1 Quick Tip – for When the Little Things Don’t Work

business man with laptop over head - madOne of my customers was getting annoyed because in Word his fractions character just wasn’t happening when he typed 1/2 – it stayed the same size and didn’t become a fraction at all. As an accountant, this was irritating because he needed to type that frequently. I created a short ‘How To’ video to show him what to do to set this right – it’s in AutoCorrect and someone has probably taken a tick out of the box, so this video shows you where it is and which box to tick!

So often it’s the little things that drive you crazy with your PC software – “Why doesn’t this work?!!” There are so many ‘hidden’ ways to improve how you work with Microsoft Office, often found tucked away in the File, Options menu. However, if you are not feeling confident, keep a note of what you change – believe me if you’re not a person who goes into Options every day, you’ll forget what you changed and why and then you can’t change it back if you don’t like it that way any more!

AutoCorrect is a fabulous part of all of the Office suite, you can put in words that you spell or type incorrectly and it will adjust your text as you type. Better than that, I teach my delegates to add paragraphs of text they want to frequently add in Word or Outlook, and use a simple couple of letters to call this back up when you type them in your document. This simple tip saves so much of your precious time!!!

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