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Adjusting Multiple Monitors and help with text size on screens


More people now work with more than one monitor, so they can spread their work across two or more screens. A problem I’ve come across a number of times is having them set up incorrectly, so the wrong monitor is the master (with the taskbar and Windows key), or the mouse travelling the wrong side of the monitor to get to the other screen. I’ve seen people actually lifting their monitors around to get this sorted out but you can easily adjust this through the Windows software.

You can change which screen is the ‘master’ and has the taskbar and Windows start menu. Right click on the desktop and tick the box ‘make this my main display‘.

If you have problems with seeing the screen, and would like to adjust it so the text appears larger, you can address this issue through Windows settings. If it is just webpages you want to enlarge you can use the wheel on a mouse with Ctrl key held down to zoom in to the text on the window but this won’t affect the menus or command buttons. Within Microsoft Office programs the Zoom bar is on the bottom right of every screen.


If you want the ribbons, command buttons and so on to be bigger too, you can right click on the desktop to change it through screen resolution, lowering it until the text is ok to read. However this can mean some buttons in specific applications don’t display properly so click on the link Make text and other items larger or smaller  and adjust the display to 125%.


If your problem is more severe, you can access the magnifier from here, which allows you to move a small window over the words you want to read. To turn this off move down to the taskbar and click on the X.


Watch my ‘How To’ video below this blog where I also run through changing your desktop picture.

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