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5 Ways to save time every day on your PC

nice _chapI love finding ways to use the features in Microsoft Office 2010 that save you time, over and over again!

One of the most useful ones that I’ve been teaching for years, that works in Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint is Autocorrect. It’s great to add to the dictionary of commonly mistyped words, but I use it to save time typing things that I can program it to do for me. I can add in paragraphs that I’ve typed elsewhere by copying and pasting them into Autocorrect so that I can fill them into my document with a simple couple of keys. I also use it for other simple but time-consuming things! What does it do for me?


  1. Saves me mis-typing my name by holding down Shift a fraction too long.
  2. Saves me ever having to type my name again!
  3. Saves me ever having to type my email address again!
  4. Saves me ever having to type my website address again!
  5. Saves me typing commonly used paragraphs eg disclaimer paragraphs.

By the way, the shortcut keys Alt + T, A will bring up the Autocorrect box straight away.

Take a look at my ‘How To’ video which is just over 3 minutes long to learn how to do something that will eventually free up hours of your life to do something more interesting!

Check out how to do this by clicking this link


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