport, perhaps the most difficult scene to watch is a great player scoring an own goal. These mishaps are never intended: they may have been sloppy or avoidable lapses of attention, but they are always accidents and a cause of distress for the player involved (and harm to their team).

Did you know that pretty much every office in the UK is scoring own goals every single day? They are not deliberate, driven by revenge or the undertone of some future bid for power – but neither are they simple mistakes. In fact, these ‘own goals’ are unfortunate, but ‘totally avoidable’ and ‘easily solved.’

Don’t let own goals cost you dear!

Whether it is time or money that these daily avertable incidents are costing you, the price of prevention is well worth paying. In fact, it should even increase your ability to score at the right end of the pitch. The playing field I’m referring to is Microsoft, the standard for almost every business in the UK. Love them or hate them, it is pretty much impossible to avoid using Microsoft tools in anyone’s working day. And most people (I’m talking 80-90%) are using these tools far too inefficiently – scoring own goals against their team.

In some instances, we have saved individuals hours of admin per day by showing them a simple shortcut. In other cases, output has been doubled, errors eradicated, or performance given that extra edge.

You don’t know what you don’t know!

“Extremely useful day! I would recommend to everyone. I wish I had done this course ages ago as I’ve learnt things today that will help save me a lot of time” Lucy B – League Managers Association

“The training is extremely beneficial. My job involves a lot of Excel and by applying my learning from today, I will save myself up to 2 hours per week by using these techniques. I have learnt many ways in which it will reduce my workflow and free up more time for other projects” Joshua G – ABP

The fact is that no one ever set out to score an own goal for their team (unless of course they are on someone else’s payroll), but circumstance conspires against them. Likewise, in your business, your staff are not deliberately wasting your time, being inefficient, or costing you money… they simply haven’t been given the right training.

It is said that a poor craftsman blames his tools. Well, in the case of Microsoft, I can tell you that the tools are far better than most people would think. The problem is that most don’t know what it is possible to do, or how many shortcuts and performance enhancers are available. It is not even a case of poor craftsmen – it is limited knowledge of how to use the tools. This leads to perfectly able and competent staff scoring own goals rather than creating genuine value and opportunity by simply using the tools that they use every single day much better.

We have over 20 years’ experience of business training needs analysis so we can put our finger straight on the problem areas. The sooner you get them sorted your staff will thank you for it and save time for your business going forwards.