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The 5 biggest Excel SINS of 2018!

As a trainer, I get to see inside a lot of companies and sometimes the confessions from delegates on our courses are horrifying!

Of course, no-one is born knowing how to use Excel … and so many people self-educate as they find a ‘gap’ in their knowledge. But the problem with this is you are often missing out and doing things the long way around. Or worse still, as some of these sins show us, employees are actually placing their employer at risk with some of the dangerous practices they’ve ‘picked up’ over the years.

Are you one of those people – or do you know someone – who uses a calculator then types in the answer? Don’t laugh – several people over the last year have admitted to doing this!

Take a look at the top 5 SINS I’ve seen over the past year and take note! Don’t do these things…..

5 biggest Excel sins of 2018